The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 255 - Brain Dead (3)  

Chapter 255: Brain Dead (3)

“Lin Lang, hurry up and check for more information!”

Jiang Jincheng gave him a look!

Lin Lang didn’t dare to delay any further! He left in a hurry.

Jiang Jincheng was not afraid of what Fu Xiuyuan would do. The main thing was that if he really killed Lin Lang, there would be no one to save Nian Yue.

“I’ll check on the Li Family…”

Jiang Jincheng rubbed his temples. “Don’t be rash. Sister Nian Yue’s wood-elemental power would keep her safe.”

The room fell silent once again. Fu Xiuyuan narrowed his eyes and retracted his aura.

He turned around and walked towards Nian Yue. Her face and her lips were pale.Her brows were tightly furrowed, as if she was enduring extreme pain.

Anesthesia was useless to her. No matter what medicine it was, it would be neutralized by her body.

The last time Fan Mei gave her a dose that could put an elephant down, she was unaffected.

Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her fair fingers and interlocked them, causing a faint blue glow to spread.

Nian Yue’s brows relaxed, but her face was still terrifyingly pale.

– Inside the laboratory, Lin Lang was flipping through some documents when there was a knock at the door. Jiang Jincheng pushed the door open and entered.

“You should have other methods, right?”

Jiang Jincheng casually hooked a chair with his foot and sat opposite him.

“What do you mean?”

Lin Lang was still flipping through the information and didn’t even raise his head.

“Nian Yue’s constitution is not as troublesome as you say.”

He did not believe that Nian Yue had not been injured in the 18 years that she had lived.

Moreover, she used to live in the countryside with average medical conditions. If treatment was really so troublesome, she would have died a few times!

“It wasn’t so much trouble before.”

Lin Lang put down the information. “But her supernatural power has awakened.”

Especially lightning. It was extremely destructive.

“There’s another way…”

Lin Lang sighed. “Strip away the supernatural power in her body.”

“If she becomes a normal person, she only needs normal blood.”

“However, this is extremely dangerous. After all, this method has never been used before.”

It had only been a few years since he started tracking Espers.

Stripping the supernatural power of the supernatural power was only one of his ideas. It was still a long way from being implemented.

“Are you going to use your imagination to treat her illness?”

Jiang Jincheng sneered. “Do you think Xiuyuan hasn’t thought about it?”

Others might not know. However, he was well aware of Fu Xiuyuan’s attainment in medicine.

Even ten Parker’s wouldn’t be able to reach his current level. But because he had never studied supernatural power, he did not dare to try it on her.

Lin Lang scratched his head in frustration. “This is the best solution I can think of at the moment.”

“Bring me the files on the Li Family’s gene bank.”

Jiang Jincheng stood in front of the window, his figure a little bleak.

It was very fast on the other side. In just a few minutes, the documents had been pulled out.

Jiang Jincheng glanced at it and passed the information to Lin Lang. “Compare it as soon as possible. Tell me which one fits.”

Lin Lang took the information and quickly started typing on his computer.

A long string of codes had appeared on the computer screen and slid across it quickly.

Lin Lang watched intently.

Ten minutes later

“I can’t. Nothing fits.”

Lin Lang shook his head. “None of them have supernatural powers…”

Not only that, none of the blood types in the gene bank matched hers.

“Not even this?”

Jiang Jincheng rubbed his temples.

Could he have guessed wrongly?

Wasn’t Nian Yue from the Li Family?

But her mother was Li Shu!

Or was she not related to Li Shu by blood?

-At the Mercenary headquarters, a devilish man was sitting in a leather chair. He had a smile on his face and there was a faint electric current on his fingers.

However, the current became smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

“Commander, the people from the International Alliance have gone to Country Z…”

The shadow appeared silently. “They don’t seem to have given up on capturing Nian Yue…”

After all, the international alliance had missed the chance to capture her.

“The result?”

Mo Yi raised his eyebrows. There was less playfulness in his pale blue eyes.

To be precise, he was not interested without Nian Yue.

“Nian Yue is seriously injured and her whereabouts are unknown!”

Pa da!

The glass wine in his hand was crushed!

The broken glass was spread out in his palm and his palm was cut open, but he did not care!

“Who’s from the International Alliance?” Moy’s lips curled into a bloodthirsty smile.

“Li Zhizi.”

The Chief Elder of the International Alliance.

Only she could hurt Nian Yue.

“Let’s prepare a little gift for the international alliance.”

Moy smirked. A storm flashed across his light blue eyes!

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