The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 254 - Brain Dead (2)  

Chapter 254: Brain Dead (2)

Yin Han had too many secrets. In order to prevent eavesdropping, he had a special supply of electricity.

As for outsiders, they blocked all signals.

It was not like this had never happened before.

However, for some reason, everyone felt flustered today.

Four hours later

L Base

This was a huge research base. The trees inside were lush. The sun shone down on them, making the scenery somewhat blurry.

“What are you doing here?”

Jiang Jincheng was a little puzzled.

It was obvious that this was a research base.

“Looking for someone.” Fu Xiuyuan didn’t even look up as the two of them alighted from the private jet.

He was still carrying her in his arms. The cold girl’s eyes were tightly shut at this moment. Because she had lost too much blood for too long, her face was so pale that it was translucent.

Fu Xiuyuan’s eyes were deep and his grip on her hand tightened subconsciously.

A faint blue flame appeared in his palm.

“You’ve used your supernatural power no less than three times on the way.” Jiang Jincheng couldn’t bear to see him like this. “You don’t have a healing power, so it’s useless to her.”

He knew that Fu Xiuyuan’s supernatural power would at most make Nian Yue feel less uncomfortable.

Such a serious gunshot wound would hurt like hell even with anesthesia.

Furthermore, Nian Yue was resistant to anesthesia.

The guard at the door had already rushed over when he saw someone coming over.

Seeing that it was Fu Xiuyuan, the man’s expression turned a little grave. He opened the door to let them in.

Jiang Jincheng followed.

When he entered the base, Lin Lang was already waiting there.

The few of them went upstairs and Fu Xiuyuan placed her on the bed.

Lin Lang looked at the report and his expression turned a little ugly.

“She has lost too much blood and her brain can’t supply enough blood. She has already had brain death for a short period of time.”

Lin Lang’s expression was grave. “I don’t have a solution either.”

“I’m not here to ask you for a solution.” Fu Xiuyuan raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes terrifyingly deep. “I’m here to ask you to save someone.”

This was an undisguised order!

“She’s already brain dead…” Lin Lang wanted to explain further, but a black muzzle was already pointed at his head!

“If we can’t save her, you and the Lin family will be buried with her.”

The man’s expression was cold, but when he said this, his aura instantly turned cold!

Lin Lang was furious!

He had only worked on Nian Yue’s report by chance!

He did not expect to be in so much trouble with a gun pointed at him, no less!

“You have three seconds to think,” the cold man said lightly.

Lin Lang had no doubt that had he refused, he would not live to see the morning sun!

“Mr. Fu, I know you’re anxious…” Lin Lang’s forehead was already drenched in sweat.” But Nian Yue’s body is very different from those ordinary people. ”

“She has wood-elemental powers and will not be in danger for the time being.”

After Lin Lang said this, he clearly felt that the extremely oppressive aura had disappeared.

He subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “Our priority now is to find the blood type that matches hers.”

Nian Yue was not Nian Chaoyu’s biological daughter. The blood of the Nian Family was useless to her.

“Because her wood power is deeply rooted, I need to find a direct relative who has the same wood power as her…”

Nian Yue’s body was very special.

The special thing was that her wood and lightning power had merged into one.

In other words, even her blood had dual wood and lightning powers.

Ordinary people’s blood, even if they had the same blood type as her, could not be used without supernatural power.

This was the most troublesome thing.

“I’ve tracked so many superpowers, but I’ve never seen one like her. Her superpower has fused with her body.”

Lin Lang’s back was already drenched in cold sweat.

“What if you can’t find it in a short time?” Fu Xiuyuan raised his eyebrows, his aura becoming even colder.

“She might… become a vegetable…”


It was the sound of a bullet being loaded!

Lin Lang’s heart immediately jumped to his throat!


Jiang Jincheng’s expression changed too. He knew that Nian Yue’s injury was extremely serious, but he did not expect it to be like this.

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