The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 48: Fu Zhi Won’t Get It No Matter How Hardworking She Is

Chapter 48: Fu Zhi Won’t Get It No Matter How Hardworking She Is

Ma Mingquan knew Fu Zhi’s grandfather had just passed away. He waited until the class was over before passing a set of question papers to her. With a pair of swollen eyes, he said, “This is for you, Fu Zhi. Try your best to answer the questions, and if you don’t understand anything, come and ask me. About your grandfather...”

Fu Zhi raised her head. Her skin looked particularly fair under the shower of the morning sunlight. She picked up the set of question papers and replied, “He passed away peacefully. He died of natural causes. I guess you should forget about it. It would be good for both you and him.”

Ma Mingquan’s eyes turned red around the rims again. “Say no more. I understand.”

After saying that, he comforted Fu Zhi for a while longer by telling her that everything would be fine. Then, he turned around and walked out of the classroom, leaving Fu Zhi standing there in confusion.

It was as if someone had taken away the script she was supposed to recite.

Su Xing then explained, “Mr. Ma’s father had a stroke and was paralyzed. I heard from my friend that his condition is pretty bad, so I’m guessing your grandfather must have reminded him of his father.”

‘Stroke?’ Fu Zhi thought inwardly. However, she did not make a comment.

Su Xing waited for a long while but she did not receive a response from Fu Zhi. She then handed her the cup of bubble tea and continued to do her homework.

Sipping on the large cup of bubble tea, Fu Zhi focused on her stuff again.

By the time she’d almost finished her large cup of bubble tea, Director Liu, Lu Jingqing, and Xu Wei passed by her class as the director walked them to the entrance.

As she was standing several meters away, Xu Wei waved her hand at Fu Zhi. Then, she raised the cup of milk in her hand, which she had brought along to cover up their true intention for coming to school.

When she opened the cup, Fu Zhi frowned. “I can’t drink anymore.”

As if she was afraid that others might overhear this secret, Xu Wei went closer and whispered into Fu Zhi’s ear, “You have to drink it. All smart kids like to drink milk. If you want to be at the top of the class, you have to drink it.”

Fu Zhi did not reply.

Across from them were two people at the 6th level. One of them was Zhou Tingting, while the other was Tian Nuo, who was holding the former’s arm. They could see clearly the interaction between Lu Jingqing, Xu Wei, and Fu Zhi from where they were standing.

Tian Nuo curled her lips and commented sulkily, “The Lu Family took her in because they pitied her. She is not related to them by blood, so I don’t understand what makes her feel so good about herself. She even asked the Lu Family to come and visit her at school to flaunt her relationship with them!”

Tightening her grip on Zhou Tingting’s arm, she added, “This is so unfair! You’re Lu Yumo’s girlfriend and the child the Lu Family sponsored. You’re the one who should become part of the Lu Family, not some shameless peasant who appeared out of nowhere! She’s robbed you of your life and love. They should’ve been yours!”

Zhou Tingting pressed her lips firmly. She clenched her fists so tightly that her nails stabbed into her palm. After she heard what Tian Nuo had said, tears started welling in her eyes, but she held them back. Straightening her back, she said, “Let’s stop talking about it. Every human has their own life. I don’t have to lower myself to her level and argue with her.”

Even though Zhou Tingting spoke as if she did not care at all, Tian Nuo was a different case. She continued to complain exasperatedly. “No, we can’t let it go just like that. Fu Zhi is a thief. She took everything from you, and Lu Yumo escaped from his own home because of her too! I just feel sorry for both of you!”

It was only then that Zhou Tinting felt better. “Yeah, you’re right. Luckily, I still have Yumo on my side.”

Her voice was faint as she added, “No matter who Mr. and Mrs. Lu adopted, I’ll never forget the love and care they’ve shown me. For me, they are already my parents.”

Throughout the six years she had been sponsored by the Lu Family, she had picked up many skills and had grown into a fine lady. A lot of people were after her, which was something Fu Zhi could never catch up to no matter how hard she tried.

Tian Nuo felt that Zhou Tingting was right as well. “You and the Lu Family have known each other longer than they’ve known Fu Zhi. I’m sure they care about you more than they do about her.”

Zhou Tingting thought for a while and said, “Since I’m going to hand in the match schedule to my English teacher, let’s go and say hello to them first.”

When the two of them approached the Lu Family, they saw Fu Zhi holding a bottle to her mouth while Xu Wei was helping her fix her clothes.

The sight of them standing together looked harmonious, but it made Zhou Tingting’s eyes sting.

Lu Yumo loved her, and the Lu Family was willing to provide financial support to her. She was more qualified than Fu Zhi to become the Lu Family’s foster daughter. Everything Fu Zhi was enjoying should have been hers, but she could only be a bystander right now!

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