The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 47: Hubby, You Are Such A Good Man

Chapter 47: Hubby, You Are Such A Good Man

At three a.m. in the morning, Xu Wei had a nightmare. She jolted up from her bed, her forehead filled with sweat.

She then reached out for Lu Jingqing and pushed him to wake him up.

“What happened, honey?” Lu Jingqing’s muffled voice wafted over to Xu Wei’s ears. She made a grunting noise and said, “I dreamed of Zhizhi. She was dating a man over the internet, but the man conned her out of her money and dignity.”

Lu Jingqing could barely keep his eyes open, so Xu Wei’s voice sounded distant to him. He did not know what she was talking about, so he just replied, “Yeah, yeah.”

“In the end, she was abducted by one of her classmates and taken to the mountain. He forced her to marry him, and Fu Zhi was crying for me...”

When Xu Wei realized Lu Jingqing was not listening, she nudged him again and added, “As her mother, can you understand how I feel right now?”

“Yeah, yeah. It was just a bad dream.” Lu Jingqing’s voice grew even fainter, as if he was about to fall asleep at any time.

“My heart hurts, and I can’t breathe. Am I dying?”

Lu Jingqing felt that he would pass away if she did not stop pushing him.

He rubbed the center of his forehead and comforted her. “Alright, alright. Whatever we see in our dreams is the opposite of what’s happening in real life. If you really are worried about her, I’ll apply for leave tomorrow. Let’s check how she’s doing at school, okay?”

“Alright.” Xu Wei’s eyes were misted over. Since she had just woken up, she still could not quite come back to her senses. She then said blankly, “Hubby, you’re such a good man.”

Lu Jingqing was speechless, as he did not know what to say.

He pulled Xu Wei into his embrace and patted her shoulder as he comforted her. “Alright, let’s sleep.”


At 7 a.m. in the morning, like a bunch of kids who had finally had enough of playing in the playground, the dark clouds slowly dissipated, giving way to the sun and letting it bake the ground with its heat.

A black Range Rover stopped in front of No.1 High School. The door was opened, and a slender leg emerged from inside.

“Yumo, wait for your sister!” A woman’s voice came from the car. The voice sounded sleepy and faint, but it was intimidating.

“Alright, alright.” The tall, lean boy replied with a lollipop in his mouth. He placed his arm on top of the car and leaned against the door. With his head bent, he snarled, “Can’t you move faster? Are your legs broken, or are your hands injured? How are you going to compensate me if I fail to get into Tsinghua University because of you?”

“Yumo!” Xu Wei shouted sternly. “Stop daydreaming in front of your sister!”

Lu Yumo was stumped.

‘Damn it! I’ve had enough of this!’

He snatched Fu Zhi’s bunny bag over, draped it over his back, and then stormed away.

It had rained heavily in Yu City the previous night, so the air in the morning was fresh.

Fu Zhi wiggled the two ponytails that Xu Wei had made for her as she hopped out of the car. She then turned around and said, “Brother and I are off to school.”

After saying that, she closed the door and walked into the school.

As she looked at her back, Xu Wei felt that her daughter was the most adorable young girl in the universe. The most beautiful flower would attract more bees than other flowers. Thus, it went without saying that many people would go after an adorable girl like her daughter.

The more Xu Wei thought about it, the bigger her headache got.

She turned around to look at Lu Jingqing and said, “Yumo said the man Zhizhi is dating over the internet is called Shen Cizhou.”

Truth be told, Xu Wei also suspected that Fu Zhi had a boyfriend behind their back. After all, she had been watching her WeChat at dinner last night.

However, Xu Wei was worried that she might hurt her daughter’s feelings if she asked her about that. Therefore, Lu Jingqing took her inside the school by using his identity as one of the investors of the school to check on their daughter.

The school’s monitoring room was on the 8th level, and they could observe the situation in the class through the camera.

“Your daughter doesn’t have a strong background in every subject, so she applied to go to Class 21 herself,” Director Liu explained, facing the steely gaze of Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Lu Jingqing was extremely protective of his family. Even though he looked gentle and kind on the surface, deep down, he was actually a cruel and cold-blooded person.

Just as Director Liu was about to add something, Xu Wei interrupted. “Look at the boy in the third column of the first row. Why is he staring at Zhizhi? Does he want Zhizhi? Doesn’t the school have a clear rule against puppy love?”

Director Liu’s heart leaped into his throat. He followed Xu Wei’s finger to the screen of the monitor. Then, he frowned.

After a short silence, he replied, “I’m sure he doesn’t want your daughter. That student is the math teacher’s assistant. Fu Zhi has never handed in any homework ever since she enrolled at our school. The math teacher asks the assistant for her homework, so the assistant has no other choice but to ask her to hand it to him. He’s just doing his job.”

Xu Wei was stumped. “Is... Is that so?”

Director Liu shrugged and said, “Of course.” However, inwardly, he thought, ‘Do you really think your daughter is a knockout? Do you think that everyone is attracted to her?’

As if he could read Director Liu’s mind, Lu Jingqing chimed in, his voice low and cold, “So are you saying that he doesn’t like our daughter?”

Director Liu was very skillful in answering this kind of tricky question. With a grin plastered across his face, he replied, “Oh, please don’t get me wrong. Your daughter is a good girl, and everyone in the class likes her very much.”

Xu Wei suddenly tensed up. “So he wants our daughter after all! Does he not know that it would be bad for them to fall in love at their age?”

Director Liu was speechless.

‘What’s wrong with this couple?’

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