The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 31: Laboratory 927—The 4th-Generation Test Product

Chapter 31: Laboratory 927—The 4th-Generation Test Product

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10 o’clock, Lu Mansion.

Fu Zhi emerged from the bathroom after taking a bath.

The first thing she did after she blow-dried her hair was pick up the ultra-thin cell phone on the bed and open a game.

She had two phones. The phone that she usually used was the same kind as the laptop on her desk.

The laptop was white in color, and on the desktop was a strong and vigorous-looking leopard cat.

The leopard cat’s eyes were as sharp as arrows, giving off a prideful vibe.

She sat on the chair. As she was sipping on a glass of milk, the WeChat interface on the laptop began to blink nonstop.

Fu Zhi clicked on it and a small page popped up. Then, a haggard face rammed into her vision.

The man was wearing a well-tailored suit and looked like he was in his mid-seventies, but one would believe him if he said he was in his mid-fifties or mid-sixties, as he took great care of his health and skin. His two hands were on top of a gold-gilded cane, his brows were deeply furrowed, and his expression was grim.

“Grandpa Li.” Fu Zhi greeted him as she leaned against the back of her chair, watching the old man through the camera.

Old Master Li was brought back to his senses by her call. He lifted his eyelids, and his two bloodshot eyes landed on Fu Zhi. As if he was surprised to see her, he shouted excitedly, “Thank god, Zhizhi! You finally answered my call!”

Fu Zhi nodded. “Is it anything urgent?”

“When are you coming back to the Capitol?” Old Master Li asked, his eyes looking red around the rims. “Your Brother Nanli fell ill the other day, and Xiao He still cannot find out what’s wrong with him...”

Li Nanli was Old Master Li’s grandson. He was the successor of the Li Corporation in the Capitol.

“Well, I’m not surprised. After all, he’s the worst student I’ve ever had.”

Old Master Li was speechless.

He Ming was the former vice-chancellor of Tsinghua University and a rising star of the medical artificial intelligence sector.

If anyone else had said that to him, he would definitely have fought back. However, Fu Zhi was different. She had been different since her birth.

She was a daughter of the country, the crystallization of endless manpower and resources.

She was a clone, a 4th-generation test product produced through cloning technology. From a biological standpoint, she was considered a human being. However, compared to an ordinary human being, her genome consisted of the genes that the country had collected from all the bigwigs in different sectors.

Within a few months after her birth, she had shown that she was completely different from other children her age both intellectually and physically. She picked up things very fast, surpassing even the group of bigwigs that had contributed their genetic sequence. For all intents and purposes, she was considered a perfect human being.

However, the downside of being perfect was that Fu Zhi had lacked the innocence of an ordinary kid since a young age. Besides, since she had grown up with a group of “old monsters” in the laboratory, she was devoid of emotion and was as calm as a cold machine most of the time.

The country had raised her until she was 16 years old, and throughout these 16 years, Fu Zhi had been working behind the curtain for the country. When she had turned 16, the country had decided to give her a pair of parents.

Old Master Li knew very well that the country had been reluctant to give its sweetheart away. After all, the previous three generations had all been boys, so it was an open secret why the country had wanted to create Fu Zhi: They wanted to show off about having a daughter.

As he was immersed in his memories, his phone rang. His heart skipped a beat when he saw that He Ming was calling.

He answered the call, and his expression changed after He Ming told him something. “Okay. Got it.”

“Nanli’s condition has gotten worse.” Old Master Li looked at Fu Zhi with bloodshot eyes after he hung up the call. “Zhizhi, I—”

“Bring him to Yu City.” Fu Zhi interrupted him.

Old Master Li’s eyes shone, and he nodded profusely. “Sure! Please take care of your brother Nanli, Zhizhi.”

“Alright,” Fu Zhi replied as she popped some milk candy into her mouth. She looked at the old man, who was one of the people in the laboratory, and drawled, “Don’t worry, your grandson is considered my half-nephew. I’ll take care of him.”

Old Master Li was stumped.

‘Who gave you the idea to take care of him as though he’s your nephew?’

Old Master Li manned up and said, “Erm, about that. Can’t you guys be more than just a nephew and his aunt?”

Fu Zhi pressed her lips together. “Are you talking about a teacher-and-student kind of relationship? I’m not sure about that. He is pretty old, and the human brain works slower in old age. I don’t have enough time to teach him.”

Old Master Li entered a trance for a moment. He only now saw the light and understood why those old freaks in the laboratory had been willing to let Fu Zhi go.

After all, they were very certain that no one could make this blockhead get this idea no matter how hard they tried.

However, he still refused to give up. He thus tried to explain. “Well, not that kind of relationship. Why don’t you try to read the meaning behind my words?”

Fu Zhi replied, “Do you have anything else to say?”

“I guess... that’s all?” It took Old Master Li roughly 10 seconds to realize that he was being annoying.

“Alright then. I’m going to hang up. My friends are calling me.”

Old Master Li was left speechless.

He looked at the black screen, staring at his own reflection for a long while as he felt aggrieved. However, when he thought about He Ming, who had been blocked by Fu Zhi, all the gloom in his heart dissipated while he comforted himself.

‘Zhizhi is still willing to put up with my willful actions!’

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