The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 30: This Is A Personal Matter

Chapter 30: This Is A Personal Matter

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Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei went to the underground car park to pick up their car.

Night gradually fell, and there was a half-moon hanging high in the sky.

The yellow light in the lounge was warm. The moment Lu Chuwan walked out, she saw Fu Zhi, who was standing under a light about 10 meters away from her.

Her gaze fell on Fu Zhi’s delicate face, and her heart skipped a beat.

After a short while, she went up to her and said, “Fu Zhi, can I have a few seconds of your time? Grandma has asked me to bring you a message.”

Fu Zhi nodded and the two of them walked into the lounge. Each of them stood at one side of the lounge, so there was a huge distance between them.

Lu Chuwan shot a glance at Lu Yushen, who was popping a “supplement pill” into his mouth. Her brows furrowed slightly, but she did not say anything before she averted her gaze. Then, she began talking slowly. “I know that children that come from an orphanage like you are very proficient in shining up to others to survive.”

Fu Zhi lifted her head and looked at her.

Lu Chuwan found it easier to continue her speech after she finished her first sentence.

“You’ve just become a member of the Lu Family and you’re very eager to prove yourself. I can understand that, so I won’t laugh at you. However, how can you ask my aunt, your mom, to give this supplement to grandma? What if something happened to grandma after she took your so-called supplement? Have you ever thought of what would happen to your mom?”

Fu Zhi held Lu Chuwan’s gaze with her steely eyes.

After three seconds, she replied plainly, “There is nothing wrong with the medicine. It’s specially designed to treat heart disease.”

Lu Chuwan could not believe that Fu Zhi still stubbornly refused to admit her guilt. Her face turned scarlet with anger as her voice rose by an octave. “The person inside this ward is my grandmother, and Xu Wei is my aunt. They are not related to you by blood, so of course you don’t care about the consequences and just want to project yourself!

“Oh yeah, you haven’t told my aunt that you’ve been kicked to Class 21 because you cheated in the exam, right? I won’t tell grandma, as I don’t want her to get angry, but you have to tell my aunt!”

Fu Zhi replied, “You’ve talked a lot tonight, but have you realized that everything you’ve talked about is my personal matter? It’s up to me whether I want to say it or not. I guess you don’t have any say in telling me what to do.”

It occurred to Lu Chuwan that Fu Zhi wanted to hide this blemish away.

‘Children that come from the orphanage are all the same. Not only are they glib talkers, but they are also a bunch of selfish people who only want quick benefits.’

Lu Chuwan’s brows were tightly furrowed in the center of her forehead, and her eyes were filled with rage. Her chest heaved up and down vigorously as she snared, “My aunt will discover who you are sooner or later! If you refuse to tell her the truth, I’ll expose you to her!”

Perhaps she was talking too loudly, as Lu Yushen kept looking at her out of the corners of his eyes.

“Don’t simply eat anything that other people give you. You’ll be the only one suffering if anything bad happens!”

Lu Chuwan noticed his gaze and went forward, attempting to snatch the vial from Lu Yushen’s hand.

However, before she could reach the vial, her hand was stopped by a slender, fair hand in midair.

The girl stared silently at Lu Chuwan with her clear, black eyes as she tightened her grip.

Lu Chuwan yelped in pain. “Let go of me, Fu Zhi!”

“I respect you because you’re my cousin, but you have to behave yourself as well,” Fu Zhi said, stressing every syllable.

Lu Chuwan stared at her. “Dr. Li’s diagnosis is the most comprehensive. Yushen’s health is poor, so are you going to be held responsible if anything happens to him?”

After saying that, she turned to look at Lu Yushen and shouted, “Put down the pills!”

Lu Yushen heard her, but instead of putting down the pills like she had asked, he poured the remaining three pills onto his palm and tossed them all into his mouth.

Lu Chuwan was stumped.

“Zhizhi, Yushen, let’s go home...” Xu Wei’s voice wafted over from the car.

Fu Zhi released Lu Chuwan’s wrist.

She then turned around and looked at Xu Wei, who was waving at her.

“Don’t expect me to cover your actions! I’ll definitely expose you in front of my aunt!” Lu Chuwan hissed angrily. She still could not believe that Fu Zhi would actually dare to get physical with her.

“That’s up to you.”

The sky was getting darker, and the light from the streetlights dyed the asphalt with a golden sheen.

Lu Chuwan tightened her knuckles as she watched the two shadows, one short and one tall, getting further and further away with the help of the lights.

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