The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 24: He Would Not Have To Come Home For The Rest Of His Life

Chapter 24: He Would Not Have To Come Home For The Rest Of His Life

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It was already 6:00 pm by the time Lu Jingqing arrived at the Lu Family’s house.

The Lu Family had not earned its name as the most influential family in Yu City for nothing. Fu Zhi glanced across the table before digging in. There were four dishes and a bowl of soup on the table. Even though she did not see any abalone or lobster, she was still satisfied.

Lu Jingqing looked at his daughter and wondered why she would not talk to him. After a short bout of contemplation, he picked a pork cutlet with the serving chopsticks and put it into Fu Zhi’s bowl.

“Take a few more bites. We can afford to feed another mouth. You’re too thin.”

The girl’s cheeks were distended from the fishball she had just shoved into her mouth. She looked in the direction of the serving chopsticks, her eyes watery and her voice as soft as a flitting fog. “Thank you, daddy.”

Lu Jingqing felt that his daughter had become even more adorable. He was stunned for a moment, and when he came back to his senses, he filled Fu Zhi’s bowl with another piece of chicken meat.

Xu Wei was sipping on a bowl of fish soup that was supposed to nourish the brain. When she heard Lu Jingqing’s comment on her daughter, she took a peek at her. Just like Lu Jingqing had said, her daughter’s face was small and her limbs were slim.

“Your dad is right. Zhizhi. You’re too thin.” She nodded in assent. Then, she began to reminisce about the past. “You know what? When your eldest brother was a kid, he had a triple chin, while other children had only a double chin. He’s never disappointed me with his weight.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.


Xu Wei suddenly rose to her feet, startling Fu Zhi. She picked up the plate of sweet and sour pork cutlets and poured them into Fu Zhi’s bowl, filling it to the brim. Her brows were furrowed tightly as she said, “It’s mommy’s fault. I should’ve realized it earlier. Here, girls should eat more. You will look better with a little weight on!”

Xu Wei noticed the changes in Fu Zhi’s expression. She petted her daughter’s head and added, “Don’t worry about your father and brother. They can eat other food.”

However, the problem was that Fu Zhi was full. Thus, she replied, “But I’m full.”

“You just had half a bowl of rice and you’re already full? You really should eat more.” Xu Wei pinched Fu Zhi’s cheek as her face was scrunched up morosely. “You’re too skinny. You don’t even have a double chin!”

Upon seeing that Xu Wei was about to give her more food, Fu Zhi hurriedly stopped her and said, “I have one...”

Xu Wei’s hand stopped in midair, her face clouded over with confusion. Fu Zhi then moved on to explain, “I had one as well when I was a kid...”

It was just a triple chin. She’d also had one when she was a kid.

Xu Wei was left speechless as her face sank.

She really could not do anything right. She just wanted her daughter to eat more, yet she still could not do it.

Forced smile.jpg

Fu Zhi let out a soft sigh.

The servant had prepared dinner for five people. When Mama Sun came to clean up the dishes, Xu Wei grumbled at her husband again as she looked at the cutlery that belonged to her eldest son. “When will your son come back? I kind of miss him.”

Lu Jingqing was looking at his phone, as he realized that he had a few missed calls.

The calls were from the Lu Household and seemed very urgent. He called back and comforted his wife as he waited for the call to be picked up. “Don’t worry. He will come back after he’s spent all his money.”

Xu Wei thought for a while and felt that he was right. She nodded happily.

On the other hand, Fu Zhi’s expression turned stiff.

How should she put this?

Considering the way her eldest brother spent money, unless something happened, he would not have to come back home for the rest of his life.

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