The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 23: They Are Cabbages That I Planted

Chapter 23: They Are Cabbages That I Planted

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Fu Zhi went back to her room and opened up her parcels once she arrived at the Lu Mansion.

There were eight parcels, and all the boxes were fully filled. Some of them contained pots, while others contained herbs and seeds.

Fu Zhi took a photo with her phone and opened WeChat. She tapped a black avatar and sent the photos over. She did not wait for the other side to reply. She took three vials from a box and handed them over to Xu Wei and Lu Yushen.

The vials were white in color, and there were dark blue patterns etched on them.

Xu Wei held a vial in her hand and studied it meticulously. She had always had a soft spot for small and delicate objects. She shook it lightly and realized there was something inside. She turned to Fu Zhi and asked, “What’s inside, Zhizhi?”

As she was talking, she reached out for the wooden plug.

With a small “pop”, the vial was opened and a faint fragrance soon permeated every inch of the air. It was sweet but not greasy, and there was a hint of a herbal aroma to it.

“It smells pretty good. Did you buy it on the internet?” Xu Wei said as she pinched a white sugared pill with her fingers. At such close proximity, the fragrance grew even stronger and it made her feel relaxed.

“Nope.” Fu Zhi shook her head before replying in a soft voice, “This is traditional Chinese medicine, but it can be consumed like candy. The one you have in your hand regulates one’s vital energy, enhances blood circulation, and improves skin condition. As for the one I will give to my daddy and brother, it can invigorate one’s vitality and relieve fatigue. These pills have been nationally tested and approved. They have no side effects on human health, so don’t worry.”

She paused for a second before adding, “It’s slightly sweet, but if you’re not used to the sweetness, let me know and I’ll make a new one for you.”

Piqued by curiosity, Xu Wei put the pill in her mouth. She bit down slowly and a sweet flavor soon spread over her tongue.

It did not taste good, but it did not taste too bad either.

Xu Wei caressed her face, and her eyes glowed. “Zhizhi, I feel like my skin has gotten better!”

“The medicine won’t take effect so soon,” Fu Zhi said calmly. “You don’t have to be so happy. It’s merely your mind playing tricks on you.”

Fu Zhi did not realize that Xu Wei just wanted to compliment her. Upon seeing that her effort was not appreciated, Xu Wei dropped her head in dejection and said, “Alright, got it.”

Then, she turned to look at Lu Yushen and said, “You should have a taste. It’s very delicious!”

Lu Yushen was exhausted after coming back from his treatment. His skin was unwholesomely white, but his facial features were delicate. His eyes were slanted, and his eyelids were half-closed out of exhaustion.

He opened the vial, and his eyes glowed a little. He turned around to look at Fu Zhi.

When he saw that Fu Zhi was busy reassuring Xu Wei, he pressed his lips into a fine line. He lowered his head and then put a pill into his mouth.

Lu Jingqing had not come back from work yet. As everyone was waiting for him at the table, Fu Zhi suddenly remembered the seeds and plants that the laboratory had sent to her. Thus, she said, “I saw that there is open land surrounded by a palisade in the front yard. Can I use it to grow some flowers?”

Xu Wei would give her daughter anything she wanted. Even if her daughter said she wanted a star in the sky, she would do everything she could to get it for her. It was just that...

“Do we have open land in the front yard?” Xu Wei asked, her face full of confusion.

Fu Zhi then replied softly, “When I came back, I saw a plot of land full of dead grass next to the fountain.”

“Ah, in that case...”

Xu Wei’s eyes glowed. Just as she was about to say yes, some images fluttered through her head.

‘Hold on a second! Open land? Dead grass?’

Her eyes widened. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. After a long while, she pouted and said sadly, “That isn’t dead grass. They are cabbages that I planted a few months ago...”

Fu Zhi was stumped, and her eyebrows twitched when she saw Xu Wei wilt like a piece of limp lettuce.

Since she did not want to hurt Xu Wei’s feelings, she hastily said, “I guess I didn’t see clearly. After all, I was walking very fast at the time. I’m not very good at telling colors apart.”

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