The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 129: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 2

Chapter 129: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 2

Lu Yubai’s parents stayed overseas. Academically, he performed the best amongst his brothers and sisters in the family. Plus, he was confident and assertive.

Madam Lu liked him very much, but he rarely came back to the Lu Household, as he usually stayed in his own house.

Therefore, she was so delighted that she forgot about Fu Zhi when she saw him. Grinning like a Chesire cat, she said, “Look who it is! Are you here to see your grandma, Yubai?”

‘Well, not really...’ Lu Yubai thought inwardly as he glanced at Fu Zhi, who was sitting comfortably in a chair. She kept her head low, her eyes fixed on her phone, and it seemed to him that she was playing games.

Her slender fingers looked like a group of fairies dancing under the light as they moved nimbly across the screen of her phone. She frowned slightly as if she was amused by something in the game. From where Lu Yubai was standing, he could see her swan-like neck and collarbone, which were exposed to the air.

As if sensing his gaze, she put away her phone after she finished her game and raised her head.

There was no emotion in her clean, black pupils. She looked like an innocent deer that had no idea what kind of fate was going to befall it.

Lu Yubai retracted his gaze as a grin found its way to the corners of his lips. Then, he said knowingly, “Yeah, it’s been a long time. Besides, I just realized that if I don’t show my face every once in a while in the household, someone will forget about me.”

Fu Zhi took a sip of her tea. She did not make any comments, as if she did not care about what he had said at all.

On the other side, Lu Chuwan, who had just come downstairs, walked up to Lu Yubai and coiled her arm around his. “When did I ever forget you? Brother, how can you say something like that?”

‘I wasn’t talking to you,’ Lu Yubai said in his heart. He thought for a while before withdrawing his arm. Then, he said, “Your legs don’t hurt anymore? Go sit down.”

After all, Lu Chuwan had been the only girl in the Lu Family before Fu Zhi had come. If possible, he did not wish to make things too awkward for her.

This was also the reason Madam Lu liked him very much. Not only was he polite, but he also had a sense of propriety.

Lu Chuwan knew that her cousin was smart, but he was very cold to other people and he would never take the initiative to get close to her.

She offered him a smile and then took a seat beside the table.

Very soon, the food was served.

Lu Yubai sat right next to Fu Zhi and glanced at her from time to time. When he saw that Fu Zhi was about to pick up the cabbage in front of her, he quickly picked a piece of sparerib, placed it into her bowl, and said, “Even though you don’t like me, you’re still my sister. So long as I’m breathing, I’d buy meat for you even if I had to sell a kidney.”

He talked to her with such a straight face and such a serious tone of voice that she thought he had already sold both of his kidneys for her.

Fu Zhi then replied, “You better not. It’s illegal to sell kidneys.”

Lu Yubai blinked. His eyes resembled peach blossoms. His eyelashes were long, his eyes were tilted up slightly at the end, and his pupils were as shiny and bedazzled as the stars in the sky. Even though he was wearing spectacles, one could not deny the fact that his eyes were captivating.

He pitched his voice low and said, “Then you’d have to take care of me, Zhizhi, just like rich people who keep their second wife in a plush apartment. In our case, you’re going to keep me in your warm abode.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She was getting even more worried about the money that she earned by herself. She had already spread herself thin supporting her elder brother, so she did not have much money left. Thus, she assumed a serious expression and said, as if she was providing guidance to someone who had lost their drive in their life, “As a human, you should remain true to your original inspiration, so you better go sell your kidney.”

Lu Yubai was amused by Fu Zhi. He did not know how she had managed to say that to him with a straight face. He could not hold back anymore and ruffled her hair.

Fu Zhi tried to stop him, but to no avail.

The two of them had created quite some noise at the table. Lu Chuwan darted a glance at Lu Yubai and saw that he was talking to Fu Zhi.

Lu Yubai was not easy to get along with. He was eccentric, and anyone who was closed to him knew that beneath his facade of politeness was a heart of stone.

He had been informed of Fu Zhi’s adoption. The day when Fu Zhi had first come to the Lu Household, Lu Chuwan thought he had not shown up because he did not like Fu Zhi.

However, it seemed to her that things were not as she had imagined.

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