The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 128: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 1

Chapter 128: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 1

It took Fu Zhi some effort to pull her hand out of Lu Yubai’s grip.

She did not talk to her cousin again. Instead, she went back to her classroom with Su Xing.

Xu Wei only found out that her daughter had been chosen to meet up with Professor He after Fu Zhi came back home from school.

What was the definition of a surprise? This was it!

Xu Wei instantly melted into sobs and tears as she said, “Good, good, good! This must be the universe’s way of telling us that you stand a chance to get a good result in the college entrance examination. From this day onward, mommy is going to clean her body, burn incense to honor Buddha, practice abstinence from meat, and chant Buddha’s scripture for 49 days so that you will get into Tsinghua University!”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

‘Well, you don’t have to go that far...’

Truth be told, Fu Zhi did not really want to meet up with Xiao He, not to mention that her mother’s birthday was around the corner. Therefore, she pushed the date to next week and also planned to bring Lu Yumo along.

However, Lu Yumo was feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart right now. Well, it was indeed good news for Fu Zhi that she had been chosen by Professor He, and he truly felt happy for her as well, but he did not understand why his mother had to make such a big deal out of it.

Therefore, he said, “She just got picked by Professor He to be his disciple. She didn’t get admitted into Tsinghua University. You’re the daughter-in-law of a prestigious family, so can you act like one and stop making a big fuss over nothing?”

Xu Wei hated it the most when someone told her that her daughter’s achievements were not important. She wiped the tears off her face with her handkerchief and said, “I like to make a big fuss over nothing? That’s how I am! Do you have a problem with that? For 10 years, you have never gotten any other place other than the seventh place from last. I understand that you’re jealous of good students, but you can’t stop me from celebrating with Fu Zhi just because you’re not hard-working enough!”

Lu Yumo, who had always had a hunch that he could not fit into his family because of his poor academic performance, did not know how to reply.

‘Very well, then. Just do whatever you want. I’m out!’

He decided to grab some money and run away from home again. He was going to open his parents’ eyes. A loser could become a winner as well. One day, he would improve and get sixth place from last in an examination.


In contrast to the atmosphere in Xu Wei’s house, Bai Yao was standing outside her house, welcoming Lu Chuwan with a big grin on her face. When she saw her, she immediately asked, “How did it go? Wanwan, did Professor He pick you?”

Even though Lu Chuwan had already pulled herself together at school, when she saw her mother, the intense disappointment that she’d locked up in the depths of her heart broke out and overwhelmed her. Her voice took on a nasal edge as she replied, “It was Fu Zhi! Professor He picked Fu Zhi in the end!”

Bai Yao’s eyes bulged with disbelief. She then asked, “Didn’t you say that you answered both questions? Why did Fu Zhi get picked in the end?!”

“Her dad donated a building to the school. Can my dad do that?” Qian Wenrui had comforted Lu Chuwan beforehand. According to her speculations, this had to have something to do with the building that Lu Jingqing had donated.

After all, the education system in that small town was way worse than in this town, and Fu Zhi’s academic performance was recorded in black and white in her profile. If the school authorities had not pulled some strings behind the scenes, there was no way Fu Zhi would have gotten picked considering her mediocre academic achievements.

“You can’t say that. Your dad...”

Before Bai Yao could finish her sentence, Lu Chuwan slammed her door shut.

This was the first time Bai Yao had seen Lu Chuwan lose her temper.

At the same time, Dong Cun kept calling her to ask about the result of the appraisal.

Bao Yao had just gotten some benefits from the Dong Family and did not want to lose the cash cow. After she thought for a moment, she went to Madam Lu and said, “Mom, Fu Zhi doesn’t know anything about AI technology. She and Professor He don’t have anything in common to talk about, and she can’t help the Dong Family either. However, Wanwan is different.

“I know you’re worried about your health, but there are a lot of benefits we can get from the Dong Family in the future if we do them this favor.”

Madam Lu thought for a while and concluded that Bai Yao was right. “Then ask Zhizhi and Xu Wei to come to the household for dinner tomorrow night. Don’t invite Jingqing.”


On Tuesday night, the moment Fu Zhi stepped into the Lu Household, Madam Lu pulled her away and began asking about her well-being.

However, Fu Zhi and Xu Wei were not the only guests in the house that night. A figure walked through the door, and everyone in the living room fell silent.

The newcomer was none other than Lu Yubai. He scanned the people in the living room, and a grin appeared on the tips of his lips when he saw Fu Zhi.

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