The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1735 - Siblings (1)

Chapter 1735: Siblings (1)

The news of Ji Zitong’s pregnancy quickly spread.

Inside Su Chen’s villa, there were gifts from Mu Yuchen, Zhou Zimo, and the others. Of course, even Qi Lei had sent quite a few things over.

The trip that was supposed to happen obviously fell through. In the few days of his leave, Su Chen stayed at home to accompany Ji Zitong, or he would go out for a walk with her. Ji Zitong was in a good mood.

After some time recuperating, she began to recover much better. There was a healthy flush on her face.

It was nearing dusk. The couple was sitting under a tree in the front yard to pass the time.

Su Chen was leisurely sitting in the soft rattan chair and flipping through documents. Ji Zitong was lying on another rattan chair beside him. The refreshing wind blew continuously. In a short while, Ji Zitong had already fallen asleep peacefully.

She was not reacting too badly just yet. After the examination revealed that she was pregnant, she could still eat and sleep. After a whole day, she would feel particularly tired. Sometimes, when the husband and wife sat on the sofa to watch TV, she would fall asleep involuntarily.

Afterwards, it was always Su Chen who carried her back to bed.

Like right now—

Noticing that there was no movement around him, Su Chen silently turned his head and looked over. Sure enough, he saw that she had fallen asleep again. He could only helplessly sigh, put down the documents in his hands, and stood up. He took a thin blanket from the side and covered her with it.

He stood and looked at her for a while before he sat back down.

“Master, Miss is here.”

At this moment, a servant suddenly came to report.

Su Chen frowned and replied, “Tell her to wait for me here.”

As he spoke, he got up and walked over again to carry Ji Zitong back to the room.

When he came back down, Su Yu was already lying on the spot where Ji Zitong had laid earlier, leisurely eating the fruit on the plate beside her.

“Why are you here?”

Su Chen glanced at Su Yu and laid down leisurely too.

“I’m here to see if you’ve fulfilled your duties as a husband and a father-to-be. Grandfather asked me to supervise you properly!”

As Su Yu spoke, she picked up another grape and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Alright, just mind your own business. Why did you come over to see me instead of watching after brother-in-law ?”

Su Chen frowned and looked at Su Yu.

“I don’t need to watch after your brother-in-law. He’s a piece of trash anyway. It would be the same whether I watch him or not.”

Su Yu took a deep breath and shrugged her shoulders. She was not too willing to bring up her husband.

However, Su Chen was sharp enough to sense that something was wrong from Su Yu’s tone. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Su Yu with a sharp gaze as he said in a deep voice, “What’s going on? What did brother-in-law do to you? I knew that you two had a fight before, but I thought that it was just an occasional quarrel between the two of you.”

“I know that you care about me. Don’t meddle in between me and your brother-in-law, you can’t do any good anyway. He’s treating me quite well now. I just feel a little less passionate about him. It’s fine. Don’t worry!”

Su Yu glanced at Su Chen and raised her hand to rub the space between her brows as she said.

“What’s going on between you and your brother-in-law?”

Su Chen did not intend to let Su Yu go just like that.

He had always respected this sister of his. Su Yu usually doted on him very much. The few of them respected this one and only sister very much.

“Perhaps the seven-year itch has been delayed. Otherwise, it’s because your sister’s menopause has come early. Recently, I have nothing to say to your brother-in-law. Sometimes, I’m really worried that I won’t be able to endure it and ask for a divorce in the end.”

Su Yu ran her fingers through her black hair and said helplessly, “Xiao Chen, don’t tell anyone at home about what I told you. Don’t even tell Zitong.”

“What happened? Did brother-in-law do something to let you down?”

Su Chen’s tone was full of affirmation.

Su Yu had always been a beautiful and intelligent person. She was a very traditional woman. If her brother-in-law had not done something to let her down, she definitely would not have felt this way.

“Actually, it’s fine. I’m just holding my breath and feeling uncomfortable. That’s all in the past. There’s no point in bringing it up now. Your brother-in-law is very good to me.”

Su Yu actually cared about what had happened before. Even if things calmed down, things would not go back to how they were before.

Recently, that woman had started to contact him again. Of course, this time, he had told her everything without holding anything back. However with some things, even after you suppressed them, these first signs causes worries that things would be reignited again.

“If brother-in-law doesn’t treat you well, the first person who won’t let him off would be me.”

“Yes, I know. Sometimes I think that it’s a good thing to have married someone of the same social status. However, there are still some things that couldn’t be avoided. Xiao Chen, Zitong is going through a critical time right now, don’t blame me for not reminding you, this is also when men are also the most uncontrollable. Especially with someone of your stature, I’ll be frank today.”

When Su Yu said this, her face tensed up and she said seriously.

When Su Chen heard this, he frowned and looked at Su Yu with dissatisfaction, “Sister, do I look like the kind of person who would be blinded by lust?”

“It’s hard to say! There aren’t many people who’s like Father. Anyway, you should mind your own business. Restrain yourself, if I see any negative news, I’ll let Father cut you!”

“No way!” Su Chen glared at her and replied.

“Has Father’s matter been settled?” Su Yu asked.

“The internal news is basically confirmed. Uncle Mu reminded me a few days ago that Father has always been clean and honest. During his tenure, his performance has been good. There’s no issue.”

Su Yu nodded, “That’s good. Father will be at it for a few more years before it’s about time for him to retire, and spend some quiet days with Mother, help you take care of your child.”

“It’s still a long way off. If Father and Mother becomes free, I would actually be a little worried…”

Su Chen coughed lightly.

Hearing this, Su Yu also lowered her eyebrows and smiled. “With Mother’s personality, I’m really worried that they will be watching mushy idol dramas at home every day. Fortunately, Father doesn’t mess around with her.”

“I’m used to it. You can’t always be like this with brother-in-law. Did brother-in-law cheat on you with another woman?”

As Su Chen said this, his sharp eyes stopped on Su Yu’s face.

Su Yu’s face froze for a moment. Then, she took a deep breath and replied, “That’s all in the past. Back then, I was worried that the matter would blow up, so I endured it. Now, your brother-in-law feels that he has wronged me, so he treats me very well. But it feels like there’s something between me and him that’s missing.”

Su Chen’s expression darkened as expected. He reached for a cigarette packet on the side, lit one on his own, and began to smoke leisurely.

“Don’t smoke so much. It’s not good for Zitong and the baby.”

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