The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1734 - Incident

Chapter 1734: Incident

Dongfang Liuyun fell silent. Lan Xiu could see that her fingers, which were holding onto the teacup, were tightening silently.

“You’ve seen him?” Dongfang Liuyun asked quietly.

Lan Xiu shook his head and lowered his eyes, “No, but I’m still clear on his situation. It’s been many years. Other than work, he just thinks of you and misses you. Otherwise, how would he know exactly where you are, always? If it wasn’t for the fact that you suppressed the news about you and Qi Lei, I’m afraid he would have heard about it by now.”

“This time, when he comes over, you should put an end to it with him. After all…”

“There’s nothing to talk about between us. We’ve put an end to things a few years ago. If he dares to use this matter as an excuse, I won’t let him off easily.”

Dongfang Liuyun finished the tea in her cup in one gulp, her tone was cold.

“Mr. GE is only concerned about him. If he doesn’t participate in this, there’s still no problem for the partnership. Liuyun, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, we’ll just terminate the contract at most, it won’t affect things too much.”

Lan Xiu thought for a moment and comforted her.

“Why would we terminate the contract? Everyone has been working so hard on this plan. I won’t give up so easily even if you want to. I won’t give in on this matter, much less surrender. Don’t worry. I’ll call Mr. Ge personally and explain the situation to him.”

Dongfang Liuyun lowered her eyes and said.

“Can you make Mr. Ge believe that you can make sure Fujiwara doesn’t do anything to him? If this matter is based on Fujiwara’s intentions, then Fujiwara’s motive is very obvious.”

It was not hard to hear some worry in Lan Xiu’s tone.

Dongfang Liuyun’s expression became more and more gloomy. She tossed the document in her hand to the side and eased herself for a moment before she soon calmed down.

“If that’s the case, then we’ll wait for him to come over first. Urge things on Mr. Ge’s side. If he still doesn’t make any moves, we can pursue him for breach of contract.”

“Liuyun! Mr. Ge is…”

“I don’t care who he is. It’s a different matter. Lan Xiu, you don’t have to worry too much. Do what you have to do. I still insist that my position will not change. I hope that you can hold on as well.”

After saying these few words, Dongfang Liuyun put down the teacup in her hand and stood up.

“I’m going back now, just do as I say, no need to worry about me. Call me if there’s anything else.”

As Dongfang Liuyun spoke, she walked over and quickly walked down the stairs.

“Aren’t you having lunch here?”

Lan Xiu looked at the slender figure and asked.

“No thanks, Qi Lei invited me to the hot springs. If you like, you can come along,” Dongfang Liuyun replied indifferently.

Lan Xiu only smiled. He did not say anything else after that. He just watched her figure disappear into the distance. His dark eyes could not hide the faint sadness. Of course, there was also that worry.

Dongfang Liuyun’s figure quickly disappeared in front of him. Lan Xiu could only look away. He took a breath and shook his head helplessly.

“President Lan, how was it?”

Seeing that something was wrong with Lan Xiu’s expression, Ah Li asked in a low voice.

“It’s nothing. Just keep an eye on her. Don’t worry about Mr. Ge for now, I’ll handle it. Find out who Fujiwara will bring along this time, and find out his current situation. Pass me the results of the investigation next Monday,” Lan Xiu instructed.

Ah Li nodded. “Yes, President Lan. Oh, right. Before President Gan left City Z, he asked someone to leave a letter for you. Secretary Ding just sent it over.”

As Ah Li spoke, he handed a letter to Lan Xiu.

Lan Xiu quickly took it and opened it. He looked at it and saw Dongfang Gan’s handwriting on it.

The content was very simple.

Lan Xiu read it a few times before taking out a lighter from his pocket. He lit it up and burned the letter to ashes.

“President Lan, this…”

“Elder Madam Dongfang’s birthday is coming up. How are you preparing the gift that I asked you to prepare?” Lan Xiu asked calmly.

“I’ve already prepared it according to your instructions,” replied Ah Li.

“Alright, although they don’t plan to hold a grand ceremony this time, they still have to follow the proper etiquette.”

“Yes, I understand, President Lan!”

Ah Li replied, “President Lan, Master Fujiwara wants you to call him back… Are we really not going to tell him that Miss Dongfang is married? I’m worried that he’ll blame us if he finds out…”

“Don’t be so concerned about his feelings. There’s no rule saying that Liuyun belongs to him, Fujiwara. Besides, he didn’t cherish Liuyun first. It’s probably very hard for Liuyun to get over the knot in her heart because of what happened to Older Brother. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have married Qi Lei just like that. Perhaps this is the best for her. She can start a new life and meet new people, and not be trapped in this dead city.”

Lan Xiu said in a daze, his tone filled with endless disappointment—

“I think Fujiwara might really lose her this time, and I won’t have a chance either, much less Older Brother. We all know what we’re thinking, but each of us loves her more than the other. But in the end, none of us were able to wait for her. We all lost to Qi Lei… I’m quite unwilling…”

But what else could he do?

What else could he do if he was unwilling to accept this?

Lan Xiu muttered the words that he did not say in his heart. Suddenly, he could not help but feel a bitterness in his throat. As he chewed, more of it could only be sour.

He suddenly felt that to him, this was the greatest pain in the world. There was clearly a chance. If he had nodded back then, Dongfang Liuyun would have been his wife by now, but…

That chance was no more.

Every time he remembered this, Lan Xiu felt like he could hear the sound of his heart bleeding…

“President Lan? President Lan? Are you okay?”

Lan Xiu’s instantly pale face made Ah Li worry. He quickly came over to support Lan Xiu.

Lan Xiu raised his hand to stop him. “I’m fine.”

“But you look terrible, President Lan!”

Ah Li knew that Lan Xiu had a sore spot his heart, and that it was Dongfang Liuyun.

Every time he talked about Dongfang Liuyun, he would no longer be his usual self, and he would become very emotional.

Ah Li’s heart ached for Lan Xiu. He had also thought that Dongfang Liuyun would become the wife of their President Lan, but no one would have predicted this outcome.

“It’s fine. Ah Li, you have to remember in the future that once you’re certain about some things, you must act as soon as possible. At least, in the end, you wouldn’t have any regrets.”

Lan Xiu took a deep breath and said a few words before turning around and walking down the stairs.

“President Lan…”

Ah Li called out softly, but Lan Xiu’s figure had already disappeared in the corridor ahead…

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