The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 267 - Eight Desolates Become One, The Path to Heaven Appears   

Chapter 267: Eight Desolates Become One, The Path to Heaven Appears


The world was shocked when this battle ended. In the Eight Desolates, Ye Qiu’s name spread again.

“Heavens, my Heaven Mending Sect actually has such a ruthless person. My sect should prosper.” In the Heaven Domain, Qi Daosheng looked at Ye Qiu in disbelief and muttered to himself.

Ye Qiu’s battle today had pushed the Heaven Mending Sect to an extremely high level. It also indirectly affected the Heaven Mending Sect in the Heaven Domain. Qi Daosheng was very excited. If Lian Feng was included, their Heaven Mending Sect already had two Martial Monarchs.

A sect with two Martial Monarchs. This was an unprecedented miracle. There was no second Holy Land in the entire Eight Desolates that had two Martial Monarchs at the same time.

Thinking of this, Qi Daosheng immediately had an idea. Should he go and greet them? After all, the two sects came from the same source. Although they had been separated for many years, their ideals were still the same. It was good to build a relationship with each other. Perhaps it would be of great help to the development of the Heaven Mending Sect?

He did not know that Meng Tianzheng also had such thoughts. Perhaps it was because of the incomplete cultivation techniques of the two sects and he wanted to resolve it.

At this moment, cheers echoed outside the mountain and sea, shouting Ye Qiu’s true name in unison.

Mortals killing immortals shook the Nine Heavens. Because Ye Qiu had set a precedent, it completely dispelled the fear of immortals. It also made them understand that even insignificant mortals could still kill immortals.

“F*ck, too strong! I’ve roamed the world for so many years and mingled in all kinds of brothels. I’ve never seen such a strong man.”

“A mortal dares to kill an immortal? How dare you. You’re offending your superior.”

“Oh my god, I’m wet…”

“Celestial Thearch Ye, you are my only idol. I want to give birth to your children.”

“Celestial Thearch Ye, Celestial Thearch Emperor Ye…”

Ye Qiu was delighted when he heard the cheers. Today, this boast scored full marks…


Suddenly, the moment Ye Qiu and the Pixiu’s battle ended, the world trembled. The other six domains had completely fused together, completing the final fusion of the Eight Desolates.

The moment the Eight Desolates fused, a golden light suddenly descended from the Heavenly Dao.

“What is this?”

The moment the golden light appeared, everyone was stunned. Even Ye Qiu was stunned. What was going on? Was this a new way of playing?

The people from the Heaven Mending Sect also looked at each other in confusion. They had long expected the Eight Desolates to combine, but they really could not understand this Heavenly Dao golden light.

“Senior Brother Sect Master, what’s going on?” Qi Wuhui asked in a daze.

Meng Tianzheng didn’t understand either. He only watched as Ye Qiu slowly flew back and hurriedly asked, “Junior Brother, do you know what’s going on?”

Ye Qiu shook his head. He didn’t know what was going on. Perhaps only the experts of the older generation knew about this strange phenomenon. Unfortunately, Martial Uncle Xuanyi had passed away. Otherwise, he might know something here.

When the golden light descended, the ground was filled with vitality, as if it meant the arrival of a great era. The Eight Desolates completely fused. Suddenly, countless golden lights descended from the sky, producing a golden path that led to the Heavens.

As soon as this Great Dao appeared, the world was shocked.

“Heavens, it’s actually… the Path to Heaven!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire world was shocked. No one expected that the Heavenly Dao would actually descend the Path to Heaven the moment the Eight Desolates gathered.

The appearance of this Path to Heaven meant that the competition for the new generation of immortal path had completely begun. This was an extremely cruel competition. Only the final winner had a chance to become an immortal and attain the Dao.

Ye Qiu’s eyes flickered and his expression instantly changed. He didn’t expect that after the Eight Desolates fused would actually attract the Path to Heaven. He turned around and looked at his beloved disciples. It seemed like he had to help them.

The current Ye Qiu didn’t need to pass any test to become an immortal. However, it was not the same for his two disciples because their aptitude was too poor compared to those true geniuses. Therefore, unless one had great fortune, they were not qualified to become immortal beings.

The appearance of the Path to Heaven undoubtedly gave them a chance. As long as they were willing to work hard and kill their way out of the competition of thousands of geniuses, they would have a chance to become immortals.

Ye Qiu looked around silently. Through the conflict with the Mystic Domain, he could tell that geniuses and Paragon experts were everywhere in the other realms outside the Eastern Wasteland.

Moreover, all of them were incomparably powerful. The possibility of them killing their way out of this group of genius Paragon was very small.

“Hmm… Hehe, looks like I’ll have to work overtime again.”

After thinking about it seriously, Ye Qiu suddenly revealed an evil smile and gradually became impudent. He was originally lazy, but he did not expect a path to heaven to suddenly appear. Didn’t this remind him that it was time to trap the children?

“Haha… Once the Path to Heaven appears, who will compete? Everyone, let’s wait and see.” In the void, the middle-aged man shouted heroically. He was clearly incomparably excited.

The experts of the other Holy Lands and large clans also revealed crazy smiles.

This battle had yet to begin, but the atmosphere was already filled with gunpowder.

Ye Qiu could feel that most of the attention was on his beloved disciple. Clearly, Lin Qingzhu’s sword just now had already attracted the attention of most geniuses. They had listed her as one of their opponents, so it was inevitable that they would show hostility.

Lin Qingzhu could also feel this hostility. She couldn’t help but feel a little worried and pressured. Suddenly, a warm hand held her little hand. Lin Qingzhu looked up and realized that it was her master. Her heart immediately warmed.

She smiled sweetly and happily. “Master…”

Just as she was about to say something, Ye Qiu raised his hand and interrupted, “Don’t worry, I’ll do everything.”

Giving her a comforting look, Ye Qiu thought of that monkey again and an evil thought appeared in his heart. Perhaps he still needed to act as Patriarch Bodhi.

“Senior Brother, bring them all back! This competition has already begun.”

Ye Qiu gave them a look of encouragement and brought his two disciples back to Violet Cloud Peak.

The atmosphere in the Great Desolate World became tense because of the appearance of the Path to Heaven. The various Holy Lands began to fight openly and covertly. The undercurrents of the Great Desolate surged, and they each exerted their strength.

The Holy Land, which was originally quite stingy, had now taken out all their wealth in order to nurture a true genius Paragon. They were prepared to take a gamble. If they won, they would revive the sect. If they lost, they would start from scratch.

Meng Tianzheng could sense the thoughts of the other Holy Lands. He hesitated for a moment and grinned. He suddenly remembered that the Heaven Mending Sect had just accepted a group of disciples with good potential last month. All of them were outstanding.

There were many Heavenly Saint Bodies. Wouldn’t he be letting himself down if he didn’t nurture them well and send them all to the Path to Heaven to brag?

“Hehe… Let’s begin!”

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