The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 266 - Bang ~ Perfect Ending   

Chapter 266: Bang ~ Perfect Ending


“Haha! Kid, is this all you’ve got?”

Ancestor Pixiu laughed wildly as he sucked the needles into his stomach and watched as it disappeared like a needle that had fallen into the deep sea. He didn’t believe that Ye Qiu’s needles would cause him any danger. Under his perfect body, mortal Dharma treasures were unable to injure him at all. Even Ye Qiu’s Immortal Slayer Sword had only lightly injured him. It couldn’t take his life at all.

As he laughed wildly, Ancestor Pixiu shouted with killing intent, “I want all of you to be buried with my descendant. Die. Suck!”

The anger of an immortal shook the world. The world was instantly sucked in by this violent power and could not extricate itself.

“Damn it! Everyone, form up!” Meng Tianzheng shouted anxiously as he felt the terrifying suction force from Ancestor Pixiu. Facing such a supreme being, they were like ants on the ground. They could only fight tightly to save their lives.

Everyone panicked and looked at Ye Qiu. At this moment, only he could turn the situation around.

However, for some reason, Ye Qiu didn’t do anything after sending out the Storm Pear Blossom Needles. He only stayed where he was and chuckled. This laughter was a little strange. Even Ancestor Pixiu was puzzled. He couldn’t figure out why he was laughing.

The smile on the Ancestor Pixiu’s face gradually disappeared as it questioned, “What are you laughing at?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Ancestor Pixiu’s expression instantly changed.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “Bang…”

In an instant, a huge force exploded from within Ancestor Pixiu’s body, instantly sweeping through the ten thousand miles of plains, causing the ground to tremble.

“What’s going on?”

When this violent wind attacked, everyone who was originally sucked in by Ancestor Pixiu immediately lost the suction force and was ruthlessly sent flying. As they turned around, everyone saw a bloody hole explode on Ancestor Pixiu’s body.

“This… Impossible…” Ancestor Pixiu dragged his heavy body and said in disbelief. No matter what, he did not believe that his body would be blown up. He was an immortal!

“Are you very surprised?” Seeing his helpless look, Ye Qiu smiled faintly. He recalled the six needles and played with them for a while. He then said, “There’s no absolute defense in this world. Anything that looks perfect on the surface has its fatal weakness.

“And your weakness is in your body. Your Pixiu clan has powerful scales to protect you, and your outside is indestructible.

“Unfortunately, your clan cultivates the Dao of Devouring. Under the inheritance of the powerful precious technique, there is a fatal flaw, and that has… exposed the weakness.”

Hearing this, Ancestor Pixiu was shocked and woke up. No… impossible. I, the Pixiu, am an immortal divine beast that has been blessed by the Heavens. It’s impossible for me to have a weakness.”

He didn’t believe it. His eyes were filled with confusion and anger. He endured the intense pain and retorted Ye Qiu.

However, none of that mattered anymore.

At this moment, his body had a hole blasted open by the Storm Pear Blossom Needles, and his blood energy was flowing out very quickly.

Ye Qiu knew that the moment to truly decide the outcome had arrived. He didn’t hesitate at all and didn’t give Ancestor Pixiu a chance to catch his breath. He pulled out the Immortal Slayer Sword and revealed an evil smile, gradually becoming impudent.

“What you said is no longer important. Let’s stop here.”

In an instant, the Immortal Slayer in his hand emitted a dazzling light. With a loud bang, a bolt of divine lightning flashed in the sky. Ye Qiu used the Opening A Line In The World again.

He’ll take his life while he’s down. This had always been Ye Qiu’s motto. In an instant, the Immortal Slayer streaked across his fingers, and a blood energy divided the world.

A powerful force gathered and slashed down instantly.


With a cold snort, Ye Qiu directly slashed down at Ancestor Pixiu’s wound.


In just a breath, Ancestor Pixiu didn’t have time to resist and forcefully endured Ye Qiu’s sword.

As a rain of blood fell, Ancestor Pixiu’s huge body was cut in half by Ye Qiu. The moment his bone text defense was broken, his so-called perfect defense was also long gone.


There was a miserable cry in the sky. It was the last sound Ancestor Pixiu made before he died. It was a sound of unwillingness and anger.

Ye Qiu could tell that he was furious and indignant.

With a loud bang, Ancestor Pixiu’s huge body fell fiercely onto the wasteland, stirring up dust.

At this moment, in the chaotic void above the Nine Heavens, a huge beast woke up from its sleep. He let out an angry roar as he looked at the distant other shore.

“Damn ant, you actually dare to cut my clone and destroy my Dao Body! I will definitely kill you!”

His angry roar echoed through the Nine Heavens, scaring some living beings in the void into fleeing. They were very puzzled. Why did this old monster who had been sleeping for many years suddenly wake up today?

Why was he so angry?

They couldn’t figure it out, but they knew in their hearts that Ancestor Pixiu was extremely angry. They definitely couldn’t stay here, or they would be easily used by him to vent his anger.

The battle ended perfectly.

Ye Qiu gently raised his hand and the Immortal Slayer appeared in his hand again. He looked up at the sky and frowned. He could feel another pair of angry eyes looking at him from the world above.

Ye Qiu knew very well that this matter was far from over. Perhaps after this battle, Ancestor Pixiu still had lingering fear and no longer dared to go to the lower realm. However, he could not guarantee that he would not let anyone else descend to the lower realm. This karma had been planted.

In the lower realm, Ye Qiu might not have to worry about his revenge, but he would ultimately ascend to the Heavens. At that time, it would be time for them to settle their grudges.

“Hmm… Looks like I have to make some preparations in advance.” Ye Qiu couldn’t help but say. Just in case, he had to make sufficient preparations before considering ascending.

He had just learned from Lian Feng that there was a wider world above the Heavens. There was also a Heaven Mending Sect’s orthodoxy there. That was created by the ancestors of the Heaven Mending Sect in ancient times. Now, it has a certain status in the upper realm.

Perhaps they could protect him, but he could not rely on others for everything. His fate was ultimately in his hands.

He looked at the dead corpse that gradually turned into a faint light and dissipated into the wind.

Ancestor Pixiu was dead!

After this battle ended, the entire place was silent. Everyone watched in disbelief as the huge body fell into a pool of blood and gradually dissipated.

“Oh my god… He actually won?”

Ye Qiu’s battle today refreshed everyone’s understanding.

It redefined one thing. Mortals could also kill immortals.

He was using his actions to prove that this could work.

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