The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 22 - That Works Too?

Chapter 22: That Works Too?

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“Senior Sister, what’s wrong? You don’t look well. Are you feeling unwell?” Ye Qiu asked even though he already knew the answer. He felt extremely comfortable when he saw Ming Yue suffer. It had to be said that although Perfected Xuantian was a scammer who died after teaching Ye Qiu for three days, the treasures he left behind were quite useful.

Just this pendant alone was enough to amuse Liu Ruyan. This thing did not have much practical use for Ye Qiu. However, using it to pick up girls and gift disciples seemed pretty good.

Ming Yue glared at him fiercely and left angrily.

Liu Ruyan was ecstatic. As she watched her master leave, she reluctantly said, “Martial Uncle, I’ll go first! I’ll visit the Violet Cloud Peak when I have time later.” Liu Ruyan playfully winked in a cute manner.

“Yeah, sure. You can come visit anytime.”

Liu Ruyan heaved a sigh of relief and said, “That’s it then, I’ll be leaving now. Goodbye, Martial Uncle.” She waved her hand and quickly ran after Ming Yue.

At this moment.


[You gave the disciple a high-grade treasure, a lotus pendant, triggering a ten-thousand-fold return.]

“Hmm? That works too?” Ye Qiu was amused. Liu Ruyan wasn’t his disciple, so how could she trigger it?

“System, are you mistaken?”

[Host, the system is right.]

[Liu Ruyan is a disciple of the Heaven Mending Sect. The sect that the host has chosen is also the Heaven Mending Sect.”

[Any disciple of the Heaven Mending Sect can trigger a Ten-thousand-fold Return.]

“Oh, I see…”

After hearing the system’s explanation, Ye Qiu finally understood.

So it can even be played like this! Didn’t that mean that he could go to other factions to poach disciples? In any case, regardless of whether he could poach or not, he would be able to trigger a return. It was a sure win.

However, Ye Qiu didn’t accept any disciples. At the very least, they had to have a good character. He didn’t want to accept an ingrate. If not, he had to clean up the mess himself. It was too troublesome.

[Do you wish to activate?]

“Yeah, activate.”

[Ding… Congratulations host, you have triggered a hundred times critical strike and obtained a piece of Connate Spirit Jade.]

“Eh… Connate Spirit Jade?”

Ye Qiu curiously took out the Spirit Jade from the system and carefully felt it. There was a terrifying amount of spiritual essence inside. He would be able to increase his cultivation speed by a lot with this piece of spiritual jade on him. Furthermore, the spiritual jade also had the effect of curing poison.

“Interesting! You can get such a good piece of jade for free while flirting with girls. Not bad, not bad…”

After hanging the Spirit Jade on his body in satisfaction, Ye Qiu stretched himself. Not far away, Lin Qingzhu searched through the ruins of her house for a long time and finally found some items. It wasn’t anything valuable, but those things kept her memories of her parents. They meant a lot.

When she was almost done, Lin Qingzhu looked back at the ruins of her home and returned to Ye Qiu’s side.

“Master, let’s go.”

Ye Qiu wasn’t in a hurry. He asked, “Aren’t you going to continue searching? Who knows when you’ll come back next if you leave this time.”

Lin Qingzhu took another look at the ruins of her home and said with a determined tone, “No! Father and Mother are gone, and this home is also gone. No matter how I look at it, Father and Mother won’t be coming back. It’s just making me sad.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Ye Qiu didn’t say anything. Cultivating meant leaving the secular world. Time would dilute all emotions in a long cultivation journey.

Ming Yue’s team,who was in the distance, was also preparing to leave. Ye Qiu still wanted to ask where they were going next.

At this moment, a group of refugees fled from the Wasteland Old Town.

Ye Qiu grabbed an old man and asked, “What happened?”

“Don’t ask. Just run. There’s a beast behind us.” The old man’s face was pale as a sheet right now as he cried out in fear. It wasn’t hard to tell that the vicious beast behind him was extremely cruel from his expression. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so scared.

Ye Qiu let go of him and the old man escaped from the scene. That speed didn’t seem like something an old man could have. Indeed, when one was on the verge of death, they could often erupt with astonishing potential.

He could vaguely see dust filling the sky and the ground trembling behind him. Ye Qiu frowned. He calmed down and felt it for a moment. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

“Hidden Life realm! Judging from its aura, it should be a Primordial Descendant!”

“What!!!” Ming Yue, who had just walked over to ask about the situation, jumped in shock.

The others were puzzled and asked, “Master, what is a Primordial Descendant?”

Ming Yue explained, “In the Great Desolate world, it is filled with countless races. The Eastern Wasteland we live in is just the tip of the iceberg. In the depths of that vast and boundless wasteland, there were many pure-blooded and descendants left behind by great vicious existences from the primordial times.

“These primordial descendants are extremely powerful. We human cultivators have no advantage against them in the same realm with their powerful bloodline.”

When everyone heard that, they were very shocked and the atmosphere instantly became tense.

Ye Qiu withdrew his thoughts and looked up at the sky. Several beams of light were already flying towards the primordial descendant.

“Let’s go!” Without any hesitation, Ye Qiu grabbed Lin Qingzhu’s hand and instantly flew in that direction.

Ming Yue was not willing to fall behind either. She turned around and said to Liu Ruyan, “The few of you, hurry up and catch up! It wasn’t easy for us to encounter a primordial descendant. We can’t miss such a good opportunity.”

With that, she brought Su Ya away, followed by Liu Ruyan and the others.

At that moment, a sea of flames was burning in the sky on the Hundred Miles Wasteland. A giant ape fiercely slapped its chest and roared towards the sky.

There were hundreds of people gathered above it. They were all experts from various immortal sects and holy lands, as well as disciples who had gone down the mountain to train.

“Haha, a primordial descendant! I’ve finally found it. Elder Wang, Elder Xu, stay alert. Seize the opportunity to seize the precious bone when the giant ape is surrounded and heavily injured.” Xiao Yi said fiercely as he looked at the giant ape below.

Just now, he had suffered at Ye Qiu’s hands, causing his entire body to go numb. For safety’s sake, he specially sent a message home and invited Wang Hai, the only Hidden Life expert in the family other than his father.

After Wang Hai arrived, Young Master Xiao felt that he could make it again. He immediately returned to his usual hedonistic ways.

“Yeah, I’ll try.” As a Hidden Life expert, Wang Hai was still relatively calm. He looked around and realized that there were indeed quite a number of experts present. He felt a little pressured.

“Oh, isn’t this Young Master Xiao? I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you’re already so miserable?” At this moment, a strange voice sounded in his ear. Xiao Yi immediately frowned. Looking over coldly, it was indeed the face he hated the most.

Liyang Lin Clan, Lin Feng, his sworn enemy.

It was no wonder that Lin Feng mocked him the moment they met. It was mainly because his current attire was indeed not good looking. He was so scared by Ye Qiu that he almost peed his pants. His face was covered in dirt and his clothes had been slashed by Ye Qiu’s sword energy. He was in an extremely sorry state.

Xiao Yi held back the anger in his heart after looking deeply at the two old men beside Lin Feng.

“A little impatience will spoil great plans! I have to keep my cool and not lower myself to the level of this profligate son.” Xiao Yi comforted himself and ignored Lin Feng.

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