The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 21 - The Anger of Ming Yue

Chapter 21: The Anger of Ming Yue

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In the town, Lin Qingzhu could not help but laugh when she saw Xiao Yi running away. “Master, you’re too evil. How can you scare him like this?”

The corner of Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched as he said, “Damn girl, what are you saying? I was just helping you vent your anger. Why are you speaking up for him?”

“Yes, yes. Master is the best! I knew you wouldn’t let anyone bully me.” Lin Qingzhu hugged Ye Qiu’s arm and wheedled. She was very happy.

She was actually very clear that Ye Qiu had done that just to help her vent her anger. Initially, she was still thinking that since the other party had such a powerful background, she could not cause trouble for her master no matter how much she suffered.

In reality, she was thinking too much. Her master was very protective of his disciple. How could he let her suffer?

“Good to know.” Ye Qiu smiled and said, “Okay! Let’s go. Didn’t you want to go home and take a look? Lead the way. We won’t know when the next time will be.”

Lin Qingzhu nodded and said obediently, “Okay, let’s go.”

He followed her graceful figure into the depths of the town.

Soon, they arrived at a ruin. Lin Qingzhu stood in the corner and stared blankly at the pitch-black wall painted with ink. It was obvious that this was her masterpiece when she was young.

Ye Qiu didn’t disturb her. Instead, he observed his surroundings. Suddenly, he saw a stream of aura and several figures descend from behind.

“Hmm?” Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment. The person who came was none other than Ming Yue, Su Ya, and a few female disciples from Sky Water Peak.

“Yaya, is this your home?” Liu Ruyan curiously asked as she looked at the ruins.

Su Ya’s eyes were wet with tears as she searched through the ruins of her house, looking for something.

“Eh…” At this moment, Ming Yue noticed Ye Qiu in the ruins not far away and walked over curiously.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, why are you here too?” Ming Yue asked, puzzled. But after she saw Lin Qingzhu, she immediately understood.

Liu Ruyan, who was following behind her, stole a few curious glances at Ye Qiu. “This is Violet Cloud Peak’s master, Heaven Mending Sect’s youngest martial uncle? He’s as handsome as the rumors say.”

Ever since Ming Yue scolded them last time, they had managed to get some information about Ye Qiu from Su Ya. They were extremely curious about this martial uncle that they had never met before.

Ye Qiu glanced at them indifferently and said, “I brought my disciple down the mountain to train and also visit her house.”

“Disciple Liu Ruyan greets Martial Uncle Ye…” Liu Ruyan stepped forward and bowed. Ye Qiu glanced at her and his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Damn! Are all the female disciples of the Sky Water Peak so beautiful?” Ye Qiu was secretly shocked. This Liu Ruyan was too quiet. She had the feeling of a noble lady who came from a scholarly family. She was dressed in a red robe, had a gentle personality and a fiery figure. Her evilness was comparable to Ming Yue’s.

No wonder the disciples of the other peaks of the Heaven Mending Sect liked to run to the Sky Water Peak. Because there were so many beauties.

Although he was shocked in his heart, he appeared calm on the surface. Ye Qiu said lightly, “Yes, you’re the chief disciple of Sky Water Peak, right? I’ve heard about you before. Among the younger generation of the seven factions, you, Qingfeng, and Qi Hao from the Hidden Sword Peak are the most outstanding. You truly live up to your reputation after seeing you today.”

First grade of Celestial realm. To be able to reach this cultivation level at this age was sufficient to prove her talent.

Liu Ruyan was happy to hear Ye Qiu’s praise and humbly said, “You’re too kind, Martial Uncle! Ruyan’s aptitude is poor, how can I be compared to my brother?”

Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment before Ming Yue explained, “Martial Nephew Qingfeng is Ruyan’s biological brother.”

“Oh, I see!” Ye Qiu suddenly understood.

At this moment, Ming Yue suddenly revealed a meaningful smile. “Ruyan, looks like your Martial Uncle Ye has high expectations for you. Your Martial Uncle is very nice. You have to chat more with your Martial Uncle Ye. If you perform well, perhaps your Martial Uncle Ye will be happy and will teach you a peerless sword technique or reward you with a treasure.”

Ye Qiu’s heart trembled. Eh? What does she mean? This woman wants to trick me?

Liu Ruyan seemed to understand and continued. “Master, I understand! Hehe… In the future, I will visit Violet Cloud Peak more often and talk to Martial Uncle about cultivation experiences. Martial Uncle won’t reject me, right?”

Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched. “It’s fine. There are very few people on Violet Cloud Peak and it’s very quiet. It’ll be more lively with one more person. It’s fine if Martial Niece wants to become my disciple. Violet Cloud Peak never hides anything from its disciples! It’s not like we can’t give away techniques and Dharma treasures.”

Liu Ruyan’s eyes lit up after hearing this. She had heard from Su Ya that her good friend, Lin Qingzhu, had just entered Violet Cloud Peak and Ye Qiu had given her spirit pills and medicines as well as treasures. What was even more outrageous was that he even imparted his cultivation to his disciple.

It was just as he said, he really did not hide anything from his disciples. Where could she find such a good master?

Ming Yue’s heart tightened after seeing Liu Ruyan’s expression. Good lord, she was just saying it casually to see if she could get some benefits from Ye Qiu for her disciple. Why did she almost lose her precious disciple? This wouldn’t do. Ruyan was her precious disciple and her only hope. Wouldn’t she suffer a double loss if she was tricked by Ye Qiu with a few words?

“Dammit! This fellow actually turned the tables on me…” Ming Yue felt even more guilty after looking at Liu Ruyan’s expression. She immediately said, “Ahem… Ruyan, the Martial Meeting is approaching and time is short. If there’s nothing else, it’s best not to run to the Violet Cloud Peak. Stay on the mountain and cultivate.”

Liu Ruyan was a bit disappointed and pouted. “Yes, I will remember your teachings.”

She wanted to, but she would not do that. Although other people’s masters were selfless towards their disciples, from the moment she entered the sect, it was Ming Yue who was guiding her. How could she do something like leaving her master and defecting to someone else?

What a pity! If she had been on Violet Cloud Peak right from the start, wouldn’t she not have such worries?

Ming Yue heaved a sigh of relief and glared at Ye Qiu when she saw that Liu Ruyan had finally calmed down.

“You win! From now on, you’re not allowed to have any thoughts about my precious disciple. Other than her, you can pick anyone else. Or I’ll fight you to the death.”

Ye Qiu smiled without saying anything. He looked at Ming Yue who was secretly threatening him and thought to himself. “Tch, it’s just one disciple! Sooner or later, I will take your entire Sky Water Peak along with you. Trying to trick me? You’ve shot yourself in the foot.”

Ye Qiu secretly laughed in his heart and said innocently, “Senior sister, weren’t you the one who sent her to me? Why does it sound like I’m trying to snatch your disciple? You’re being unreasonable.”

Ming Yue said, “I don’t care! Anyway, you can’t touch Ruyan…”

Ye Qiu secretly laughed. Do you think I won’t touch since you told me not to? Then where would my dignity go? Thinking of this, Ye Qiu smiled and slowly took out a lotus pendant.

“Disciple-Niece Ruyan, it’s our first meeting! I don’t have any good gifts to give you. This lotus pendant can be considered a greeting gift. This is a superior-class Prized artifact! Bringing it with you will be extremely helpful to your cultivation.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ming Yue shot a murderous look at him. This guy was no longer stealing from her secretly. He was openly stealing her disciple right in front of her.

At this moment, Liu Ruyan was already stunned. She dazedly took the lotus pendant Ye Qiu handed over. It was indeed as Ye Qiu had said after she carefully sensed it. This was a treasure that was extremely helpful in cultivation.

“This… Thank you, Martial Uncle…” Liu Ruyan’s thoughts weren’t that complicated. She happily accepted the pendant and looked at Ye Qiu’s handsome face. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him to express her gratitude.

This was too generous. As soon as they had met, he had given her a superior-class treasured item. It was just as the rumors said, he had selflessly offered it to his disciples.

Ah, I love it… I also want to have such a master.

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