The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 744 - Terror In Q University

Chapter 744: Terror In Q University

“You’re here!” Mu Xintong said softly.

She stood gracefully in front of Tang Hao, dressed in a pure white one-piece dress. When the wind blew, the hem of her dress fluttered. She was as beautiful as a painting.

“Mm,” Tang Hao replied.

The students wailed again when they heard the conversation between the two.

When Goddess Mu said “You’re here,” they could tell that she was indeed the one who had invited him to visit her!

That was too unbelievable!

They used to think that nothing in that world could move her. Now, that guy who had appeared out of nowhere did it.

They looked at Tang Hao with incredulity.

He was quite handsome, but there were many more people in Q University who were more handsome than he was.

Was it because he was rich?

That was impossible. In Goddess Mu’s eyes, money was as trivial as air.

What was so good about that guy?

“Boo hoo! My money!”

Those who had placed their bets were wailing as though they had lost their parents.

“That doesn’t count. I don’t admit it!” Suddenly, someone shouted angrily.

“Right, right! It doesn’t count. He deceived us.” Someone immediately responded.

Then, the crowd shouted agitatedly.

More than two hundred people had placed their bets. They caused quite a commotion when they shouted in unison.

Mu Xintong was surprised. She looked at Tang Hao with some confusion.

‘Why did all those people follow him here? They said that they were deceived. What exactly happened?’

Tang Hao smiled sheepishly and told her everything.

Mu Xintong’s petite mouth opened slightly. She was dumbfounded.

‘That is clearly a scam, and those people are willingly falling for it! How stupid can they be?’

Tang Hao turned around and shouted brusquely, “Shut up, all of you! All of you have your thumbprints on the contract, and you still want to deny it? Would you believe it if I expose this incident? All of you will be punished.”

The students immediately fell silent.

“That’s more like it! Come, pay up, not a cent less! Those with cash can give it directly to me, and those with debit cards can transfer the money to my account. ” Tang Hao grinned brightly.

He walked toward the students and began to collect the money.

“I’m begging you, Bro. Can’t you spare me a little? ! One hundred yuan, just one hundred yuan!”

“Bro, don’t you have any pity for me? Just spare me ten yuan!”

The students pleaded pathetically.

It was a tear-jerking, heart-breaking scene.

“Tsk tsk, how miserable! This is a tragedy!”

“Phew! Luckily I didn’t bet on it!”

Those who missed out on the bets felt extremely fortunate. Some of them were even gloating.

“Hand over the money! Let go, dammit! That money isn’t yours anymore, it’s mine. Why are you holding my money? You, you’re one yuan short. Quickly give it to me.”

Tang Hao took the money from the students, one by one.

“How despicable!”

“He has no conscience!”

The students gnashed their teeth in hatred.

In their eyes, Tang Hao was a black-hearted and cunning swindler.

“How dare he cheat us of our money? He’s not going to get away so easily!”

The students discussed it in secret.

Soon, the news spread out.

“Goddess Mu has a boyfriend!”

Coupled with the photo of the two of them standing together and Goddess Mu smiling, it was very convincing.

They posted the news in the chat groups, on Tieba, and on Weibo. In just a few minutes, everyone in the university knew about it.

Q University was shocked!

Exclamations of surprise could be heard in the classroom and the dorms.

“This must be fake news!”

That was their first reaction.

However, the photo convinced them that it was true. Goddess Mu was smiling in the photo. That had never happened before!

They believed it even more when they read the vivid narration.

The article also described how that detestable scumbag had scammed them.

Everyone was furious after reading it, especially Mu Xintong’s admirers, who were seething.

Not only someone had snatched their goddess’s heart, but that person was also a scumbag! How intolerable!

“The goddess is too pure. That guy must have deceived her! We must save the goddess from his evil clutches.”

They were overwhelmed by a sense of justice.

They had become knights in shining armor, while that detestable guy was an evil dragon that had kidnapped the princess.

If they defeated the evil dragon, they might even be able to gain the princess’s favor! That made them very excited.

“Down with the scum! Save Goddess Mu!”

They excitedly rushed out from the dorms, classrooms, and all over the campus, gathering at the north of the campus.

The entire campus was in an uproar.

Soon, the first group of people arrived at the gazebo.

When they saw Tang Hao, they began to curse. “You scumbag and liar! How dare you run rampant in Q University? Do you think that no one in Q University can stop you?

“I’m warning you, you bastard, leave her at once. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen!”

Seeing that, Tang Hao rolled his eyes and grimaced. “Are you all idiots?”

Everyone was instantly riled.

“How dare you insult us? Beat him up!”

Some of the impatient ones rolled up their sleeves and rushed forward.

With no other choice, Tang Hao walked forward and quickly sent those people sprawling on the ground with punches and kicks.

“Damn, that guy is strong.”

The other people hesitated and did not move forward.

After a while, someone jumped out.

“Don’t be too arrogant, you scumbag. I’ll fight you. Hmph! I’m the president of the taekwondo club. Prepare to pick up your teeth from the ground!” That person shouted arrogantly.

In the next moment, he fell down and began to beg for mercy. “Spare my life, Bro! Ouch! Don’t hit my face. I was wrong!”

Everyone was shocked. That guy was a martial arts expert!

“It’s my turn!”

Another person jumped out and shouted arrogantly. He was a karate expert.

Soon, he also fell to the ground.

The people jumped out one after another, but each of them shared the same fate.

“This is too embarrassing!”

The cheers had long died down, and everyone looked dejected.

At that moment, a commotion suddenly broke out on one side of the crowd. “Young Master Hua is here! That guy is finished!” Someone shouted excitedly.

The crowd parted, and a tall young man walked in. He stared at Tang Hao sullenly.

“Who are you? You’re pretty gutsy to hit on a girl that I, Hua Beiqiang, have taken a fancy to. I’m warning you, get lost quickly. Otherwise, I won’t be so courteous!”

He lifted his chin and said arrogantly.

Then, he looked at Mu Xintong and said, “Xintong, why would you like him?”

Mu Xintong did not explain. “He’s the same as us,” she said coldly.

Hua Beiqiang was surprised. The same as them? No way! He could not sense the slightest bit of qi from that guy!

Could it be that his qi was too weak?

Thinking about that, Hua Beiqiang became even more contemptuous.

‘How dare that useless piece of trash dare court Mu Xintong, and why would Mu Xintong fall for him? That is ridiculous!’

“Do you know who I am, kid? I’m from the Hua family! Let me show you something. Don’t be too shocked!”

As he said that, he lifted the hem of his shirt and revealed a jade pendant on his waist. It bore the number 666, which was quite eye-catching.

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