The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 743 - : The Goddess Smiled

Chapter 743: The Goddess Smiled

“Sigh, poor guy!”

Tang Hao mumbled as he wrote the contract.

The four-thousand-something yuan was that guy’s entire living expenses! Without it, he could only eat plain rice and steamed buns every day.

“He agreed to this willingly. Don’t blame me!” Tang Hao muttered again and felt more at ease.

“It’s done. Come, put your thumbprint on it!” Tang Hao took out an ink pad.

The boy was stunned when he saw the ink pad and felt that something was amiss. Who would carry an ink pad with them? He took the contract, read it, and was relieved when he did not see any problems with it.

‘Maybe it was only a coincidence,’ he thought before putting his thumbprint on it.

He took out his phone and started typing in the group chat excitedly.

“There’s a fool here who said that Goddess Mu invited him and even made a bet with me! He’s paying me one to five, and we even signed the contract! Congratulate me. I’m going to be rich!”

He took a selfie with that stack of money and uploaded it.

“Damn! Is that true?”

“There’s such a good thing?”

Many people replied to the chat group expressing their shock and doubt.

“Tch! Why would I lie to you? I’m at the front gate. If you don’t believe me, come and see for yourself!” He said.

Someone came over in a few minutes.

They were shocked after being explained the situation. Then, they complained that they missed out on a windfall!

Tang Hao glanced at them and said, “You guys can join in too!”

Those people were stunned. “Really?” They said in disbelief.

“Of course! Are you worried that I can’t pay up? Don’t worry, I have plenty of money!” Tang Hao said boastfully.

The people were immediately excited.

‘So he’s a rich idiot!’

“I want to join!”

“Me too! I’m betting all the money I have.”

They emptied their pockets of their cash and debit cards. Some people even went to borrow money.

“Wait, let’s go somewhere else. We’re causing a scene here. It’ll be bad if the teachers find out!” Suddenly, someone said.

“That’s right! Let’s move elsewhere!”

The others agreed.

What they were doing was considered gambling. The teachers would definitely call it off if they found out.

Immediately, the group of people brought Tang Hao to a vacant classroom.

More and more people came over. Of course, Tang Hao did not reject any of their bids.

“Haven’t you heard? An idiot came to our school, and he’s very rich too. He’s betting us one to five! That’s easy money!”

Soon, the news spread across the campus.

“What a deal! Hurry up and let’s go!”

Many students came with all their money. Some brought hundreds and thousands of yuan, while some only brought a few tens.

Many did not even know what they were betting on before they came.

After asking, they laughed and eagerly placed their bets.

Tang Hao grinned. He was quite excited too.

“Alright, that’s it!!”

Tang Hao saw that not many more people were joining in, so he finalized the bets.

The stragglers booed disappointedly.

“Let’s go! We’ll look for Goddess Mu and find out the truth.”

“Does anyone know where Goddess Mu is now?”

The people called their friends to look for her.

Soon, they got a reply.

“She’s in a gazebo in the north. Someone just saw her.”

“Go go go! Let’s head there now!”

Immediately, the group of people rushed over impatiently. It was a magnificent sight.

Every one of them seemed incredibly excited.

Those who had placed a bet were eager to receive their winnings soon, while those who did not were preparing to watch the comedy unfold.

They had personally experienced Goddess Mu’s coldness. That guy, on the other hand, had appeared out of nowhere and claimed that he was Goddess Mu’s acquaintance and even said that she had invited him to visit her. That was utter nonsense!

Goddess Mu would never have done such a thing!

It was absolutely impossible!

That guy must be fantasizing. Soon, they would be able to see his defeated look.

They arrived near the gazebo on the north side of the campus.

In the gazebo, a person was sitting facing away from them.

A gust of wind blew past, and her silky black hair fluttered.

She blended into the scenery. It was like a painting.

“Wow! As expected of Goddess Mu! Even her back is so beautiful!”

The students’ eyes lit up, and they looked infatuated.

“Go! Hurry up!”

They began to nudge Tang Hao, eager to see the expected outcome.

Tang Hao coughed lightly and walked up.

Mu Xintong had heard the commotion behind her. She turned around, and her beautiful but cold face was brought into view.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw Tang Hao.

Tang Hao scratched his head and said, “You asked me to come and visit you, right? I’m here now!”

The other students wanted to laugh when they heard that, but they did not dare to laugh in front of Goddess Mu. Their faces turned red from holding back their laughter.

‘Haha! That idiot actually said that in front of Goddess Mu!

‘Goddess Mu won’t be bothered with him! She’ll definitely give him the cold shoulder!’

The people held back their laughter and whispered among themselves.

However, at that moment, Mu Xintong stood up.

The people were stunned, and the smile on their faces froze. Their eyes and mouths widened into O shapes.

They looked as though they had witnessed the most ridiculous thing in the world.

Goddess Mu had actually stood up and was walking toward him.

Her usually glacial face seemed to have melted. She was smiling faintly.

That was an incredible sight to behold. It was world-shaking, even, like a meteor crashing down on Earth!

“Oh my god! Goddess Mu is smiling! She’s really smiling! I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Everyone was in a daze, thinking that they were dreaming.

Some people even slapped themselves.


‘That hurt! It’s not a dream

‘Goddess Mu is really smiling!

‘Who is that guy?’

They were extremely shocked and confused.

Those who had placed their bets stood rooted to the ground, their faces pale.

They could not accept the fact that Goddess Mu was smiling at that guy!

Was the guy actually telling the truth?

Did that mean that they had lost all their money?

That was their living expenses for the next few months! How were they going to survive? They felt dizzy when they thought about how they would have to tighten their belts in the future and live a miserable life of eating plain rice and steamed buns.

That was too terrifying!

They remembered how that guy was smiling earlier when he took their bets.

‘He’s not an idiot; we’re the idiots! That guy had set us up, and we were so eagerly falling into his trap!’

“My money!” Someone cried out in grief.

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