The Mage of Eternity

Chapter 691 - Chapter 691: Betrayal

Chapter 691: Betrayal

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That’s right, the figure that walked out of the light door was the huge vertical eye from the abyss.

It was also the big vertical eye that was fooled by the [God of Light].

The huge vertical eye that had just entered the Divine World and was sucked into the Divine Court Academy before it could check the environment of the Divine World.

Standing in front of the door of light, the huge vertical eye had long lost its former high spirits.

His expression was dull.

One didn’t know what kind of blow he had experienced.

However, when he saw An Kai and the figure who had taken the light, his dull eyes flashed with a glimmer of light.

At the same time, he was also curious why An Kai’s subordinates gathered around the [God of Light].

A traitor?

Forget it, I don’t care anymore!

Both of them deserve to die!

He retracted his gaze and read out the rules of entering the Divine Court Academy while thinking in his heart.

How to kill the [God of Light] who lied to him?

How could he kill An Kai, who betrayed him, in a reasonable manner?

On the contrary, Qu Guang was a little puzzled. He did not know the huge vertical eye. Why did this guy have ill intentions towards him the moment he appeared?

The undisguised killing intent was as if the other party was holding a knife to his neck.

This was also related to the fact that the Light God clone did not receive the memories of the [God of Light]. If he did, he would not have any doubts.

An Kai remained indifferent.

He ignored the malice of the large vertical eye. He even had the time to smile warmly and wave at it.” Long time no see. How have you been?

“I missed you so much!”

Those who didn’t know would think that An Kai and the vertical eye were good friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Qu Guang didn’t know what was going on.

Seeing how familiar An Kai was with the large vertical eye, he couldn’t help but mutter. Could it be that his malice towards me was because of Hanks?

” No wonder Hanks didn’t look anxious even though he was alone. He had plans!

“Ha! If you think you can take me down with this, then you’re taking me too lightly!

” You two ants dare to make an enemy out of me? When I enter the academy, I’ll let you see what the difference is!”

Qu Guang’s heart was filled with disdain.

He didn’t take the newly appeared vertical eye to heart.

“Lord Guang, what are the arrangements for us to enter the academy?”

Wayne was like a dedicated lackey, talking about the arrangements after entering the school.

Qu Guang only glanced at Wayne indifferently and didn’t explain too much. If Wayne hadn’t done a lot for him, he wouldn’t even look at Wayne at this time.

Even if he was a clone.

He was also the clone of one of the Overgods!

When had he ever explained his actions to others?

“Don’t ask about things you shouldn’t.” Qu Guang said to Wayne indifferently. His sudden, cold tone also had the intention of beating Wayne up.

It meant to tell the other party not to ask too much about things that did not match his status.

Wayne nodded honestly.

He replied with a silly smile.

Wayne didn’t seem to care.

In fact, he was already cursing at Qu Guang in his heart.

” Bastard, if it weren’t for Teacher keeping you alive, I would have ten thousand ways to kill you. Are you trying to put on airs?”

Wayne was not the only one who was angry.

The other beings at the side all gave the arrogant Qu Guang a death sentence in their hearts.

They wouldn’t just take out the clone.

They came from the Home of Kindness. Even if the [God of Light] himself came, as long as An Kai allowed it, they would spit at the [God of Light].

Then, they would attack those who dared to disrespect the Home of Kindness!

In their eyes, reprimanding Wayne was already an attitude of disrespecting Home of Kindness.

Wayne was the butler of the Home of Kindness. Who didn’t respect Wayne?

Who hadn’t enjoyed Wayne’s care?

How could Qu Guang know that he had only followed his heart and ended up attracting so many people’s hatred?

The huge vertical eye was still explaining the things to take note of when entering the school.

He was not spouting nonsense on this point.

He did not dare to spout nonsense.

This was the mission the academy had given him.

There were three groups in the huge vertical eye.

The [Light God] faction where Qu Guang was located.

An Kai was alone.

As well as the Abyssal Creatures Faction.

But in reality?

There were only two factions present!

The Home of Kindness faction, which was powerful enough to crush all other living beings and other factions.

An Kai didn’t expect to meet the huge vertical eye so soon after entering the school.

He originally thought that this fellow had died in the academy

The presence of the huge vertical eye also caused An Kai to arrange for a living being to enter the school in advance-Ray!

Looking at the current situation, he had arranged for Ray to enter the school out of interest. It might bring him a surprise!

The large vertical eye seemed to be telling a lot.

In fact, there were not many important things to take note of.

The only useful information was about how to leave the school.

“You can leave the school after graduation.

“The prerequisite for graduation is that you need to pass the seven exams arranged by the school.

“There is only one chance for each exam. If you fail, you will stay in the academy forever and become a part of the academy.

” All those who leave the school without permission will be chased back regardless of the means used. At the same time, joint responsibility will be taken. If one person escapes, everyone will be punished.”

An Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard what the vertical eye said.

“Joint responsibility?”

He seemed to have a vague plan to kill them all.

The prerequisite was that he was not in the same group as Qu Guang.

Then, the large vertical eye continued to ramble on about some unimportant things before it paused.

“These are the things that the school needs me to tell you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the huge vertical eye did not have any intention of stopping.

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