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The Mage of Eternity

The Mage of Eternity


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The Mage of Eternity

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An Kai traveled back in time to the game world, possessing the "Immortality" talent from the game, which granted him an infinite lifespan.

However, starting at the peak, he quickly realized that he had arrived in this world about ten thousand years ahead of other players.

What surprised him more was that his max level was only Level 1.

His level experience was locked, preventing him from leveling up. What should he do?

"No need to panic. Just let me meditate for a few thousand years first."

At max level, he became a noble apprentice mage.

Time passed and eras changed.

In the desert stood a mage tower, tall and unyielding!

As the chosen one, he consecutively climbed onto the grand stage of "Era"!

When people carefully investigated, they suddenly realized...

Behind them, there was always the shadow of a mage tower!

Ten thousand years later, the official release of the game began, and players arrived.

Dumbfounded, they gazed at the mage tower standing at the center of the world and the mage who was only level 1 but could effortlessly cast forbidden spells.

"System, are you calling this guy a level-1 boss that's extremely difficult to kill?!"