The Mage of Eternity

Chapter 633 - Chapter 633: Two Souls in One Body

Chapter 633: Two Souls in One Body

Translator: Lonelytree

Even though he retreated in time, his right arm was still corroded by the Chaos aura because he was a step too late!

A chaotic grey colour appeared on his arm and transformed into a poisonous creature that rapidly climbed up!

The level six god didn’t dare to hesitate. He gritted his teeth and used his hand as a knife to slash at his right arm.

Instantly, his right arm fell off…

Before it fell to the ground, its right arm was corroded into powder by the chaotic aura…

It disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Only the traces of the chaotic aura that had just left indicated what had just happened…

This was the case with the Chaos aura. There was no energy within it, and at the same time, it would reject all energy.

The method of rejection was assimilation, assimilating the other party into the aura of Chaos…

As for the other gods…

Every piece of their flesh and blood was filled with extremely dense energy. When they encountered the Chaos aura, it was equivalent to… dry wood meets fire.

Fine beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of the level 6 god. After experiencing the danger of death, he was surprisingly quiet…

Not only him, but the other level 6 gods were also strangely quiet…

Fear lingered in the hearts of every level 6 god.

While the other level 6 gods were terrified, a level 6 god who was the leader of this group suppressed his fear and shouted,

“I think we have a misunderstanding with you. We are here for the [Goddess of Luck]. She has killed many innocent creatures and is unpardonable. We are here under the orders of the [Supreme God: God of Light] to arrest her.

“May I know your name? Perhaps Lord [God of Light] is an old acquaintance of yours.”

The level six god who spoke was very sly. He guessed that An Kai had a lot to do with the sixth level of the Divine Court, so he didn’t mention it.

Instead, he chose to use the [Goddess of Luck] as a breakthrough. At the same time, he mentioned that the reason why the [Goddess of Luck] slaughtered so many innocent creatures was because of a legend that had been passed down in the previous [Divine Court].

“The people of the [Divine Court] abhor evil the most, and they can’t tolerate sand in their eyes.”

In the end, he brought out the backing of the [God of Light] and emphasized that the [God of Light] was the [Supreme God]. He was worried that An Kai would not know who the [God of Light] was.

Even if the other party didn’t know who the [Light God] was, they would still be wary of him.

He had a reason. He thought that he had done it perfectly.

This method was also tried and tested.

The [Light God] was a great backing. Whether it was the Divine Realm, the Insect Realm, or the Abyss, when any creature heard this name, they had to show some respect.

Because the Supreme god could not be humiliated!

“[God of Light]? I’m not familiar with him.

“Supreme god? I’m not familiar with him either.

“Do you have any last words to say?”

An Kai rubbed his ears and spoke indifferently.

“No, no, no. Not familiar?” The level 6 god who spoke never expected An Kai to say such a thing.

Someone from the Divine Realm dared to say that he was unfamiliar with the [God of Light]?!

“Is he arrogant, or does he want to die?”

There was a question that he did not ask because he was afraid that An Kai would be in a bad mood after hearing it and devour him with the chaotic aura.

Since the other party had only trapped them and did not take the next step, it meant that they had something to ask for.

At this thought.

The leader, a level six god, braced himself and continued to speak.

He opened his mouth this time mainly to explain the status of the [God of Light] to An Kai…

Unexpectedly, An Kai suddenly waved his hand after hearing a few words.

“Alright, shut up.

“I’m short-sighted, so I can’t hear you clearly.”

The way he scolded him was like scolding an obedient dog.

“Eh? Is that an acquaintance?”

Suddenly, An Kai sensed a very familiar yet strange fellow…

He waved his hand.

The chaotic aura brought the leader of the Longevity Organization to him.

At this moment, the leader of the Longevity Organization felt like his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

He tried his best to reduce his presence, but An Kai still sensed him.

Right now, he still had the appearance of the only level-7 god other than the one who guarded the sixth level of the Divine Court.

The Longevity Organization smiled foolishly when they were suddenly caught in front of them. “My lord.”

If the leader of the Longevity Organization were to choose ten reincarnations, what would he regret the most?

He would definitely choose to leave the sixth level of the Divine Court when he was about to complete his tenth reincarnation.

Originally, he was only one step away from completing his Ten Lives.

As long as he cultivated this life to perfection, he would be able to complete his ten lives.

According to his experience, he only needed five to six years.

In the end…

However, at this last step, he met An Kai again.

He was once again controlled by An Kai.

Despair, fear, helplessness, regret, and other emotions surfaced in his heart.

” You’re very. Have we met somewhere before?

” Oh, right. You’d better tell me the truth. I’ll only give you one chance. If you can’t trigger my memories, I’ll make you the first person to be devoured by the Chaos aura.

“Believe me, I will do it.”

An Kai frowned and looked straight at the leader of the Longevity Organization.

That was indeed what he thought.

He wouldn’t waste his time trying to recall anything he couldn’t remember.

The leader of Longevity paused…

Then, he let go…

That’s right…

An Kai was indeed like this.

At this moment, the last fantasy in his heart disappeared.

The fantasy of An Kai was fake…


The leader of the Longevity Organization was thinking about how to say it, or how to make the story up…

His eyes rolled…

He definitely wouldn’t be honest. Ten reincarnations were his biggest secret.

In addition, his past reincarnation was not on good terms with An Kai. After he finished speaking, An Kai would definitely kill him.

As for An Kai’s guarantee that he would not kill him once he told the truth…

Based on the leader’s understanding of An Kai, An Kai’s promise meant nothing.

Because with An Kai’s personality, even if he said it, he would not abide by it.

“Forget it, I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

“No, I can’t! Give me a chance! I haven’t said anything yet!” The leader of the Longevity Organization instantly spoke in fear.

Unfortunately, An Kai’s patience was exhausted within three to four seconds of the Longevity Organization’s leader’s thought…


A door appeared in the chaotic aura that imprisoned the leader of the Longevity Organization!

There was also a door in front of An Kai. It was the Gate of Summoning.

– Hyperdrive.

An Kai threw the compressed version of [Fireball] into the [Gate of Summoning]. Without stopping for a moment,[Fireball] appeared in front of the leader of Longevity Organization.

An Kai even smiled at him.

Exactly eight upper molars, no more, no less.

He had used [Fireball] to kill Longevity Organization’s leader instead of using the aura of Chaos. This was because after killing the leader of Longevity Organization with the aura of Chaos, everything about the leader would be assimilated by the aura of Chaos.

Including his truesoul.

Although [Fireball] could also obliterate the True Spirit, it was controllable. An Kai could choose whether to obliterate the other party’s True Soul or not.

This was also the new effect of [Fireball] after it was upgraded to [Level 191].

– Controlled.

It meant what it said.

He could control the various effects of [Fireball] every time it was released, which ones to use and which ones not to use.

This also meant that An Kai’s control over [Fireball] had reached the highest level.

When dealing with the leader of Longevity Organization this time, An Kai did not use the [Fireball] to release the [Destruction] effect. This way, the true soul of the leader of Longevity Organization would not be completely destroyed.

The familiar [Fireball] entered his eyes.

The leader of the Longevity Organization knew that he could not escape.

All he could do was give it his all.

This meant that the leader of the Longevity Organization was preparing to self-destruct.

He ignited his truesoul to self-destruct.

If he ignited the truesoul in his body, his truesoul could still escape.

The price was that his ten reincarnations would be destroyed.

However, compared to his reincarnations, life was more important than anything else.

With a thought…

Just as the leader of Longevity Organization was about to ignite his truesoul, the [Assimilation, Devour] effect of [Fireball] appeared!

In an instant!

After he was assimilated by the [Fireball]… Devour!


A soft sound rang out!

The leader of the Longevity Organization…Died!

Then, the [Gate of Summoning] in front of An Kai flashed, and the true soul of the Longevity Organization and the true soul of the [level-7 god] that he possessed appeared at the same time…

“Hmm? Two souls in one body?”

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