The Mage of Eternity

Chapter 579 - Chapter 579: Magical Use of Meditation: Secret True Name

Chapter 579: Magical Use of Meditation: Secret True Name

Translator: Lonelytree

Gods with enough talent would have long advanced to a level seven god.


Two Domains clashed!

Just looking at the Domain, An Kai was a level higher!

If they stopped to fight, it would be hard to say.

However, An Kai was not in the mood to fight with the other party.

His goal was to reach the sixth level of the Divine Court, not to destroy the seventh-level gods.

Under the guidance of the fourth stage of the [Domain], he suddenly passed through the first level 7 god domain.

Until An Kai’s figure disappeared.

The first unlucky person, a level-7 god, finally reacted.

Just as he was about to control his [Domain] to counterattack…

However, as An Kai’s figure disappeared…

All of a sudden.

His memories began to disappear.

Staring blankly at the hole in his [Domain]…

“Strange, why is there a hole in my [Domain]?”

With a thought, the level-7 god repaired his domain.

Then, he carefully checked the [Domain] and confirmed that nothing else had happened.

Only then did he relax.

He lay back on his bed.

Not long after, snores could be heard.

As for An Kai, who had just invaded his Domain, he had long forgotten about him.

“Hey! What happened here?”

“I heard some movement just now…”

Just as the level seven god was about to fall asleep, he heard his companion’s question…

“Nothing happened, ” he answered honestly. “I’m preparing to rest…”


Suddenly, a loud explosion came from the outside world!

Judging from the voice, it was coming from the companion who had asked him

the question.

” What’s wrong?” The level-seven god, who was about to rest, quickly sat up.

What happened there?!”

His expression was tense, and he was on guard. After three seconds, the other party replied, “Nothing much…l was just preparing to cultivate…” “But I heard a rumbling sound from your side!”

“How is that possible? You must have heard wrongly!”

“Misheard? That’s impossible!”

” That’s because I accidentally cultivated. Don’t forget, you’re only the first layer of protection. How could someone possibly bypass you and attack me?”

“Oh… You’re right…

“By the way, why did you contact me just now?”

“… I forgot.”


Another explosion sounded.

The two level seven gods in the message said in unison,

“Cultivation again!”

“Training again…

An Kai relied on the powerful and unreasonable [Domain] of the fourth stage and the effect of [Meditation: Secret True Name].

The last ten level seven gods of the sixth level of the Divine Court couldn’t stop him at all.

At this moment, An Kai was already standing in front of the sixth level of the Divine Court.

Its aura was the same as the first five levels of the [Divine Court].

It took him less than ten minutes to break through the [Domain] and stand there.

An Kai could hear that some of the level seven gods who went to look for the Luck Goddess had already noticed that something was wrong.

They started to guess if they had been played.

Then, they shouted angrily.

They rushed toward the sixth level of the Divine Court.

An Kai turned his head and chuckled. He said to Wayne from the bottom of his heart, “Alright, I’m going in. Watch over the Home of Kindness.”

As soon as he finished speaking, An Kai stepped forward.

He disappeared into the [Sixth Level of the Divine Court].

After he disappeared, those level seven gods came there.

They looked at the sixth level of the Divine Court in a daze…

“Just now…ls there a figure here?”

“Hmm? Was there? Did you see wrongly?”

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