The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 243 - Holding Hands in Front of Everyone

Chapter 243: Holding Hands in Front of Everyone

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It didn’t matter how popular they artiste are. What mattered the most was whether they fit his criteria and demands.

In the end, even after looking at so many of them, there still wasn’t one that matched his expectations.

Just as he was about to give up and decide to change the action moves, he discovered Lu Man!

It indeed made Sun Yiwu overjoyed, it was way beyond his expectations!

Now, all that was left was Lu Man’s natural talent in performance.

He could just add more fight scenes for the third female lead. Moreover, the original actress herself was also not trained as an actor either.

As long as she wasn’t too horrible, it was alright.

He could teach her while she acted.

“Director Sun,” Zheng Tianming hurriedly came over.

“Assistant Zheng?” Sun Yiwu had always been rather polite to Zheng Tianming, “Does CEO Han have any orders?”

“You think that Lu Man can do it?” Zheng Tianming asked.

“From what I can tell right now, yes. But I’ll still have to see her acting performance,” Sun Yiwu said, but he was already inclined towards choosing Lu Man.

“There are too many people here, so it’s not very convenient to talk. Please follow me, we can discuss in private,” Zheng Tianming gestured “please” and let Sun Yiwu and the rest walk in front of him.

Lu Man tagged along too.

When she saw Zheng Tianming, Sister Lu knew that nothing would happen to Lu Man. Hence, she hurriedly called You Lili, dragged Xia Mengxuan along and left.

“You’re still dreaming of becoming a celebrity? Just now, the director himself was standing right here, but he didn’t even spare you a glance, why are you still dreaming!” Sister Li dragged Xia Mengxuan along. “Hurry back to the office. Manager Wu must have heard about this huge ruckus you’ve caused today too. It’s already our fault for leaving work on our own accord. Since it’s not a very busy day today, Manager Wu had already turned a blind eye to let us come over to take a look. But not only have we left our work, but you have also caused such a mess, now you might have to suffer the consequences if they seriously choose to pursue the matter!”

Moreover, it was not only Xia Mengxuan. All of them who had come over will be questioned too!

Honestly, Sister Li was extremely annoyed with Xia Mengxuan right now. How could she be so good at making trouble out of nothing!

Besides, Xia Mengxuan had not only implicated her own colleagues in the Public Relations department but also the colleagues from other departments.

So many people had gone there this time. This time, when they head back, they will all be reprimanded.

Therefore, glares filled with anger and hatred were coming from everywhere, Sister Li and the other two were about to be drowned by their death glares.

Xia Mengxuan’s expression was terrible. Why do they always notice Lu Man first!

Every single time!

Every time, as long as Lu Man was around, anything good would only happen to Lu Man. Everything was always wrecked by Lu Man!

Exactly what did they like about Lu Man!

Meanwhile, the people currently being questioned by Xia Mengxuan in her mind — Sun Yiwu and the others — were led by Zheng Tianming to Han Zhuoli’s office.

Sun Yiwu could not help but steal a glance at Lu Man. Exactly who was this young lady? Han Zhuoli actually cared this much about her and even called them over personally to his office to discuss. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Zheng Tianming knocked on the door of the office and heard Han Zhuoli giving them permission to enter.

“After you, Director Sun.” Zheng Tianming opened the door.

Lu Man stepped aside to let Sun Yiwu and the others enter first and followed after them. Zheng Tianming was the last one to enter.

“Director Sun,” Han Zhuoli stood up politely to greet him.

“President Han, you’re too polite.” Sun Yiwu smiled.

Han Zhuoli smiled back. While Sun Yiwu and the others sat down, he turned and walked to Lu Man’s side. He held her hand and brought her over to sit opposite Sun Yiwu and the others.

Lu Man froze slightly, Han Zhuoli was not shy at all. Doing this in front of Sun Yiwu and the others was equivalent to telling them about their relationship.

After a short moment of shock, Lu Man calmed down. Since Han Zhuoli did this, she will follow along.

As it was the first time they were openly declaring their relationship to others, a sweet, warm feeling welled up in Lu Man’s heart.

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