The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 242 - Director Sun Wants You to Try, Is That Alright?

Chapter 242: Director Sun Wants You to Try, Is That Alright?

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That jinx Lu Man!

Now as she heard Manager Hao chasing her out, Xia Mengxuan paled.

She had not let the director notice her yet, how could she leave!

The other female artiste was so regretful that she immediately started crying, “Manager Hao, don’t chase me away, it’s all because of this woman cutting the queue and disregarding the order! Manager Hao, after so long I’ve finally have this chance to audition, please don’t chase me out!”

Even she knew that the competition was very fierce and she might not be chosen, but it was still a chance after all, right?

Now, she could not even have a chance at all.

“Manager Hao, please let Nana stay. It was really that woman’s fault. She isn’t even an artiste, and who knows which department she’s from, she’s dreaming of becoming famous and came here to shove us away, pushing her way to the front to cut the queue, thinking that it would make the director notice her. When we didn’t let her cut the queue, she even mocked us for being small celebrities and disregarded us.”

“She’s right, Manager hao. We don’t mind that the company’s employees are here to take a look as long as they don’t disrupt the auditions, but she can’t be such a bully!”

Other people started to chime in. Before competing with each other, they first had a common enemy — Xia Mengxuan.

“You, get out!” Manager impolitely ordered Xia Mengxuan, “You are from the Public Relations department, right? It’s working hours right now, who allowed you to come over!”

“And you guys too!” Manager Hao looked towards the other employees, “Who allowed you guys to leave your work posts on your own accord? If you don’t want to work anymore, submit your resignation! Did the company hire you just guys to look at celebrities?”

Having been implicated by Xia Mengxuan, they all stared harshly at Xia Mengxuan, hatred glaring in their eyes.

“Manager Hao, I’m so sorry!” Sister Li saw the situation and hurriedly came over. She grabbed onto Xia Mengxuan, “She’s from our Public Relations department, I’m sincerely very apologetic. This matter is indeed her fault, I will take her away now. It was difficult for this girl to get this chance for an audition, please let her stay.”

Towards the artistes under him, Manager Hao had always tried to help them as much as he could. Now that he heard that Sister Li had given him a reason to do so, he nodded. “Take her away quickly then.”

“I’m not leaving!” Seeing that Sun Yiwu and Chang Xianjin were looking in their direction, Xia Mengxuan was even more unwilling to leave now.

Seeing that, Sister Li’s face instantly darkened. This Xia Mengxuan, she really doesn’t know what’s better for her!

Right then, Mi Qiansong walked over and stopped in front of Lu Man, “Excuse me Miss, are you an employee here?”

“I am,” Lu Man replied calmly.

SIster Li asked nervously, “What’s the matter? This… she… she didn’t cause any trouble! All she did just now was to save someone. I’m really sorry that we’ve interrupted your auditions!”

Under stress, Sister Li had forgotten about the relationship between Han Zhuoli and Lu Man too.

Hu Zhonghui was also anxious. “That’s right, Lu Man did that just to save me!”

“You’ve both misunderstood,” Mi Qiansong said, smiling. She turned to Lu Man and asked, “You’re called Lu Man?”

“Yes,” Lu Man nodded.

“You seem to be quite skilled. Director Sun wants you to try, is that alright?” Mi Qiansong asked Lu Man.

Lu Man was a little dumbfounded. “You mean… audition?”

“Yes,” Surprisingly, Sun Yiwu had walked over personally. “Xiao Mi and Director Chang could both tell that you have some background in Wushu. Our original third female lead was a Wushu champion, so we had designed many rather difficult moves for the shoot. Those without any background can’t do them. I’m a rather stubborn person too. Since I’ve seen all the action moves and they are satisfactory to me already, now if there are a lot of changes in the moves, I won’t be satisfied, so I’m always trying to find someone with some background.”

“It’s just that, it’s very difficult to find someone who is pretty and also has a Wushu background, and look pretty on such short notice.” If not, he wouldn’t have directly come to Han Corporation to cast his net, it was only because he thought that there might be a small chance he could catch a treasure.

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