The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1960 - Find That Person

Chapter 1960: Find That Person

Lu Dongliu’s face darkened at the mention of Liu Enxiao. “She suggested going out for supper tonight too.”

By now, what did Lu Dongliu not understand?

He originally thought Liu Enxiao was just a young lady who shouldn’t be made to be taken advantage of by Zheng Xuexin even if she offended Han Zhuoling in some way.

But looking back now, all these had been planned by Liu Enxiao.

Her goal was so evil!

Just as Han Zhuoling said, had he not come tonight, what would Shi Xiaoya have experienced?

Even as a man, Lu Dongliu couldn’t suppress his shiver.

“Rest assured, Zheng Xuexin isn’t into Liu Enxiao’s looks. No matter how bad he is, he won’t lust after her. It’s just tit-for-tat. Even if you don’t arrange for it tomorrow, Zheng Xuexin won’t let Liu Enxiao off either. I’m only letting them meet in advance so they’d know how things progressed,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Okay.” Lu Dongliu nodded.


“No problem.” Lu Dongliu was humbled. “It all started from us.”

Han Zhuoling reached his level and exited the lift.

Staying a floor lower than Han Zhuoling, Lu Dongliu pressed for his floor and went down.

Back in his room, Lu Dongliu got increasingly furious, so he called Chi Xingrui over and told him the story.

Chi Xingrui stood instantly. “Our production team actually has this type of stinker in it!”

It’s fine if you want to earn some extra income.

They’d heard of such things many a time, but so long as things didn’t go overboard, they’d turn a blind eye.

But extra income shouldn’t be earned this way.

Didn’t she very well know what potential dangers awaited Shi Xiaoya by making her do Zheng Xuexin’s makeup?

Though nothing might happen, as long as the danger was there, they should avoid it at all costs to protect her.

This had nothing to do with her status as Han Zhuoling’s girlfriend.

“Moreover…” Chi Xingrui paced. “Didn’t the perpetrator think about the consequence? As long as such a thing really happened, a scandal of this magnitude emerging from our production team means that our whole team is in deep trouble! Young Master Ling would be angry, the Han Corporation would withdraw their investment, and the reputation of our TV station would be tarnished!”

Did she really think Han Zhuoling would let them off if anything happened to Shi Xiaoya?

“The person who did this never considered our show at all,” Chi Xingrui said.

It’d be too much to expect that they’d care about the TV station.

The TV station to them was just an employer. If they had better prospects elsewhere, they’d leave at a moment’s notice, without hesitation.

But their show was different—it was a fruit of labor from all their efforts.

If the show succeeded, they all benefitted.

They were only good if the show was good.

Hence, in terms of benefits, the show couldn’t be ruined.

“I don’t know how much Liu Enxiao promised him. If our show’s current viewership ratings and popularity persist, we have high hopes for the mid-year awards, and what’s more, the year-end awards. But if he’s capable of such heinous acts just for that few hundred bucks, then I’m…” Chi Xingrui was also steaming.

What id*ot couldn’t even do simple math!

Lu Dongliu huffed. “We’ll find that person after we finish filming this week’s episode.”

“Not tonight, or we’d be alerting the perpetrators. Young Master Ling wants to deal with Liu Enxiao. We can’t let the guilty parties alert her,” Lu Dongliu continued.

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