The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1959 - Reasonable

Chapter 1959: Reasonable

Liu Enxiao could only wait with the others for the next lift.

Meanwhile, in the lift, Han Zhuoling said, “Liu Enxiao instigated Zheng Xuexin to go after Xiaoya when you were all having supper.”

When he heard this, Lu Dongliu’s blood seemed to turn into ice.

Han Zhuoling said coldly, “Fortunately, I came tonight. If I hadn’t, and your whole production team went out, who’s to help her when nobody’s around? What would have been the consequence?”

Han Zhuoling couldn’t stop his anger, even if it was a hypothetical situation.

There were only the two of them in the lift, and Lu Dongliu, solitarily facing the sudden waves of anger Han Zhuoling emitted, almost couldn’t keep it together.

It was too stressful.

Han Zhuoling was truly incensed.

If he hadn’t missed her badly and decided to come, who knew what Shi Xiaoya would’ve encountered!

Han Zhuoling took a few deep breaths to control his emotions before continuing, “Xiaoya already told me about this morning.”

Lu Dongliu’s face turned serious. “Young Master Ling, I’m really sorry for what happened this morning. It’s my production team’s fault.”

Han Zhuoling shook his head. “I have to thank you for today. Thank you for taking care of Xiaoya.”

Lu Dongliu shook his head, smiling. “Even if it’s not for you, I still would’ve protected her. I won’t have interfered if the young lady’s willing. They’re all adults, they have to be responsible for their own actions. But if the woman’s being bullied, I won’t stand aside.”

“Hence, I want to thank you,” Han Zhuoling replied. “But have you ever considered that this wasn’t a mistake but was done on purpose?”

Lu Dongliu froze. “Young Master Ling, you’re saying our production team did this on purpose?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying your production team did this,” Han Zhuoling explained. “But you have many employees in your team, and you can’t track everyone’s movements. And this will lead to problems.”

“I know, as the main director, you can’t be clear about every minute details. You assign the work and they do what they’re supposed to do. You only have to know the final outcome. Just like arranging Xiaoya to do makeup for Zheng Xuexin, you were only informed last minute after everything’s settled.”

Lu Dongliu nodded; Han Zhuoling was right.

“So, the problem occurred in the process. Since the industry knows about Zheng Xuexin’s reputation, even if the makeup artists’ assignations are determined by drawing lots, it’s not like they couldn’t have made some last-minute changes,” Han Zhuoling continued.

“Assigning Zheng Xuexin a male makeup artist isn’t difficult, so why didn’t they do it? Is it truly the production team’s fault? I don’t think so.”

“As for why I’m sure this isn’t a mistake, it’s because Zheng Xuexin told me himself. He was instigated by Liu Enxiao. Both Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao can’t escape responsibility.”

“Liu Enxiao’s originally your production team’s makeup artist, and because of Yuan Yina’s incident, she became a permanent makeup artist in this team. Given her relationship with her original colleagues, they’d do anything as long as she gave them benefits. And the other party got assigned according to drawn lots, so there’s nothing suspicious. I don’t have any appropriate evidence even if I wanted to investigate further. Of course, this is only if I’m being reasonable.”

But Liu Enxiao and the employee never expected Han Zhuoling never intended to be reasonable.

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