The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840: No Proper Status, and No Justifiable Reason

Shen Shi’an’s smile was unusually stiff.

Han Zhuoling was clearly declaring his boyfriend rights before them.

Han Zhuoling probably saw through his intentions.

He just did not expect that Han Zhuoling, who was so mature, would actually behave like normal people and do such a thing, which was even a little childish.

Shen Shi’an still found it hard to stomach after all and could not help but say, “When Xiaoya was being attacked by netizens online, the root cause of it was still you, Young Master Ling. Since you know about this, Young Master Ling, why didn’t you come out to clear the air back then?”

He only posted such an ambiguous Weibo post to make people guess and imagine things. What did that even count as?

“Shi’an!” Dong Qingxing said to him warningly in a low voice.

Han Zhuoling did not seem to mind and replied, “At that time, we were not together yet. There’s no proper status, and no justifiable reason for me to do so.”

If he was already Shi Xiaoya’s boyfriend back then, he would definitely have shut those people up immediately as Shi Xiaoya’s boyfriend.

Shen Shi’an: “…”

When he said that, why did it still sound like there was a strong air of arrogance in it?

Han Zhuoling nodded politely at them and said, “I’ll get going first then. We can have a meal together next time, to thank you all for helping Xiaoya previously.”

Shen Shi’an: “…”

He was not done yet!

He really did not expect Han Zhuoling to be this kind of a person in private!

They watched as Han Zhuoling left, until they could not see him anymore.

Chen Sibin then said, “Looks like Han Zhuoling really likes Xiaoya a lot.”

A man who had always been so mature and calm instantly turned into such a childish man even though he’d only discovered the budding shoots of his love rival.

“We should be thankful that Shi’an and Xiaoya had not seriously started to get to know each other,” Zhong Litao said.

“Yeah,” Dong Qingxing said. “He definitely knows Shi’an is interested in Xiaoya. But Shi’an clearly did not even get to say it out loud and did not even manage to reveal a hint of it in front of Xiaoya before he just smothered his hopes completely. He still kept this at heart and kept reminding him about it.”

“If you’d really started to get to know Xiaoya and pursued her seriously, or if you still refused to give up and still wanted to woo her, you might be in for a bad time.”

Shen Shi’an could not help but admit that and nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t have those kinds of thoughts. Anyway, it hasn’t started, so I might as well back off more gracefully. I won’t put Nancang in a spot.”

Everyone nodded.

But they were still worried that Shi’an would feel upset, so they even intended to drag him along to have a drink.

It was Shen Shi’an who promised that he was fine, so they finally dispersed and went back.


On the way back, Shi Nancang said as he drove, “Tell me honestly, have you known Han Zhuoling since a long time ago?”

“Yeah.” Anyway, she had already told Shi Nancang about her relationship with Han Zhuoling, so there was nothing more to hide about it.

“You’re really…” Shi Nancang felt upset as he said, “You’ve even learned to lie to me now! When I met you both at Sheng Yue the previous time, were you actually there to meet the Han Family people together with Han Zhuoling?”

“Not really. It was indeed Lu Man who asked me to go. But at that time, I did already know him, and we were on pretty good terms.”

Shi Nancang thought to himself that although Shi Xiaoya had not gotten together with Han Zhuoling yet at that time, just based on the fact that she said they were “on pretty good terms,” that would have been enough to shock other people if they said it to them.

How many people could actually be on pretty good terms with Han Zhuoling?

Shi Xiaoya might have been too humble when saying this.

Shi Nancang suddenly recalled something. “Previously, when you were about to go to Man City and I went to pass you things, you already knew Han Zhuoling then, right?”

He might not be sure before, but he was absolutely sure now!

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