The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1839 - A Twist of Fate

Chapter 1839: A Twist of Fate

But he could not act too overtly now. He had not passed the round with Shi Xiaoya’s family.

He could only tell himself that they still had a long time ahead with each other, so he need not be anxious.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling nodded. “I will call you when I get back.”

Shi Nancang could not bear to look at them anymore.

Wasn’t he just going to send Shi Xiaoya home?

These two were making it seem as if they were being separated by a bad person.

And he was that bad person.

Han Zhuoling personally sent Shi Xiaoya into Shi Nancang’s car. Shi Xiaoya opened the car window and grabbed on the window that was reeling down as she said, “Quick, go back.”

“I’ll leave after seeing you leave,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Are the two of you done?!” Shi Nancang said in exasperation. “All I did was not let you send Xiaoya back home, right? Do both of you have to act like this?”

Who would have ever imagined Han Zhuoling would behave as he did right now?

No one would believe it even if he said it.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but laugh and felt a little embarrassed as she said, “Then we’ll go off first.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He sighed silently in his heart. As Shi Nancang was around, he could not even get a goodbye kiss even if he wanted one.

Shi Nancang really could not stand it and quickly drove off.

After watching them leave, Han Zhuoling then prepared to leave.

Right at this moment, Shen Shi’an and the others also came out after having their meal.

Dong Qingxing patted Shen Shi’an’s shoulder. “Luckily, you only had some good feelings towards her and did not have any deeper interaction. It’s nothing much.”

Shen Shi’an sighed. The girl he’d set his eyes on had been snatched away, and he even had to have a meal treated by his love rival. Shen Shi’an was depressed beyond words.

He did not want to stay originally. It was only because Dong Qingxing and the others insisted that he stayed.

He knew, they wanted to console him for a while more.

It was not that Shen Shi’an only wanted Shi Xiaoya and no one else. He did not have any deep feelings for her either.

But there would still be some regret and reluctance about it.

It was rare that he had feelings for a girl, and the previous time when he saw her, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he liked her.

Without deep interactions, he could not help but fill his mind with many imaginary sweet moments.

Yet before it even started, it had already ended.

But this also proved that his judgment had not been wrong.

To make even Han Zhuoling like her, it was clear how good Shi Xiaoya was.

“You guys don’t need to console me, I’m fine.” Shen Shi’an sighed. “I only have myself to blame for being slow to act. If we talk about how long we’ve known each other, we definitely knew Xiaoya earlier than Han Zhuoling. It was just that, at that time, I still treated Xiaoya like a younger sister. Now that I’m seeing her as a lady, it was already too late.”

Shen Shi’an sighed again. It was really a twist of fate.

He’d clearly known Shi Xiaoya way longer than Han Zhuoling, yet he’d failed to seize his chance.

This could not even be blamed on others, and he could only blame himself for discovering it too late.

All along, he felt that because Shi Xiaoya was Shi Nancang’s younger sister, they too had to treat Shi Xiaoya like a younger sister.

It was precisely because of such a mentality that it took him so long to realize that, actually, Shi Xiaoya was also a grown lady now. She was no longer just a younger sister.

“Aish!” Shen Shi’an sighed, feeling depressed.

The moment they stepped out of the entrance, they saw Han Zhuoling at once.

Everyone felt a wave of awkwardness over them. Luckily, their conversation just now had not been heard by Han Zhuoling.

“Young Master Ling,” everyone greeted.

Han Zhuoling nodded lightly and stopped there, actually no longer in a hurry to leave anymore.

Everyone was shocked. When they walked up to Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuoling then said, “My apologies, I disrupted the meal for you all tonight.”

“No, no,” everyone quickly said.

Han Zhuoling smiled lightly. “Thank you all for helping out previously when Xiaoya had been attacked by netizens online.”

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