The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 838 - Don’t Delay Her Rest   

Chapter 838: Don’t Delay Her Rest


Eight hours later, the plane landed at Bai City Airport.

The time difference in the Capital was six hours earlier than in Bai City, so it was noon when they arrived at Bai City.

Yu Yu and her assistant walked in front.

The staff member from Velar was not far behind them, making a phone call as they walked.

“President Lin, I’ve arrived in Bai City. I’ll be leaving the airport soon.”

Listening to the person on the other end, he quickly looked up at Yu Yu.

“Miss Yu and I were on the same flight. I talked to her before we boarded the plane. She said that it’s not convenient for her to attend our showcase during these few days, but she’s interested in working with us on some kind of collaborative brand promotion. Yes, alright. I’ll go ahead and confirm it with her now.”

He ended the call and quickly walked to catch up with Yu Yu with a warm smile on his face.

“Miss Yu, I’ve just spoken to President Lin. He’s very interested in the collaborative brand promotion that you mentioned earlier. When do you think it will be convenient for you to discuss the specific plan?”

Nowadays, many brands would carry out collaborative brand promotions. It was mutually beneficial and could be considered a win-win situation.

At the previous airport, Yu Yu had politely rejected their invitation, but she had taken the initiative of bringing up the matter of a collaborative promotional project.

It was a rare opportunity, so he was particularly keen on it.

Yu Yu stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at him with a faint smile on her face.

“This matter can not be rushed. I don’t think it will be convenient for me in the next few days. Why don’t we wait and talk about this after everything here is settled?”

“This… Alright! After all, this collaborative plan can’t be finalized in a short period of time. We will–”

“Then it’s settled.”

Yu Yu interrupted him and took out her phone,

“Hello? Yes, I’m about to leave the airport.”

After saying these few simple words, she ended the call and smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry, I still have something to do, so I’ll have to take my leave first.”

The person from Velar quickly said, “Okay, please go ahead.”

Yu Yu nodded and quickly led her assistant to the exit.

After walking for a distance, Yu Yu’s assistant turned around to look at her and said in a low voice, “President Yu, are you really interested in working with Velar?”

Yu Yu tucked her hair behind her ear and her expression became much calmer.

“Originally, I thought that it would be interesting, but now that I think about it, I believe that there’s no need for that. When he comes back to us about this matter, you can be in charge of settling it.”

The assistant immediately understood.


They went down the escalator and turned the corner.

Yu Yu immediately saw the many media outlets who were waiting at the entrance.

She had expected this, so she quickly adjusted her expression.

Fashion week was about to begin, and guests from all over the world had rushed over to Bai City.

The media outlets had been waiting here for a long time.

Yu Yu had a perfect smile on her face as she walked forward.

Even though she had flown for eight hours, the way she appeared in the camera remained exquisite and elegant.

When she appeared, the flashlights started to flash crazily and the shutter sound was incessant.

Yu Yu took a quick glance and was a little surprised. There seemed to be many more media outlets than she had expected.

However, she did not show it on her face.

Some of the reporters had already started asking questions.

“Miss Yu, this is your fourth time attending the Bai City Fashion Week. How do you feel?”

“How will your independent brand, YU, be presented this year?”

“There’s another designer from the Hua District who has been invited this year. I believe you would know about this, right? I wonder if you are already acquainted with her?”

Yu Yu paused when she heard this question, feeling a little displeased.

This was an interview with her. Why was she being questioned about someone else?

However, under the scrutiny of the camera lens, she could not show any dissatisfaction.

She deliberated and said, “We–”

“Ning is here!”

Someone suddenly shouted excitedly.

In an instant, countless reporters and cameramen from the entire media group became agitated and rushed past Yu Yu.

Shen Li had just stepped out of the elevator and was walking over.

The appearance of that beautiful and overly young face immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Even the few reporters who were around Yu Yu heard the commotion and immediately rushed towards her with their microphones.

The lively atmosphere instantly dissipated and quietened down around her.

Yu Yu was stunned. Subconsciously, she turned around and saw that Shen Li had already been surrounded by all the members of the media.

Fashion week was about to start. The news that the designer that was collaborating with G&S, Ning, would be arriving in Bai City today, had already spread far and wide. All the media had heard about it and had already been waiting for her.

This was the first designer in the 100-year history of G&S who was not part of their in-house designers, yet was being highly promoted by them.

In addition, she had come with George today, so it was natural that everyone was even more excited. They all wanted to get first-hand information.

The flashlights kept on flashing, almost blinding everyone.

“Ning! Is this your first time in Bai City?”

“This time, you’re here as a collaborative designer of G&S. Does this mean that the designer for the G&S showcase will still be you?”

“Do you have any plans to join G&S fully after this, or are you planning to start your own design brand?”

“I heard that you’re only 18 this year, and that you’re also the youngest designer to be invited. Do you have any thoughts on this?”


It was obvious that Shen Li’s appearance had caused the media to become very excited.

Yu Yu was stunned for a long time before she regained her senses. Then, she pursed her lips.

G&S’s reputation was really well-known.

Surely, the popularity of anyone who hitched a ride with them would take off like this, right?

Shen Li, who had suddenly been surrounded, frowned slightly.

Suddenly, a baseball cap was placed on her head. At the same time, a tall and slender figure stood in front of her, blocking the cameras and the lights.

As Lu Huaiyu pushed a suitcase with one hand and held Shen Li with the other, he spoke in a casual tone of voice.

“My girlfriend just got off the plane. Please make way for her so that you don’t delay her from going to get some rest.”

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