The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 837 - A Unique Gentleness    

Chapter 837: A Unique Gentleness

Yu Yu was extremely embarrassed. However, she could not show it as there were so many people around. All she could do was force a smile on her face.

“It seems like I was overthinking things.”

She had already known about the news that two designers had been invited from this country.

Other than her, the other one was Shen Li.

Yu Yu had founded her own high-end brand, YU, when she was 18 years old. Every single runway show she had held had been extremely successful. YU had been the first high-end brand in the country to be recognized by the Bai Cheng Fashion Association. She had also been the first high-end designer to be invited to fashion week as an independent designer.

She had participated in the Bai City Fashion Week in the past few years, and this time was no exception.

The only difference was that Shen Li would also be making an appearance this year.

Originally, she had thought that since it was Shen Li’s first time participating in such an event, she would not receive that many invitations.

After all, the fashion industry was very particular about seniority.

Her first few shows had helped her accumulate fame, but she had only debuted a short time ago. Thus, in terms of seniority, it was not her turn yet for many things.

However, at this moment, Yu Yu realized that she had overlooked the most important thing– behind Shen Li was G&S.

Even with George’s status, he was personally accompanying her to Bai City…

This alone was enough to explain the situation.

The Yu family was one of the most powerful families in Hai City, yet Yu Yu’s status in the Yu family was rather awkward.

Compared to George’s status as the Crown Prince of G&S, she was still not on the same level.

The announcement reminding them to board the plane was then heard.

Yu Yu immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though she had money and power, she did not know how to respond to everything that had just happened.

She nodded at the others before turning around to leave.

George looked at Yu Yu’s back before turning to look at Shen Li. With a smile on his face, he teased,”Ning, when did you offend her?”

Shen Li raised her eyebrows.

“How would I know?”

George lifted his chin and flicked his eyes over at Lu Huaiyu.

“Isn’t it because of him?”

Lu Huaiyu looked back at him indifferently.

George coughed lightly.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up slightly. “Maybe it’s because of you. Who knows?”

As the Crown Prince of G&S, he was constantly attracting the attention of many women.

This was especially true in the fashion industry. There were too many people who wanted to establish some kind of relationship with him.

George’s expression instantly became complicated.

“Ning, no matter how much I might have offended you before, you wouldn’t curse me like this, right? I’m not interested in her at all.”

Shen Li was a little surprised.

“I didn’t expect to hear such words from you in my lifetime.”

After all, Yu Yu was pretty and had a good temperament. She could be considered quite impeccable in terms of both her background and personal ability.

George was speechless.

Yu Yu’s ambition was written all over her face. These were the kind of people that he avoided.

Although George did not say this explicitly, it was written all over his face.

Shen Li smiled.

After so many years of spending his time with all sorts of women, he was still able to stay safe from difficult entanglements. This was enough to show how capable George was.

Other than that, he still had a good eye.

She said nonchalantly, “It’s probably because of Yu Cheng.”

Hearing her nonchalant tone, George did not know what to say for a while.

He suddenly remembered the previous rally. Shen Li had crushed Yu Cheng and humiliated him.

It had been extremely wild.

He blinked and moved closer to Shen Li, giving her a thumbs up.

“That is indeed possible.”

Lu Huaiyu pulled Shen Li closer to him.

“Ah Li, let’s go.”

Shen Li replied, “Okay.”.

‘Tsk,’ thought George.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, who would believe that the cold and noble Second Master of the Lu family would be jealous of such a small matter?


One after another, the small group of people boarded the plane.

Yu Yu was also seated in the first-class cabin. Beside her sat a man in his twenties who looked like an assistant.

Shen Li’s seat was right in front of her, while Lu Huaiyu’s seat was on the left of Shen Li and right in front of Yu Yu.

This time, Yu Yu only smiled and nodded without saying anything else.

Not long after Shen Li had sat down, Lu Huaiyu also sat down beside her.

Yu Yu looked up and saw Lu Huaiyu leaning close to Shen Li with his head slightly lowered.

The two of them were very close to each other. His eyes were lowered, and his black fringe hung down. The lines from his brow to the bridge of his nose were smooth and perfect, and his jawline was sharp and clean.

He had a cold, noble, and unapproachable face, but at this moment, because of his slightly lowered eyelashes and focused expression, a rare gentleness had been added to it.

He was helping Shen Li fasten her seatbelt.

She had long heard many rumors about Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li.

It was said that when Shen Li was in her third year of high school, Lu Huaiyu had stayed in Yunzhou to accompany her while she took her exams.

It was said that because Xu Yini had intentionally tarnished Shen Li on the Internet, she had directly been banned by Lu Huaiyu.

It was said that before Shen Li had been acknowledged by the Gu family, Lu Huaiyu had specially gone to Hong Kong City to bid an extremely high price for the Milky Way watch. He had publicly gifted it to Shen Li as a high-profile official announcement.

There were too many of these rumors.

Yu Yu had actually not paid much attention to these things in the past because she knew that rumors were usually exaggerated.

What kind of person was Lu Huaiyu?

He was young, yet he was in charge of the entire Lu Corporation.

Over the years, countless people had suffered losses under his hands.

How could someone like him fall in love with someone, let alone to such an extent?

However, Yu Yu suddenly realized that she was wrong when she saw this scene.

Lu Huaiyu was such a proud person, yet he was willing to help Shen Li with such a trivial matter.

He behaved in a proper, considerate, and meticulous manner.

People like Lu Huaiyu were used to controlling the overall situation. They were always domineering and high and mighty.

However, it was also because of this that their unique gentleness was extremely rare.

Yu Yu tightened her grip and forced herself to look away. She turned her head to look out of the porthole.

“It’s an eight-hour flight from the Capital to Bai City,” said Lu Huaiyu as he helped Shen Li adjust her seatbelt.

“You’ll probably be jet-lagged when you reach. If you’re tired, you should take a nap first.”

Shen Li nodded.

George, who was sitting on the other side of the aisle, was regretting this for the umpteenth time.

He really should not have been on the same flight as them!

An hour after the plane took off, Shen Li put on her eye mask and leaned against the back of the seat. She then fell asleep in no time.

Her head kept nodding off, landing on Lu Huaiyu’s shoulder every now and then.

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at her and gently pulled her into his arms. He held her soft face with one hand and let her lean on him more comfortably.

The skin under his fingers was soft and warm.

His heart moved slightly as he looked down at her.

She was wearing an eye mask that covered up half of her small, palm-sized face. Only the tip of her nose and her full red lips were exposed.

It was quiet all around them.

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he finally lowered his head carefully and unrestrainedly kissed her on the lips.

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