The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 47

Secret exposed.

You XiaoMo looks up and sees Ling Xiao frowning at him. Just when he is about the speak, Tang YunQi shrieks and runs towards them in a panic.

Looking over Ling Xiao’s shoulder, You XiaoMo sees Luo Shan struggling to stand up. At this time, his outward appearance is completely different from before. His skin was originally dark yellow but now it is covered in a layer of blackish-grey. The ten nails on his ten fingers are two inches long and appear black. The body is half a meter taller than before. The muscles bulge out and break through his clothes. Where is the appearance of Luo Shan? This is obviously a demon!

You XiaoMo has never heard of demons. So he is not really clear why people are calling Luo Shan a demon. Furthermore they are acting as if they are looking at the devil.

“What happened to that guy?” You XiaoMo shrinks into Ling Xiao’s arms as he asks.

There’s no helping it. He really doesn’t want to be so useless. But his right leg is already injured. The people around are all in a panic. If he were to rush out, his other leg would probably also get trampled on and broken. He doesn’t want to have come down the mountain walking and go back in a stretcher.


Ling Xiao turns around and looks at Luo Shan who is walking towards them.

“How did it turn out like this? Isn’t he QingCheng sect’s man? How did he turn into a demon?” You XiaoMo asks while gulping.

Heh, that you’ll have to ask him.”

Ling Xiao smiles slightly, yet a hint of contempt appears in his eyes. Inferior beings are inferior beings. And yet he dares to fan the flames of disorder in his presence. A copper colored flying sword appears in his hand.

“Who are you actually? Actually able to see my real nature.”

The demon Luo Shan stops three meters away from Ling Xiao. Although his eyes are completely black, it still can be seen that he is afraid of Ling Xiao.

“The stink on your body is so foul, is there any need to even look?”

Ling Xiao says unhurriedly, his voice as gentle as jade, extremely pleasant to the ear. Except that there is someone who upon hearing feels his head burn in anger that he almost charges over.

“But, since the nephew of the Grand Master of QingCheng sect is a demon, doesn’t that mean that the whole clan is also made up of demons ba?”

The demon Luo Shan smiles sinisterly. The pupils of eyes his slowly condense into red dots, the most obvious outer characteristic of demons. As such, the crowd standing around looking on immediately recognize him for what he is when they see that appearance.

He doesn’t answer Ling Xiao’s question. Instead, he leaps onto the roof and after gaining his footing, looks down at them from above. He extends both his arms and laughs darkly, “Sooner or later, Long Xiao continent will be the territory of demons. As for all of you, you will soon become our slaves!”

Saying that, the demon Luo Shan turns to leave. Since there is no way of winning this fight, he can only escape. His speed is extremely fast, almost covering a thousand meters in a flash, his body engulfed in a black cloud.

Ling Xiao lifts the flying sword in his hand and breathes on the blade. He then sends the flying sword away in the direction of the fleeing demon Luo Shan.

You XiaoMo just catches sight of his actions but before he can ask, the flying sword disappears, no longer visible to the naked eye.

Even though the demon Luo Shan left, the news that a demon appeared in HePing town spreads in a day. If Luo Shan is a regular martial artist, most of the big sects would just send their disciples to encircle and suppress Luo Shan. But he is clearly a disciple of QingCheng sect and a nephew to the Grand Master at that, changing the significance altogether.

Speaking of the word demon, there is not one martial artist that would be unaffected. They do not form a sect but they can be considered as living in a group. Much like martial artists, forming an independent faction in Long Xiao continent.

Demons are based in the north. The north is formed by unbroken mountain ranges, a good place for demons to hide. Therefore, martial artist won’t normally go to the northern mountain ranges casually, because they can encounter demons at any time. The lucky ones will leave with life endangering injuries. The unlucky ones will have their life force completely sucked out, turning into a human shell. Therefore, demons and martial artists are mortal enemies that cannot live under the same sky. Much like the relationship between cats and mice.

After the demon Luo Shan left, everyone no longer has the mood to stroll about. The surprise appearance of a demon in HePing town cannot be kept hidden. After all, who knows whether the demons will come again. In order to protect their little lives, most people no longer have the wish to stay. Many shops immediately become deserted.

Tang YunQi suggests that they return to TianXin sect immediately. But Ling Xiao uses You XiaoMo’s injury as a reason to follow the original plan. So he lets her go back first to notify the Grand Master. He is very firm on this. Moreover, both of Chen GaoYang’s legs are also injured, not able to move easily. Tang YunQi has no choice but to return first to TianXin sect.

Ling Xiao arranges a room for Chen GaoYang before returning to his own room to check on You XiaoMo. You XiaoMo is sitting on a chair with his injured leg resting on another chair. The injury on his leg has been treated, wrapped in gleaming white bandages, looking a little swollen.

Because it is a fracture, he can’t move about for the time being. He needs to rest for some time before it gets healed, but that is under normal circumstances. Since he has nothing to do, You XiaoMo can only wait for Ling Xiao while drinking the steaming hot tea that had just been delivered by the rest house attendant.

Hearing the door open, there is no need to look to know that it is Ling Xiao. You XiaoMo quickly and eagerly pours another cup of tea.

“Elder brother Ling, how are Brother Chen’s injuries?”

You XiaoMo offers him the tea and asks.

Ling Xiao takes the tea and raises an eyebrow at him, “Why are you so concerned about him?”

You XiaoMo is rendered speechless momentarily. He’s only making conversation, nothing more. He’s not really concerned about him, someone that always gives him a nasty look, and always plotting against him with Tang YunQi. He would have to eat to the point of bursting before getting concerned over him. After all, he is no goddess of the white lotus flower.

“I’m only asking. What about that demon Luo Shan ne?”

Seeing that he is displeased, You XiaoMo can only change the topic. He is also very curious to know where the flying sword ended up.

“Him?” Ling Xiao snorts mockingly, “Dead.”

“How can it be?”

You XiaoMo can’t help raising his voice. This news is too sudden. Not even two hours after he escaped and he is already dead?

“Do you think the flying sword I sent out is a herbivore?”

Ling Xiao’s elegant brows twitch as if he is annoyed at his doubt.

You XiaoMo almost spurts out his the tea in his mouth. Wiping the corner of his mouth and explaining: “Of course your flying sword is not a herbivore. It’s just a little unexpected, that’s all.”

From the day they first met, You XiaoMo already knows that Ling Xiao is not a herbivore. Able to casually kill Lin Xiao and take his place, how can he be a herbivore? Most probably ordinary fish and meat are also unable to satisfy his appetite.

“You XiaoMo, you have the time to worry about others, why don’t you worry about yourself?”

Ling Xiao suddenly narrows his eyes, his penetrating eyes revealing a domineering attitude, with a hint of questioning. His voice simultaneously filled with a teasing tone, as if he is cracking a joke.

You XiaoMo doesn’t understand what he means, lowering his head to look at his injured right foot, “Uh, I don’t quite understand.” What is there to concern myself with.

Ling Xiao sees him acting dumb but doesn’t get angry. He takes a sip of the tea and says like the gentle breeze and light clouds: “Isn’t there something good in those bottles hidden in your magic bag? Pouring it on your wound, wouldn’t it make you heal faster?”

This time You XiaoMo is unable to contain it. A mouthful of tea sprays over the whole table. Before he manages to wipe his mouth, he almost blurts out ‘How did you know?’. Luckily he quickly thinks that maybe Ling Xiao is referring to the magic pills he refined. After all, other than those few bottles of lake water, his magic bag is filled with all sorts of bottles.

You XiaoMo doesn’t dare to look at Ling Xiao anymore. He tilts his head wracking his brains looking for an excuse. What to do ah, what to do ah? Although there are many bottles in his magic bag, but they are all empty. The bottles containing magic pills he had already sold them this morning. Other than the Fasting magic pill, but Ling Xiao also knows this so he definitely can’t get it past him.

Ling Xiao also doesn’t rush him. Seeing that he doesn’t dare to look at him, he calmly asks: “How is it? Have you thought of a good excuse to fool me?”

You XiaoMo’s cerebrum immediately crashes. These words obviously mean that he already knows.

“How did you find out?” You XiaoMo forces himself to ask. Even if he is to die, he wants to die knowing. He has clearly been so careful, never taking it out in his presence.

Ling Xiao fiddles with the cup in his hand, looking at him with a vague smile.

“Are you taking the great me for an illiterate fool? A newly minted probationary disciple, one lacking innate talent, actually able to refine over one hundred magic pills in a day, uninterrupted at that. If not for some secret trick, only a fool would think it’s possible.”

You XiaoMo’s jaw almost drops to the floor. Looks like this is the reason. But only after his warning does You XiaoMo realize just how much he had inadvertently revealed in front of Ling Xiao.

“Furthermore, your complexion is a little too rosy.”

Ling Xiao suddenly leans towards him, extending his hand to stroke his cheek. Really very tender and smooth.

You XiaoMo’s cheek immediately flushes red …….

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