The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 46

Unlucky You XiaoMo.

Everyone looks towards the direction of the voice and sees a handsome man stepping out from the crowd. The man’s face is calm and collected with a chiseled outline. Even though he is rather expressionless, he still gives off an overwhelming force. A resplendent white robe with a string of green jade at his waist. At a glance, one would think of a noble rather than a martial artist.

You XiaoMo follows behind Ling Xiao but he doesn’t dare to walk up to the front. It’s obvious that the bearded man is a martial artist. The muscles on his body are extraordinary. If not, Chen GaoYang would not be so helpless.

Without waiting for everyone to guess who Ling Xiao is, Tang YunQi and Chen GaoYang exclaim happily ‘Elder brother’. At this moment, there is no longer any need for introduction. Everyone now knows that this is the beautiful girl’s knight in shining armor. When they first heard them saying ‘Elder brother’, they had envisioned a fierce and strong skilled person. Never did it cross their mind that it would be some frivolous princely noble.

“Elder brother, you must take revenge for me. They tore my clothes. Really too hateful!”

Seeing that her Elder brother has come, Tang YunQi is both surprised and elated. She quickly runs up to him complaining shamefully and furiously, her pretty face on the point of tears. Absolutely lovable and charming.

Ling Xiao glances at her indifferently and frowns.

Seeing the situation, You XiaoMo quickly takes out a set of clothes from his magic bag. Although the workmanship is nothing much, but it’s still better than clothes that fail to cover the body. Furthermore, reputation is the most important thing for young maidens. Who would expect that his one act of kindness would be met with a glare from Tang YunQi. She then takes takes out a set of light yellow clothes from her own magic bag and puts them on. Looking on in a daze, You XiaoMo quietly puts his clothes back. If he had known that she has her own clothes, he would have minded his own business. But this woman is really strange. Since she had brought a set of clothes in her magic bag, why didn’t she bring them out immediately? Really incomprehensible!

“So you’re that Elder brother. You don’t look like much. Little boy, I advise you to be sensible and leave right now. If not, you will be the next one lying on the ground.” The bearded man looks Ling Xiao up and down. When he heard those two talking with such confidence before, he had thought that the so-called Elder brother would be a powerful formidable foe. Instead it’s a pretty boy, immediately causing him to feel extreme disdain.

“There’s no hurry. Let me ask a question before leaving.”

Ling Xiao slowly starts to smile, looking at the bearded man in amusement.

“Elder brother?”

Tang YunQi’s eyes pop out in disbelief at Ling Xiao. She thinks she must have misheard him. How could Elder brother withdraw from the field of battle?

“Looks like you know your place!”

The bearded man snorts in satisfaction. He also thinks that Ling Xiao is really afraid of him and is preparing to slink away in shame.

“How should I address you sir?” Ling Xiao asks casually looking completely relaxed.

“I am Luo Shan. The cousin of the once in a hundred years rare talent of QingCheng sect Luo ShuHe. If you have any sense, you will leave behind the girl at your back. I may still leave you people some viable options.” Luo Shan says with immense pride.

Now everyone knows the reason why he dares to swagger through the streets. With the backing of QingCheng sect, no wonder he is so arrogant, snatching girls by force in the streets.

Speaking of QingCheng sect, its scale is about the same as TianXin sect. But its resources and history is slightly inferior to TianXin sect. That’s why TianXin sect is in the number one position in Long Xiao continent while QingCheng sect can only take second place.

But these few years, QingCheng sect’s reputation has sprung up. Announcing happy news one after another as if they are eager to let everyone know. One of those things is related to the Luo ShuHe that Luo Shan mentioned. He is also an outstanding talent from the warrior division. Just like Ling Xiao. Both have had success in martial arts field at a young age, leaders of the younger generation.

The second piece of news is that there is a high level mage in QingCheng sect that can refine level nine magic pills. Level nine and level ten magic pills is a high barrier that most high level mages cannot pass. Even for large sects like QingCheng sect and TianXin sect. Although they have many talented high level mages, the ones that are really able to refine a level nine magic pill is still very few. Such as You XiaoMo’s master Kong Wen. He has made a name for himself for many years but right now he can still only barely manage to refine a level nine magic pill. The two high level mages of Heaven peak and Flying peak are also the same.

As for QingCheng sect, the reason why they couldn’t compare to TianXin sect before is because they don’t have a high level mage that can refine level nine magic pills. Now, QingCheng sect has risen up a level in strength signifying that they can now sit on the same table as equals with TianXin sect. Luo Zhan daring to stir up trouble on the outskirts of TianXin sect is most probably because of this.

But while others fear QingCheng sect, Tang YunQi as the daughter of the Grand Master is not afraid.

“So what of QingCheng sect? I am the daughter of the Grand Master of TianXin sect, Tang YunQi. Let me tell you, there is no way this will end like this!”

The crowd immediately erupts in an uproar. Isn’t this just a little too dramatic? Before, a lot of people were still discussing the situation between QingCheng sect and TianXin sect. After all, one mountain can’t hold two tigers. Who would have thought that the disciples from the two sects would clash in the streets of little HePing town. Furthermore, one is the daughter of the Grand Master and the other is the cousin of Luo ShuHe, both of equally high status.

No one notices that upon hearing these words, a ray of black light flashes across Luo Shan’s eyes.

“Luo Shan, do your words and actions represent that of QingCheng sect?”

Among the clamoring voices, Ling Xiao’s indifferent voice cuts across like a flash of ice cold in the middle of summer.

The group of people standing around immediately quiets down. Even Luo Shan looks across at him in surprise. After understanding what he said, he raises his chin arrogantly, “My position is of course the position of QingCheng sect.”

“I see. Great! Great!” Ling Xiao smiles slightly while saying great twice.

Before anyone can figure out what ‘great’ refers to, Ling Xiao flings his sleeves towards Luo Shan. The latter suddenly lets out a horrible scream and is flung back. This hit is not slight. The strong as an ox Luo Shan flies back five meters like a rag. When he climbs back up, both his eyes have changed to pitch black empty sockets. The whites of the eyes seems to have disappeared into the sockets. Looking directly at him will numb one’s skull.

“Heavens, isn’t that a demon? How can Luo Shan turn into a demon?”

All of a sudden, panic-stricken screams rise up from the onlooking crowd, followed by even more sounds of violent gasps of shock. Many of their faces start to pale. One after another rushing backwards in fear. Some of them fall to the ground from excess haste, and get stepped on, including the unlucky You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo was originally standing behind Ling Xiao but Tang YunQi squeezed him away when she came over. Gentlemen don’t fight with women, so You XiaoMo moves a little further away from Ling Xiao.

Who would have thought that the crowd would suddenly panic. A few people while rushing back out of fear kept pushing him back and back. In the end, someone tripped him, causing him to fall to the ground. Before he could scramble back up, the out of control crowd steps on his right leg ……. *kacha*, You XiaoMo clearly hears the sound of his bone cracking. Crocodile tears almost squeeze out from the corners of his eyes.

Right at this moment, someone grips him by the wrist and pulls him up. Then You XiaoMo feels his head fall onto a warm broad chest. A refined voice comes from above his head.

“Idiot! You can even fall down while standing. I really wonder how you managed to live until now!”

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