The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 42


After Ling Xiao leaves, You XiaoMo remembers that there is something he hasn’t done. Originally when he went to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, other than handing over the magic pills to Uncle Zhao, he also wanted to apply to go down the mountain with Big brother Wu Yan.

Each disciple is allowed to go down the mountain twice a month. You XiaoMo has one time left this month. So he plans to use it up the day after tomorrow. Because it will be the next month in a few days, if he were to go later, he would get one less chance. Because they are now disciples under the same master, Big brother Wu Yan grants him permission without hesitation.

The next day, You XiaoMo tells this to Ling Xiao who had come to look for him.

Hearing that he wants to go down the mountain, Ling Xiao doesn’t ask him what he plans to do. He just beams at him saying, “Just nice. I also want to go down the mountain. We’ll just go down the mountain together tomorrow.”

You XiaoMo really regrets telling him about it, “Didn’t you just come back yesterday? Why would you want to go down again?”

“That was an assignment from TianXin sect. Every month, the disciples from the warrior division will go out for training. As an Elder brother, I have to look after them a little. If not they might get killed off after a day or two. If it wasn’t to avoid attracting suspicion from TianXin sect, I wouldn’t have gone. But ________ listening to your tone, could it be that you don’t want to go down the mountain with me?”

Ling Xiao doesn’t hesitate to tell You XiaoMo about the assignment. Afterall, it is not a top secret matter. But getting to the last point, his tone becomes threatening.

You XiaoMo hurriedly waves his hand, “No, no, you’re thinking too much.”

“Speaking of which, your mage division disciples will also be going for training soon.”

Ling Xiao suddenly changes the topic to the mage division.

“Ah, oh, I just entered the sect less than a month ago. Outside training is probably not something I have to think about for a while. Instead, there will be an entrance exam in five months. That is rather troublesome. I heard that the passing requirement is refining a level two magic pill. If not, one will be kicked out of TianXin sect.”

Hearing Ling Xiao bring up the experience training, You XiaoMo recalls the entrance exam. He has now refined twenty over types of level one magic pills. But he still has not refined a level two magic pill so he is a little uncertain. However, since there are still five months left, he isn’t too anxious. But he will occasionally think about how he is now Kong Wen’s disciple. If he were to fail the entrance exam, wouldn’t that cause people to make fun of his master and brothers?

Hearing his words that lack confidence, Ling Xiao laughs easily saying: “Little brother, I think you’re underestimating yourself ba.”

You XiaoMo is stunned, not understanding the meaning of his words, “What do you mean?”

Ling Xiao crosses his legs. His actions quite elegant, not the least bit affected, as if this noble air is part of his nature. No matter from which angle, one would feel that this is natural for him. He then lifts up the teapot on the table and pours a cup of green tea. Because it has just been infused, it is still a little hot. He takes a leisurely sip before speaking.

“[Heavenly Soul Scroll] is a high grade alchemical technique. The benefits it gives you can’t be compared to low grade alchemical techniques. If you practice it diligently, you wouldn’t need half a year to become a level two mage.”

Actually you would be even stronger than mages of the same level. Of course, he didn’t tell him this.

“Really?” You XiaoMo lights up, especially that pair of gem-like eyes inlaid in his face, sparkling brightly like crystals.

Ling Xiao glances at his overjoyed expression and immediately looks away calmly, “There is no need to lie to you about this.”

Regardless of whether Ling Xiao is trying to console him, You XiaoMo admits that his mood is much improved. The pressure he felt inside is much less than before.

That’s right, even though Ling Xiao is very evil, always attacking him, making fun of him, disrespecting him, he is actually very good to him. Like the last time, knowing that he lacked alchemical techniques, he found him one the next day. You XiaoMo doesn’t say it but in his heart he is actually very touched. Although it is most probably for the sake of magic pills.

Early next morning, Ling Xiao comes over to look for him as expected. Except that behind him are two people that You XiaoMo are familiar with but can’t wait to get away from.

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