The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 41


From the sound of his voice, You XiaoMo immediately knows who it is. Turning around, he sees the familiar figure. He is finally back after being away for four days. Furthermore, from the look of it, it seems like he came right over after coming back. Looks like he really can’t wait for the one hundred magic pills.

You XiaoMo doesn’t notice his displeased tone. He walks up to him and asks casually:” Elder brother Ling, you’ve finally come back. Last time someone came over to tell me that you were going on an assignment. That person must be your younger disciple ba?”

Saying this, he takes out two small bottles from his bag. Just when he is about to hand them over, Fang ChenLe walks over to them.

“You are the warrior division brother Lin Xiao ba. How do you do? I am Fang ChenLe. Pleased to meet you.”

Ling Xiao calmly narrows his eyes. Under his scrutiny, Fang ChenLe actually smiles very freely. Of course this is when there is no pressure. If Ling Xiao were to emit his power, even a hundred Fang ChenLe wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

You XiaoMo realizes that he has yet to introduce them to each other, “Elder brother Ling, this is my Elder brother Fang ChenLe.”

After a brief frown, Ling Xiao puts on an earnest look, saying like the spring breeze: “How do you do? I had long heard Little brother XiaoMo talk about you. Meeting you now, it’s clear why you are the outstanding disciple of Earth peak. I heard that you are already a level four mage at such a young age. How admirable!”

“Not so. Lin brother is exaggerating. The number one talent of the Warrior division. I should be the one to admire you.” Fang ChenLe smiles while nodding.

Even though he feels that the Lin Xiao in front of him now is different from what he has heard, since this is the first time meeting him face to face, there is no way for him to bring it up.

You XiaoMo had long grown accustomed to the phoniness of Ling Xiao, changing faces at the drop of a hat and such. But this skill, he didn’t expect. Meeting for the first time, these two are praising each other. You praise me once. I praise you once. Neither willing to fall behind.

In the end, it is Fang ChenLe that stops the conversation saying that he has something to do before leaving.

Right after Fang ChenLe walks away, Ling Xiao gives You XiaoMo a cold look and huffs *hmph* before turning around and walks off.

Getting huffed at for no reason, You XiaoMo is momentarily stunned. He quickly chases after him and only catches up when they reach his room. Ling Xiao simply pushes open the door and walks in. He sits on the chair stonily, not uttering a single word.

You XiaoMo has no idea why he is in such a bad mood. He closes the door before walking over.

“Elder brother Ling, did the assignment not go well?” You XiaoMo asks gingerly. Saying this, he steals a peek at his face. Seriously black and forbidding. Who is the fool that angered him so? He should know that this dude is very malicious. If he is to exact revenge, the other party would be better off dead. As such, You XiaoMo’s mind is filled with the ten greatest tortures of the Qing dynasty. Of course, he has no idea that the fool in question is himself.

“When I act, do you think that there is anything that I can’t do?”

Hearing him bring up the assignment, Ling Xiao scoffs indignantly.

“Since the mission was successful, why are you angry?” You XiaoMo asks curiously.

Seeing that he has no idea, Ling Xiao puts on a black face. Just when he is about to open his mouth, You XiaoMo suddenly cries out.

“Ah, I know.” After exclaiming, he immediately places two bottles in his hands, “Elder brother Ling, I remembered what your disciple said. These are five days worth of magic pills. I already refined them. Would you like to count them?”

“You XiaoMo!” Ling Xiao suddenly calls his name softly.

“Here!” With a start, You XiaoMo unconsciously raises his hand, as if giving his commanding officer a salute.

Seeing his sudden strange reaction, Ling Xiao almost loses his straight face. But thinking about the scene he just witnessed at the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, the flames of anger fire up again. Although in a bad mood, he doesn’t reveal it on his face, actually slightly smiling while saying: “Seems you have quite a good relationship with that Fang ChenLe. Laughing stupidly at him. Are you worried that you’re not stupid enough?”

The topic of conversation switches so quickly, You XiaoMo is almost unable to keep up. Hearing him bring up Elder brother, he thinks nothing of it and says: “Oh, you mean Elder brother ah. We are now disciples under the same Master so our relationship is now a little closer. Four days ago, the day that you left, Master Kong Wen called me over and accepted me as his disciple. Elder brother is Master’s eldest disciple. So we can now be considered as disciples of the same line.”

But what does him smiling at Elder brother has to do with his brain? Furthermore, he is also not stupid!

Kong Wen? At once Ling Xiao knows who this Kong Wen is. The highest person in charge of Earth peak. Speaking of which, Fang ChenLe is indeed Kong Wen’s eldest disciple. This bit is stored in Lin Xiao’s memory.

Originally, Lin Xiao and Fang ChenLe do not have contact with each other. It wouldn’t be strange if he didn’t know him but since Lin Xiao is a man of ambition, he had long ago investigated the outstanding disciples of the three peaks. Although not completely clear about their situations, he still knows a thing or two about them. But _______

“Even if you are brothers, you should not get too close. Your innate talent is so lacking, Kong Wen must have some ulterior motive in accepting you.”

“Oh.” You XiaoMo answers him dejectedly. Even though he has low innate talent, there is no need to keep reminding him ma!

“Such a weak answer, did you not have breakfast today?”

“Ah, right.” After speaking, he rubs his tummy. Not eating for several days, he is really not quite used to this.


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