The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1640 - Mission Accomplished

Chapter 1640: Mission Accomplished

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Had it not been for Yun Ming, the power of the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions would have been enough to destroy all the shelters in Shrek. Yun Ming alone had endured almost half of the explosive power back then. If he wished to leave at the time, no other person would have been capable of stopping him. However, he could not because he was the Sea God’s Pavilion Master. He was the protector of Shrek Academy.

The Holy Spirit Cult knew of this and chose to exploit it when they attacked. Their goal was to set a death trap for the number one man on the continent.

Under such circumstances, Yun Ming’s soul had still survived and attached itself to his martial soul to prevent annihilation. This was the act of a man that was close to being a divine miracle.

Wu Zhangkong did not take part in the battle against Spirit Academy because he still needed to conduct the entrance examination for all of Shrek Academy.

He was constantly supervising and strolling around the arenas one after another. He was observing the examination’s progress and collecting data from each of the segments.

“Teacher Wu, the data summary for the eighth round is here. This year’s new intake of students is quite impressive! More than sixty percent of the students have passed the mental and spiritual test. They are much more powerful than our batch!” In disbelief, Luo Guixing passed the data summary in his hand to Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong took a look upon receiving the sheet. He nodded ever so slightly. “There is a reason for that. They have experienced an important course of spiritual baptism beforehand first. As a result, they have benefited from the experience in the examination.”

“Heh-heh-heh-heh!” Suddenly, they could hear laughter that could send chills down one’s back. It startled Luo Guixing and the person it came from arrived behind Wu Zhangkong almost instantaneously.

The voice sounded very familiar to him. Indeed, it had left behind an indelible stain in his memory. Of course, it was definitely not a good memory. It was something that he did not wish to experience again in this lifetime.

A pleasantly warm smile emerged on Old Demon Greed’s visage. He got face-to-face with Wu Zhangkong and asked, “What do you think of our ideological education class?”

Wu Zhangkong bowed in salutation to Old Demon Greed. Although his facial expression remained cold as ever, he spoke earnestly from the depths of his heart, “It’s highly effective. I think we should maintain this as part of all the entrance examinations in the future. It will help to strengthen the students’ willpower when entering Shrek even more.”

Old Demon Greed burst out laughing aloud. “We don’t create dreams as we are only the bearers of history. I do think that this is very effective too. We won’t ever brainwash others, but we can stimulate the young people’s righteous enthusiasm. There is nothing more shocking than the legend of the original generation Shrek Seven Monsters back at the beginning.”

Luo Guixing could not refrain himself from asking, “Old, Old Senior Greed. Why didn’t we receive this type of experience back when we were on Demon Island? That’s unfair!” When he recalled everything that he experienced back then, he was still filled with fear. He could still clearly remember that he was turned into a woman and trapped in a room with Xu Yucheng. He was even drugged at the time. At that point, his only desire was death, even though it was just an illusion.

Nevertheless, he had no choice but to admit that his mental state had improved extremely swiftly after experiencing such a trial. At least, he found that he was having fewer negative emotions. He would no longer get jealous that easily and he was a more determined person.

Of course, he would never agree to go through that incident again even if he was asked to do so ten thousand times!

Till that day, he seldom talked to Xu Yucheng. They usually stayed far away from each other. In contrast, the others’ situations were still slightly better than theirs.

He, along with Xu Yucheng, Wu Siduo, Yang Nianxia and Zheng Yiran, headed to the Demon Island together years ago. There were two other students that joined them. Relatively speaking, Yang Nianxia and Zheng Yiran were considered the luckiest ones. Both of them had actually developed feelings for one another during the seven old demons’ shenanigans and torture. In the end, they became a couple.

Of course, they had their issues as well. For example, Zheng Yiran’s strict control over Yang Nianxia was absolutely unmatched. Yang Nianxia dared not revolt in fear that he would end up being poisoned to death by Zheng Yiran if he was not careful.

Their batch of students described Zheng Yiran as a weapon of mass destruction. Following the elevation of her cultivation base, Zheng Yiran’s lethal poison was something that no one would go up against willingly.

Old Demon Greed darted a look at Luo Guixin. “Could we do the same to all of you at the time? The lot of you had already been cultivating in the academy for so many years. How can the training be effective without administering some desperate cures? All of you didn’t need to be filled with righteous enthusiasm. What you needed was a good polishing. A thorough polish and refinement. Hmm, let me think. I recall you had an especially interesting experience at the time. You were quite beautiful after being turned into a girl. You have a rather good complexion. I particularly remember when you were shrieking in fear, heh-heh…”

“Enough!” Luo Guixing screamed out loud then he turned around to run away.

Old Demon Green sniggered as he watched Luo Guixing running away in fear. “Your mental state still needs some more training, huh?! You still haven’t learned to keep calm in the face of disaster. Little Zhangkong, let me think about you back then…”

“Elder, I still have to continue with the supervision. See you later.” With a sway of his body, Wu Zhangkong transformed into a frosty mist and vanished.

Old Demon Greed chuckled. He clasped his hands behind his back and leisurely strolled toward the inside of the academy. His body faded gradually while he was still muttering to himself, “What an amazing feeling it is being back in the academy! It’s different from the academy in the past, but at least I know that I won’t ever turn into Old Demon Lonely here. Amazing, amazing!”

Closer to Spirit Academy, Xie Xie gazed at the queue waiting to enroll. He said to Yue Zhengyu by his side, “That’s about it, right? We should leave some for them too. What if there are no more good seedlings left?”

Yue Zhengyu said, “Are you even a human? There are only five more people remaining at the back. You still like to say this nonsense, even when you’re doing something bad. So unprofessional.”

Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “So, what do you think we should do then?”

Yue Zhengyu spoke with an imposing manner, “We are going to screen those five people too, of course. We’re not letting a single one get away. How can we leave behind even a wisp of an opportunity for the opposing side?”

Xie Xie spoke in an unpleasant manner, “You’re even less of a human being, but I agree with you.”

Both of them screened the last five registering students while giggling about. There was truly one young maiden that met their requirements, so she was sent on her way through the door of light.

“Seniors, that is all.” Yue Zhengyu bowed in salutation in the direction of the light door. He did it in the most respectful manner possible.

“Heh-heh-heh. Come in then. Let’s go.” Old Demon Lust’s voluptuous figure walked out of the door of light and made an invitatory gesture toward them.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu exchanged looks. Both of them clenched their teeth and walked into the door as if they were facing death with no regrets.

Old Demon Sloth came out of nowhere and waved his hand toward the sign set up above the door. The large sign placed outside of Spirit Academy for an entire day had vanished without a sound. The glowing door had disappeared as well.

Inside Spirit Academy’s meditation room, Han Tianyi was sitting crosslegged while meditating when he suddenly opened his eyes. A dash of shock flashed past his eyes. He could not help saying, “Where did such powerful spiritual fluctuations come from? It seems to be from the direction of our main door.”

He condensed his spirit to detect the fluctuation, but he was unable to discover anything.

“That’s strange. Why is there such a strong gush of spiritual fluctuation all of a sudden?”

If Tang Wulin was here, he would certainly be able to recognize that this Han Tianyi was the man with the brain martial soul who possessed incredible spiritual power and extremely formidable abilities.

In the president’s room!

“How’s everything with today’s enrollment program?” asked Qiangu Dongfeng to Qiangu Zhangting as he paid a visit personally.

Qiangu Zhangting answered, “Grandfather, we have yet to finish tabulating the overall data at the moment. However, judging from the number of registrations, we are not far off from Shrek Academy. In fact, we are even slightly higher overall. Although quite a lot of people left during the latter part of the day, we performers just as well in the total number of students received.”

Qiangu Dongfeng nodded and said, “Even though our efforts this time were not considered very successful, we have still managed to seize quite a good number of students after all. I truly didn’t expect that Shrek Academy had found a way to gather so many powerhouses. That is going to be a major issue in the future.”

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