The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1639 - Leads To Your Dream

Chapter 1639: Leads To Your Dream

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The youth raised his calf and placed it on the table as instructed. The old man pinched his calf through his pants a few times. He nodded at the boy and said, “Your muscle growth is quite impressive and the age of your bones is appropriate. Alright, both of you, please unleash your martial souls.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes and then activated the soul power in their bodies simultaneously.

Two soul rings, one blue and one red, rose in unison. The two one-hundred-year soul rings spiralled around their bodies.

Rabbit ears emerged from her head while white fuzzy fur appeared on the young maiden’s hands. Her figure grew taller and slimmer as well.

On the other hand, the most ordinary-looking Bluesilver Grass grew out of the youth’s palm. The grass swiftly grew into vines following the infusion of his soul ring’s power.

The old man had only taken a casual look at Xiao Wu before his gaze landed on Tang San. “That’s actually Bluesilver Grass. So the Bluesilver Grass cultivated so quickly, huh?”

The youth smiled and said, “Teacher, I thought your academy here only breeds monsters? Am I considered a monster?”

The old man cracked into a faint smile that was rarely seen. “You’re genuinely a little monster. Mubai, take them into the academy.”


The scene finally froze at this point. Dazzling golden words appeared above the heads of that group of youths.

Two names appeared above the heads of the boy and girl that had just passed the interview. They were ‘Tang San’ and ‘Xiao Wu’!

Meanwhile, the name above the youth with the double-pupils was ‘Mubai’. Above the head of the young maiden behind them was ‘Zhu Zhuqing’.

‘That is the first generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters and the Tang Sect’s founder!’ The thought arose in Yi Zichen and Teacher Li’s minds at the same time.

Who did not know the stories of Shrek Academy and the legends of Tang San, the founder of the Tang Sect?

Could it be that the scenes were displaying what happened when Shrek Academy was first established long ago?

There was a flash of light. Their distorted surroundings transformed, and a brand-new scene appeared before their eyes.

They saw Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuwqing, the young maiden that queued up for registration at the beginning, and also a youth with blossom-shaped eyes and whiskers. They were jogging and every single person seemed to be working hard. The person running at the back was a chubby youth who appeared depressed.

There was no need for Yi Zichen to ask as he could figure out that these were none other than the original Shrek Seven Monsters!

They were the Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, the Thousand Hands Douluo Tang San, the Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, the Soft Bone Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong and the Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing!

Let alone Yi Zichen, even Teacher Li felt as if his blood was boiling with enthusiasm upon seeing these seven people. He felt like he was being carried away.

It was them. It was them…

The glowing images changed as various exciting stories flashed before their eyes. They watched as these seven people grew day by day, becoming more and more powerful as time passed.

They witnessed when the seven of them participated in competitions and defeated powerful opponents in the battles. They relied on their cooperation and teamwork to reach the finale.

As they were confronted by mighty enemies whose abilities far exceeded theirs, they did not abandon one another or give up. They used their peerless willpower to defeat the soul masters troop from the War God Hall in the end. They had become the champions, but Xiao Wu’s identity was finally exposed at that very moment.

The final scene was Tang San and Xiao Wu’s battle of two gods against two gods. They fought and defeated the formidable team of the War God Hall’s Hall Master Bi Bidong and the God of Angel Qian Renxue. By this point, Yi Zichen had already shed countless tears.

He would never forget how Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for Tang San nor would he forget everything that Tang San did in order to resurrect Xiao Wu.

The scene distorted again. Yi Zichen and his group of three finally arrived in a spacious hall. A silhouette walked toward them from inside. As it approached them, it began to speak.

“Shrek’s traditions were built by the generations of hard work and effort of its people. Shrek’s twenty thousand years of glory and brilliance will need to be guarded by generations upon generations of little monsters. Yi Zichen, if you are willing to become a member of Shrek, please summon your greatest courage and take part in Shrek Academy’s examination.”

“Yes, I do. Yes, I do!” Yi Zichen called out aloud instinctively. He had only discovered at this moment that he could finally walk and talk again.

The silhouette turned crystal clear at last. It was a man with long blue hair hanging loosely over his shoulders with a golden trident in his hand. His handsome face cracked into a faint smile. He raised the trident and pointed to a door of light behind him.

“This is the path that leads to Shrek, the path that leads to your dream and also the path that leads to the world you yearn for. Go forth. Use your willpower, your ability and your determination to walk the path that belongs to you. I hope that you can become one of Shrek’s members and become a new little monster.”

“Thank you, Senior Tang San.” Yi Zichen bowed in respect. He bowed so low his head was almost touching his knees. When he watched those scenes earlier, he saw more than just the power of the first generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters. He had also seen the process of their growth, their dauntless spirit of self-sacrifice and all sorts of things they did for the continent.

Which youth’s blood would not boil with righteous enthusiasm? At this exact moment, there was only one thought in Yi Zichen’s mind. He would try his best to get accepted into Shrek regardless and become a part of this glorious academy. He wanted to be a member of Shrek Academy and make his own contributions toward its glory!

The three of them walked toward the door. There was a flash and they vanished at the end of the path.

Tang San gazed after their departing figures until they disappeared. He muttered to himself, “Another one. Hmm, the natural endowments of young men these days are rather impressive.” His image began to shimmer and blur. When the blurriness cleared up, he had resumed his aged appearance. He was truly…

Old Demon Blight!

Every year at Shrek Academy, the entrance examination never went exactly the same. Historically, it had always been that way. At most, there had been a few occasions with somewhat similar situations with only minor differences. Nevertheless, it was impossible for the exact same situation to occur, so no one could figure out what they would be tested on.

It was due to cases like the Bloodthirsty Douluo Yun Tianheng in the past that Shrek Academy would test on students’ basic qualities and potential. Most crucial was the students’ disposition.

They would test on whether a student’s willpower was strong enough and whether they prioritized kindness. These were all extremely important qualities.

Shrek cultivated soul masters into successful people. This did not only mean that they had impressive cultivation bases, but also that they were of good morals. Otherwise, how could there be so many powerhouses that came to help when Shrek Academy was being reconstructed?

If it was only for reputation and benefits, Shrek Academy would never be able to stand tall on the continent for twenty thousand years.

The people in charge of the entrance examination were Shrek’s former inner court disciples and also the newly appointed teachers. It was the first enrollment program after the reconstruction, so the entire Shrek faculty was mobilized for the event.

After the reconstruction, Shrek had also invited some of the alumni to become teachers. An abundance of people came after the selection. There was a total of fifty-one teachers in Shrek Academy including nineteen inner court teachers.

There were also forty-six teaching assistants.

One should know that it was an extremely tough process for anyone to qualify as a teacher in Shrek Academy. It was as such in the past and was just the same at this point. The tradition was never to be broken.

The outer court president was Wu Zhangkong while Long Yeyue held the post of inner court president. Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were the deputy presidents.

After the entire academy’s infrastructure had been completed, it was still a difficult task to recover the inner secrets Shrek once had.

Out of the fifty-one teachers, Sea God’s Pavilion Master Tang Wulin was also teaching in the academy. He was in charge of the subprofession forging course the academy had specially opened.

There was no doubt that he had absolute authority in this area as a Divine Craftsman. The importance of a Divine Craftsman had been fully displayed during the battle with Spirit Academy. Had it not been for his Heavenly Refinement, it would have been an even more difficult task for Shrek to achieve the victory in the competition.

The most fearsome aspect of a Limit Douluo was, without a doubt, his fighting capacity. Even so, a Limit Douluo would be even more terrifying if he was the owner of a suit of four-word battle armor.

Even the Shrek Seven Monsters were in possession of one or two pieces of four-word battle armor by this point. Could anyone deny that the rest of the Limit Douluos in Shrek Academy were equipped with complete suits of four-word battle armor?

Qiangu Dongfeng made the decision to retreat without the slightest hesitation. The most crucial factor was that he was worried about fighting against four Limit Douluos clad in four-word battle armor. Such power was truly incredible. With the addition of the two Limit Douluos from the Tang Sect that were not present, the core fighting force of Shrek and the Tang Sect was already too fearsome. At the moment, no other faction could rival that.

A supreme combat force like this even surpassed what Shrek Academy had prior to its destruction.

One of the reasons that Shrek was so awesome before was their powerful overall ability. They possessed the highest number of Title Douluos and Hyper Douluos out of all the organizations on the continent. They even had the number one man on the continent, the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming, overseeing the academy.

Yun Ming was a man that no one else could rival in his generation. He was standing at the apex of the pyramid of quasigods.

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