The Lazy Swordmaster

Chapter 216. Impersonation (2)

Chapter 216. Impersonation (2)

…their fingers!

As her grandmother taught her, Iril, who knew what to do if the opponent used long-ranged weapons such as arrows or slingshots, looked at their fingers and swung her arm.

Five figures… I can’t stop all of that!

Judging that it’s impossible to block all the bullets flying at her, Iril dropped a few shots and twisted her body, deciding that she had to avoid a few shots.



At the same time as the sound of her sword deflecting bullets were heard, the four or five figures in black clothes scattered in different directions.


Succeeding in avoiding or deflecting the bullets, Iril concentrated her consciousness by clicking her tongue to make a ‘tch’ sound at the sight of the enemies scattered.

<Back, at 8 o’clock direction.>

Riley’s voice was heard in Iril’s head, who had emptied her head to concentrate.


When the bullet that was shot from her blind spot bounced off by her sword and made a sound, another black figure immediately fired lightning as if using his ability.

<Deflect it.>


<To the floor.>

It was a very brief explanation because it was a brief moment when the lightning attack came, but as she’s a granddaughter who learned directly from Inaril… She noticed what Riley’s brief explanation was and acted.


When Iril, who received the lightning shot with the tip of her sword, turned around and swung her sword that was raised up down, the half that was on her sword smashed the rooftop floor instead of his original target.


The person with the ability to fire lightning faltered as if in bewilderment, and Iril, who gave her full strength to her palm, which had become numb due to the exposure of the lightning, charged towards him.

First, one!

Iril, who charged forward with mana on her feet, cut off the black figure in an instant and turned back at the same time.

Clang! Clang!

After blocking another flying bullet, Iril then faced the black people running towards her with daggers.

<You have to find the main body.>

Facing the same person, not only in the outfit but also in the vibe of their eyes in that short time, Iril rolled her eyes at Riley’s advice that came to her head.

Main body?

Realizing that there’s no main body among the people she was dealing with, Iril furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance, and then Riley once again gave her advice.

<Behind the second guy from the right, a bullet will come.>

Iril, who didn’t know what Riley meant, hurriedly swung her sword to block the surprise attack when a bullet popped out of the person’s chest.

What? They used their colleague as bait?

Taken aback by their way of using their colleague as bait, Iril soon sensed another bullet flying towards her and twisted her body.

No, they didn’t use him as that, huh?

When a bullet flew through and the hole on his chest disappeared without a trace like a mirage, Iril just realized what Riley’s advice about the ‘body’ meant.

It’s a bait as he said!

The ‘split’ person, who’s capable of creating his own clones, began to attack her slowly with his own clones at the forefront.

D*mn it, there’s a guy too who could disappear suddenly!

Iril’s expression, which had to pay attention not only to the ability to make his body invisible but also to the sky blue bead floating in the sky, began to get worse.

Am I getting pushed back?

It had been a long time since she had reached her limit physically. Iril clenched his teeth, judging that she was getting pushed back.


If it were Inaril, if it were her grandmother, these guys would have wiped out a while ago and she would have enjoyed a cup of tea… At the thought of that, Iril began to gradually feel angry.

There are still three… there are three more.

There were four capable people who appeared on the rooftop…

Although Iril had dealt with the person with the ability to wield lightning, there were still six people that she had to deal with because there’s a person with the ability to create clones.

Even in the worst case, if there’re no clones!

Iril, who turned around like a windmill and blasted the clones that surrounded her along with the bullets at once, rolled her eyes to find the main body in a hurry, but…

…I don’t know.

In her eyes, she couldn’t tell which were the clones and which was the main body.


Riley’s voice echoed in her head, and Iril glanced at where he was hiding.

Are you going to come out?

Iril, who didn’t want to think that Riley would show up unwillingly, bit her lip as if she was upset.

<When I signal, jump up and deal only with the floating bead.>


<I’m not going to come out.>

As if reading Iril’s mind, Riley, who said that he wasn’t going to come out, signaled to her as if he had found a gap.


As soon as Riley gave the signal, Iril jumped up, and the eyes of the capable people in black clothes all followed her.

But, I can’t step in the air…

Had to deal with the floating glass bead, it was at that moment when Iril was about to put on an anxious look as if she was wondering how to move.

“…against a girl.”

A voice was heard.

“I can’t believe you, four people are sticking together……”

Along with the sound of the skirt flapping, a light brown-haired woman appeared on the rooftop where Iril and the capable people were fighting.

This voice?

Iril’s expression brightened when she realized that the owner of the voice was Sera, one of the parts.

Ms. Sera!

With Sera’s strong appearance! The expressions of the two in black clothes, who turned their heads, were distorted in astonishment.



Suddenly, two thin swords were stabbed in their chests.

<Good job.>

The person with the ability to create clones.

And the one with the ability to be invisible.

Sera’s swords were embedded in the chests of the two capable people.

Ho, how?!

How did she find out about the main body?

How did she find out that he was there?

Unless the opponent was a person with the ability to detect, there would be no way he would have been caught…

And so, that’s the reason why their expressions were distorted in astonishment.

“Honestly, I was doubtful.”

Sera, whose shoes sounded as she stepped on the floor of the rooftop, looked down at the two capable people lying with their faces down and continued.

“As he said, my ‘senses’ seem to be good.”

After Sera ran up the wall of the building at Riley’s call… with his signal, she leaped onto the rooftop and at the same time threw her twin swords at the clone maker’s body and the invisible man’s chest, using her abilities.

The sword… that girl just threw the swords.

The capable people who had been pierced through their chest by Sera’s swords started exchanging glances.


After that, Iril, who jumped up, destroyed the unidentified glass bead floating in the air.

Unbelievable… is he really back?

The last capable person, who had been floating the glass bead to convey this scene to another place, raised both hands as if they had lost and expressed their will to surrender.

“Are they all four?”


One was cut by Iril’s sword, two were struck by Sera’s swords, and one raised both hands to surrender… Sera and Iril, who captured a total of four suspicious capable people, sighed in relief as if a great worry had lessened.

“These people’s identity… we have to ask them.”

Sera, who was looking at the four captives, muttered with a troubled expression, and then Iril nodded her head.

“I will ask.”

Sera hadn’t received the interpreting magic yet, while she had received the interpreting magic from Andal… that’s why she could communicate with them.

“You, what’s your identity?”

When Iril pointed her sword at the person’s neck who had surrendered and asked who he really was, the captive men laughed unpleasantly, ‘kug kug’, and murmured.

“I was wondering, it turns out he’s not. It’s imperfect.”

“He couldn’t finish us off completely, could he?”

“And immature.”

“That’s right. If it were him, it wouldn’t have taken this long.”

As the men murmured, Iril and Sera’s eyebrows furrowed.

“He’s not that woman, huh?”

“She’s just pretending. Right?”

“It’s not that woman either. It’s neither of them.”

Neither of them.

At the man’s words, Iril recalled what Abyss had told her.

There will be a side that approaches first. Whether it’s the ones under me, the fox-like saintess b*tch, or the other parts who came over with us, either way… There must be one approaching us with just one move.

Perhaps what Abyss expected was roughly correct, the captive men were looking at Iril and Sera, and they continued to laugh unpleasantly, ‘Heh heh,’ like crazy people.

“You’re not ‘He’.”

Not ‘He’… Realizing that the ‘He’ they were talking about was ‘Riley’, Iril wrinkled her facial muscles to act.

“Urgh, urgh… eub! Keug! Urgh!”

Looking at her and Sera, saying that they’re not Riley… The skin of the men, who had been murmuring over and over again, began to melt down along the way.


When the men’s skin suddenly began to melt down, Iril, bewildered by that, looked at Sera as if wondering what to do.


As if even her senses couldn’t find a way to prevent their skin from melting, Sera was also looking at the men with a reaction not very different from Iril.

<That’s their way of doing it.>

Riley, who was hiding in the blind spot of the rooftop and watching the men melt, narrowed his eyes.

<It’s the same as Rebethra.>

Maybe it was for the destruction of evidence, the men in black clothes that seemed to be Helena’s spy began to melt and soon disappeared without a trace.

“They, they’re gone?”

“Are they dead?”

“Seeing that there’s no sign… maybe.”


As the four captive men disappeared without a trace, bewildered Iril bit her lip as if wondering what to do.

“…Don’t be flustered. You’ve seen it once.”

Breaking the silence, Riley, who had been hiding in the rooftop corner, appeared.

“I’ve seen it?”

“When Rebethra, in the Romella Village forest.”

“In the forest? Ah! That time!”

Iril, who recalled the moment when she mistook Riley and Nainiae for dragons, looked at the traces of only the clothes that were left as if she had just remembered.

“Come to think of it, it’s the same! Then, this too?”

“Yeah. It’s Helena’s way.”

Riley glanced at the clothes on the floor and turned his head.

“Looking at it earlier, it seems like you know how to speak the language here. You weren’t alone, were you?”

When Riley asked her, thinking that someone had cast interpreting magic on her, Iril replied as if she had forgotten.

“I was with Abyss and Mr. Andal. Seriously… It was hard to breathe, you know! But now that I’m with young master, I don’t have to be that conscious anymore.”

Although it was hard to move around, she grinned as if feeling better after joining Riley and Sera.

“Abyss and Andal… Haven’t you met any other parts other than those two?”

“Yes. I acted at the young master’s memorial to join the other parts. Abyss came up with the idea.”


Riley, who seemed to know what Abyss was thinking, asked with his hand on his chin.

“If there’s Andal, it’ll be much easier to move. Okay, where are they now?”

Considering the mess that had just happened on the rooftop, it was surprising that the two didn’t appear.

“Please wait. They’re probably waiting for me downstairs…”

Iril took a step and poked her face out of the rooftop.


When a question mark appeared on Iril’s face as she looked down, Riley and Sera followed her, poking their faces out of the rooftop and tilting their heads as if wondering why.

“Where are they?”

Iril muttered blankly.

“Whe, where… are they?”

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