The Lazy Swordmaster

Chapter 215. Impersonation (1)

Chapter 215. Impersonation (1)

Among Riley’s parts that were recognized by Abyss, Iril, the hidden card, was currently standing on the memorial stone of a certain warrior and shouting loudly at those who overlooked her.

“Fi, finally…”

Standing at the top of the memorial, Iril was playing ‘The Person Who Claims to Be Riley’.

“Finally, I’m back!”

People’s eyes were drawn to her because of her sudden speech. As a result, her face was flushed red, but she didn’t stop shouting loudly.

“What’s that kid doing?”

“He said he was a warrior? The one that had fallen before?”

“Warrior? Of that memorial?”

Those who looked at Iril seemed to not understand her speech. They were just making question marks with puzzled expressions on their faces.

“Really… such great acting.”

Seeing Iril shouting awkwardly on the memorial, Andal muttered the exact opposite of what he was thinking with a tired face.

“Don’t be too hard on her. There are times when being awkward like that can be an advantage.”

Abyss, who was looking up at Iril silently with his arms folded, began to pay attention to a passerby, who was hurriedly making a phone call, among the people who were looking at the memorial.

“…yes, that’s right. He claims to be the warrior.”

A passerby was reporting to someone on the phone while Iril was speaking on top of the memorial.


Iril swung her arms around once, flapped her coat, and spoke passionately again in a loud voice at the passersby who were looking up.

“Now that I’m back alive, let’s get rid of this f*ck*ng memorial!”

As the redness of her face became more severe, it was difficult to make a proper judgement at the same time, so from some point on, Iril was excited, stepping on the memorial until it made a sound ‘kkak’.

“Building a statue to worship me, who saved the city, forever…”

She stopped talking midway.


Iril stopped shouting at the people and began to stare at a certain place in silence, then slowly brought her right hand back.

What… is this!

With a crumpled face, Iril pulled out the sword that was hanging horizontally on the side of her tailbone and swung it forward at the same time.


As the wielded sword made a sound of deflecting something and sparked, all the numerous passersby who were looking at her widened their eyes.

“Wh, what?!”

“Is that… a real… sword?”

“What should we do? Are we not running away?”

“Wa, wait! I’m filming a video!”

Thanks to Andal’s interpreting magic, Iril could understand what the passersby were talking about and looked at the demon and dragon mixed among them.


Iril, who had just shouted vigorously a moment ago, frowned, looking at her colleague who had attacked her without saying a word as if she didn’t know what was going on.


It was Andal who attacked Iril.

The arrows of fire aimed at her were proof of that.

Why are you doing this?

Iril frowned as if asking that, and Abyss answered her question with ventriloquism, moving his lips.

‘It’s a so-called performance.’

After thinking for a while about the word ‘performance’ in his ventriloquism, Iril realized that this scene was also a part of her ‘acting’ and pouted her lips.

…so mean!

If he was going to do it, he would have done it in moderation. It was too many to bear because a large number of fire arrows were aimed at her.

I did all these things… How can you do that!

Iril drew her sword, turned her sword in reverse, and splendidly caught it, and when her eyes shone as if telling him she was ready, Andal glanced at Abyss, then clicked his tongue and flicked his fingers.

“Ah, ah ah!”

As one of the passersby opened his mouth, dozens of fire arrows waiting to be fired began to fire sequentially.


As soon as the fire arrows were fired, one of the passersby who watched her shouted, but Iril only danced.

Sword dance.

Having fixed the sword, Iril was dazzlingly wielding a straight sword that had been sleeping for a long time in Andal’s cave, performing breathtaking acrobatics at the top of the narrow memorial stone.


“Hey, what’s that?”

“Isn’t he a capable person?”

Iril didn’t know if someone was shooting it, but she’s clenching her teeth, deflecting all of the fire arrows that flew incessantly without spilling a single one.

What on earth…

In the eyes of the passersby, her dance moves… were gorgeous and beautiful in harmony with the appearance of the fire arrows being bounced off, but Iril’s face wasn’t so beautiful.

Until when!

Although Andal sent the fire arrows to some extent while looking after her, her stamina was slowly deteriorating, perhaps because of her young age.

Should I do it?!

Iril, who was dancing, glanced at the side where Abyss and Andal were standing with a desperate expression.

I only need her to show that she’s capable of this. She needs to give off Riley’s vibe, so I wish she could do it a little longer. But…

To tell the truth, Abyss wanted to continue this scene a little longer, but considering her stamina was still insufficient, he raised his right hand as if deciding that it would be better to do only this much.

‘We’re leaving slowly. I’ll give you time to put the curtain down, so try to step back as gracefully as you can. Where to go… on the rooftop of the building on the other side would be fine.’

Even while she was deflecting Andal’s fire arrows, Iril, who shifted her gaze and glanced at Abyss’s lips, nodded slightly as if she understood.

“Then, it’s time to put an end to it.”

At Abyss’s words to give her the timing to step back by raising his right hand, Andal furrowed his eyebrows as if dissatisfied and slightly adjusted the fire arrows floating around Iril.


As if noticing Andal’s consideration, Iril, who found a gap in the rain of fire arrows, swung the sword the biggest she had ever wielded.


The fire arrows that were still around her exploded splendidly at the same time as the explosion.



In broad daylight, as the sun was rising in the middle of the sky, the crowd of passersby exclaimed at the fireworks display at the memorial stone of a certain warrior in the middle of the city.

This much will do, right?

Judging that this would be enough for the cheers of the people, Iril bent her legs to give her strength and leaped toward the building that Abyss had just pointed with his eyes.

“Huh? He’s gone?”

“What? What?”

The fire arrows that Andal made disappeared in an instant, and as Iril tried to hide by leaping, she murmured while seeing the people who stopped near the memorial stared blankly.

This must have attracted attention! Because Abyss said that there are newspapers here too… other parts will soon hear about this story and join us, and the saint named Helena must have seen it too!

Iril, who thought the play had ended with some success in response to people’s reactions, breathed a sigh of relief as she leaped toward the rooftop of the building on the other side.

“You, what are you doing?”


A voice suddenly heard from behind.


As soon as she landed on the rooftop of the building, Iril, who was relieved without realizing it, hurriedly turned around and drew her sword to protect herself.

“Uh… kughh!”

Iril was about to swing her sword at the enemy who came close to her, but she was held by someone’s arm on the neck, so she couldn’t swing her sword and had no choice but to be pushed back.

His movement!

Although she had reached her limit, Iril’s face darkened at the fact that she didn’t notice her opponent at all until he approached her so closely.

Kughh, Grandma… Abyss…

Suddenly, the arm that was holding her neck loosened for some reason, and as he stepped back, a question mark appeared on Iril’s face, who was grimacing at the thought that she was going to die.


“It’s me, you brat.”

When the person, who pushed Iril’s neck to the wall, showed his face, pulling back the hood that was over his head, Iril pursed her lips with a confused expression.

“Yo, yo, young master…”

When Iril’s face suddenly turned red and started to cry, Riley, who had pushed her against the wall, took a step back as if in bewilderment.

“Wh, what’s wrong?”

“Young masterrrrr!”

Iril tried to hug him with her arms wide open, but Riley, who had stepped back, stretched his right hand forward and pushed her forehead.

“Hey, it’s a little… No, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

Riley turned his head slightly backward, leaving behind a question he was trying to ask if she was alone.


“Hghh, I thought, I would never see, young master, again!”

Riley looked at Iril, who was struggling again in his palm.



He and Iril ??were the only ones who were standing on the rooftop of the building, but just now… Riley noticed that someone else was approaching this place.


Riley called her name quietly, and Iril, who was sniffling, regained her senses and looked at Riley.

“Hic, yes…”

Iril, who struggled to wipe away her tears, also felt someone’s presence approaching the rooftop even though she was one step late. She picked up her sword that had been dropped to the ground and took a deep breath.

“Let’s talk later, and get rid of them for now.”


When Riley moved to a place suitable for hiding in the shadowed spot on the rooftop of the building while hiding his presence… Iril, who was watching the scene, shook her head in disbelief.

He must be over there, but why can’t I feel anything? Was the Ipheletta family an assassin?

Iril, who was muttering inside that this story would make his family members startled if they heard it, turned her head to the sign of presence that was approaching her.

By the way, who are they?

The presence that was approaching the rooftop wasn’t Abyss or Andal, who would still be waiting at the memorial.



When she heard cheok, cheok, the noise that was heard from the rooftop, about four or five people in black clothes appeared.

Assassin? Are there any assassins in this world too?

She thought so because the attire of the assassins she had met in her world was similar to the attire of the people who appeared now… Iril asked them with a sword against them.

“…who are you?”


The four or five people, who were presumed to be assassins, each without answering, held out a black cane or something to Iril.


As Iril looked at the black canes, guns pointed at her, she wrinkled her eyebrows as if she didn’t know what was that. And so, Riley gave her advice in a full note.

<That thing, is faster than arrows or magic.>

When Riley advised that, Iril was aware of the sweat flowing down the back of her neck and controlled her breathing.

That’s not an ordinary forced march.

Because of the play Abyss suggested, it was difficult enough to dance to Andal’s magic, but she couldn’t believe she also had to block attacks that were faster than arrows or magic.


Staring at the canes pointed at her, Iril’s eyebrows were bent in the opposite direction.

What? Magic?

It was because the four or five people who were confronting Iril in black clothes began to use different ‘abilities’.

A sky-blue ball appeared in the empty air.

The number of people who used to be four or five suddenly increased to seven.

The body of one of the people was covered with blue electricity.

Then, the body of one of the people who had grown to seven became transparent.

Unknown phenomena occurred one after another, and Riley gave advice to Iril, who thought it was magic.

<That’s not magic. That’s ability.>

Ability… What is that…

<You can think of them as purple humans.>

It’s overwhelming just to be attacked by something faster than arrows and magic, but five purple humans?

“…what are you two doing down there?”

Iril, who resented the two for making her play from below, lowered her body and gave strength to the hand holding the sword.

<It’s coming.>

At the same time as Riley warned her, the mysterious figures Iril was facing pulled the trigger.

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