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Chapter 43 – Don’t Need A Cleric

Chapter 43 – Don’t Need A Cleric

Seven Fields and the others had also only just left the dungeon. Under that Endless Night’s lead, the second half of the dungeon went by smoothly. From this, it could be seen that this guy’s skill was higher than theirs and that he was an extremely experienced expert. But Seven Fields and the others didn’t worship him. In fact, they couldn’t see it. It wasn’t only Immersed Jade. They themselves had already been poisoned by Lord Grim. Endless Night was already considered extremely skilled among players, but they couldn’t see his skill at all.

After they left the dungeon, this guy just stood loftily on one side with a “come on, shower me with praise” look. In the end, he received a message: “You have been kicked out of the party.”

“F*ck, disgraceful! How could you kick me?” Endless Night was infuriated.

“Didn’t you have something to do? Hurry up and go do it!” Seven Fields said.

“Now I don’t.” Endless Night said.

“Oh so sorry, there’s no space anyways. We have a friend coming.” Seven Fields said.

Endless Night heard this and his eyes brightened. He immediately remarked: “Is it that Lord Grim?”

“What does that matter to you?” Seven Fields said.

In the end, Endless Night refused to leave and shamelessly circled around the four of them. Seven Fields felt vexed and had the heart to chop this guy to pieces. But he was an expert from Tyrannical Ambition, so Seven Fields didn’t dare pull off an evil scheme. If he didn’t want to leave, then what was his purpose? Seven Fields guessed and came to a conclusion. He couldn’t help but feel even more annoyed. To fight with this type of expert, they wouldn’t win! With their mediocre strength, they were already lucky to be able to dungeon with brother expert a few times. Right now, if a Tyrannical Ambition expert chose him, would brother expert still play with them? They had only known each other for a day and still weren’t really friends yet!

Right when his thoughts were in turmoil, Lord Grim’s figure had already gradually approached. Immersed Jade had already yelled: “God!!”

In the game, the louder the voice, the farther it would go. But the problem was that the sound volume depended on the real person to produce. They could imagine Immersed Jade at this moment, whether she was at her house or in an Internet Cafe, she was truly shouting…….This, if there were other people nearby, she’d look quite foolish.

Lord Grim put away his battle lance, which could be considered his greeting. Seven Fields and the others were ready to meet him, but Endless Night ran faster than a rabbit. With a whoosh, he had already rushed forward.

“You’re Lord Grim? It’s an honor to meet you. I am Endless Night, an expert from Tyrannical Ambition.” Endless Night introduced himself.

“Hi.” Ye Xiu responded and then turned around to ask Seven Fields: “You’re friend?”

“That’s right, Brother Seven Fields and I became good friends in this dungeon.” Endless Night said.

“F*ck, who are you!” Seven Fields had never seen such a shameless guy.

“Brother Seven Fields, don’t be like that!” Endless Night said.

Seven Fields wanted to kick this guy to death. He first gave brother expert a party invite while yelling at Endless Night: “We’re going. Go do your own business!”

“Bring me too, bring me too!” Endless Night repeatedly yelled. How was this an expert? When they carried newbies in the old server, even they weren’t as shameless as this. They at least typed it out.

“There’s no space.” Seven Fields said.

“Good sister, can you give your spot to brother?” Endless Night had even found the party’s weak spot and shamelessly bothered Immersed Jade.

Since Immersed Jade was a newbie and had never seen such a shameless guy, she was at a loss. Not knowing what to do, she looked as if she were going to compromise with that guy, when Ye Xiu suddenly interrupted.

“Are you a Cleric?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yup, my skill is very good, expert.” While Endless Night said this, he brought out that bright silvery Cross. Seven Fields all didn’t recognize that item, but they could see that it was definitely a good item.

“Crystal Cross, an Orange weapon!” Ye Xiu said.

“Wow, you really are an expert. Good eye! Why don’t you bring me along?” Endless Night praised.

“We don’t need a Cleric.” Ye Xiu said.

Instant kill!

This was an instant kill!

A five word instant kill!

The previously lively Endless Night went speechless. Seven Fields and the others truly did worship brother expert.

We don’t need a cleric! Wow, how powerful. If he was switched with a normal player and the player stood outside Frost Forest and said “We don’t need a cleric”, even Seven Fields would call him out for boasting. But brother expert was different. If brother expert said they didn’t need a cleric, they obviously didn’t need a cleric. Cleric, go play somewhere else!

“Go in, go in, go in.” Seven Fields loudly said.

No one paid any more attention to Endless Night. Endless Night just stood there like a statue and saw the party go into the dungeon.

“Brother expert, how do we kill?” Seven Fields entered and then directly asked Lord Grim.

“I’ll pull and you guys just do your best to output damage.” Ye Xiu said.

Although One Wave Rush’s hardest part was on the MT’s ability to pull monsters, it also had high requirements for other players. With these guys, Ye Xiu didn’t have confidence in their damage.

With brother expert watching over, Seven Fields and the others felt that clearing this dungeon would be carefree and relaxed. Only the student Immersed Jade wasn’t sensible and unexpectedly asked brother expert: “God, can we set a new record?”

Wasn’t this question disgracing yourself? There was no way they could set a new record. The problem wasn’t brother expert, but rather on them. Seven Fields and the others all felt ashamed and helped brother expert answer this embarrassing answer.

They advanced through the dungeon smoothly. They gave all of the items dropped by the BOSS to Ye Xiu. Only, if there was equipment their classes were proficient in, Ye Xiu still gave them.

They breezed through the dungeon twice. The hidden BOSS never appeared and no amazing equipment dropped. Lord Grim could still run the dungeon once more, but Seven Fields and the others had already reached the entry limit. They could only regretfully leave. In the end, when they left the dungeon, they saw Endless Night standing outside. The first time they went through, this guy had already left.

Seeing these five, Endless Night immediately ran over.

“No more runs left?” The little punk happily said, which made Seven Fields have an exceptionally strong urge to beat him up. Endless Night had known that they could only run the dungeon twice more.

“I can still run it once.” Ye Xiu said honestly.

“What a coincidence! I can run it once more too!” Endless Night said.

“Is that so?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“There’s still something that’s an even bigger coincidence! See, I have three friends who can only run it once more too. Don’t you think that’s even more coincidental?” Endless Night said. Three people had already come over from the crowd. Their guild name Tyrannical Ambition displayed above their heads.

“That really is a coincidence.” Ye Xiu said.

“Since it’s such a coincidence. Why don’t we just all run it together?” Endless Night said.

“Why don’t we set a new record again?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Okay okay!” Endless Night was extremely excited.

“If we’re going to set a new record, then I have two conditions.” Ye Xiu said.

“You can say them.”

“One, I charge a fee.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, that’ll be easy.” Endless Night said, “And the other?”

“We don’t need a cleric.” Ye Xiu laughed.

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