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Chapter 42 – A Good That Could Be Bought

Chapter 42 – A Good That Could Be Bought

Blue River was a person who worried about losing face. Being mocked by Poplar Beach made him feel as if his face would fall off. Finally, he took the initiative to invite Poplar Beach and was ready to compare notes in the Arena. Poplar Beach was waiting for this opportunity, so he happily accepted.

Members of the same guild often compared notes in the Arena. But the members of Blue Brook Guild all knew that this battle wasn’t so simple. Whoever won this battle would decide who had the qualifications to be recognized as one of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts.

The result, the result was that this battle was never completed. At that moment, Blue Brook Guild’s leader announced that Blue River would bring members to the pioneer in the tenth server.

Blue River temporarily left the Heavenly Domain and began busily in the new server. The not so happy part was that he was also temporarily put aside. The sudden appearance of Lord Grim made him think of Poplar Beach. His friends didn’t know what to say in response.

Silence. Blue River suddenly received a message. He opened it and saw it was from Plantago Seed: “Ha ha ha. Why’d the expert suddenly leave after you beat the record?”

Blue River was startled and then immediately said angrily: “How shameless. You’ve put a spy into our guild?”

“Don’t be like this. It’s not like you haven’t put in any spies either.” Plantago Seed said.

“I still haven’t.” Blue River said justly and confidently. Mutual spies was indeed common. But because it was only the second day on the new server, Blue River hadn’t done so yet!

“If you’re proper, you’d better not put in any!” Plantago Seed messaged.

Blue River had a sudden strike of inspiration and replied: “Ha ha, if you’ve actively recruited our players in, then you can only blame your lame eyes.”

Plantago Seed received the message and was startled: “What do you mean?”

Blue River didn’t reply.

“Chie, I know you’re just trying to scare me. Old Blue, don’t use this sort of small trick, it’s too childish.” Plantago Seed remarked.

“I don’t have time for you. I’m going to go level.” Blue River replied.

Blue River went on to do his own business, while Plantago Seed was still standing there confused. When the spy reported to him that Lord Grim had already left Blue Brook Build, he laughed out loud. While he was preparing to rope him in, he just had to message Blue River. But who would have thought that Blue River would have said such a peculiar line. It seemed as if Lord Grim had been intentionally let out for the other big guilds to recruit.

Plantago Seed felt that it was Blue River deliberately mystifying the situation, but he didn’t dare to be absolutely confident.

With regards to spies, it wasn’t easy to protect against them in this game. Being excessively confused about them would only add to his worries. But Lord Grim was different. This was a great expert. If he came into the guild, he would definitely be an important figure. He wasn’t that type of casual character. If this type of person was a spy, then that would be a disaster.

Glory once had a guild that didn’t lose to the Three Great Guilds in strength, but it was destroyed because of spies. At that time, all of the guild’s highly-regarded experts were spies from other guilds. Finally, when the spies’ influence matured, they unmasked themselves and exposed the truth. A bunch of players and goods left the guild, greatly injuring the guild’s strength. But the even deadlier attack was that when the guild began recovering its power, the central core figures also exposed themselves as f*cking spies. In the end, at a crucial point of time, another batch of people left and they lost more power. Thus, the once powerful guild collapsed.

After this event, Glory’s guilds were all extremely cautious about their top experts. The bigger the guild, the more cautious they were. Moreover, in the major spy event, the champions did so in the new server. Newly recruited players in the guild would start from the bottom and then slowly slaughtered their way to the Heavenly Domain. These people were tenacious and worthy of being called Glory’s greatest spies.

And now this Lord Grim? He suddenly sprang up in the tenth server and became the focus of attention. This type of person would definitely be fought over by the famed guilds. But was this person a spy? Nowadays, would a spy really be so high-profile? Plantago Seed sighed with sorrow, but still decided to contact Lord Grim. As long as he took precautions on how much power to give him then it would be okay.

Lord Grim, who had left Frost Forest, now headed towards Bulls.

Frost Forest was located in the southwest border zone. Bulls was a nearby town. No matter what server a player was in, this place was the first place new players from beginner village would set foot in, so there was never any lack of liveliness. After Lord Grim left beginner village, he directly ran to Frost Forest and didn’t have time to register Bulls as his resurrection location. At this location, after the character died, he would resurrect there. This was one of Glory’s rules.

Bulls Town wasn’t big, but it had all of the basic facilities. Ye Xiu let Lord Grim first go to a warehouse and put in his newly obtained Strong Spider Silk and other materials into there. Seeing that his storage chest had 88 Strong Spider Silk, Ye Xiu could only laugh and shake his head.

After leaving 48 Strong Spider Silk there, the rest of the items had all been taken by Ye Xiu to the equipment editor’s Material Library. Right when he was about to go into the equipment editor, a message suddenly leaped up. He opened it and saw that it was from Seven Fields.

“Congratulations brother expert, before, when we were clearing the dungeon, we saw your Frost Forest clear record. How awesome!” Seven Fields messaged.

“Ha ha, it was nothing.”

“Have you joined Blue Brook Guild?” Seven Fields asked.

“No, I just helped them beat the record, so I only temporarily joined. I’ve already left.” Ye Xiu said.

“Huh?” Seven Fields was astonished.

“How many times have you run the dungeon?” Ye Xiu suddenly asked.

“Two times.” Seven Fields said.

“Are you missing a person? I can still run it three more times.” Ye Xiu suddenly thought to first reach the entry limit.

“We do! Of course we do.” Seven Fields was first startled and then immediately recovered from the shock. Brother expert still unexpectedly wanted to dungeon with them. That really was too good.

“I’ll go over right away.” Ye Xiu immediately made Lord Grim leave the warehouse and hurried over to Frost Forest.

Seven Fields and the others were only normal gamers and didn’t have the skills like Blue Brook Guild’s experts did. Ye Xiu would have cleared faster with Blue Brook Guild’s people. But he preferred to go with Seven Fields and the others. He saw through the big guild’s intent to rope him in. He also knew that with Blue Brook Guild’s strength, they could easily provide for the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s materials. However, joining a guild meant that he would owe some kind of responsibility and commitment to the guild. The guild would provide a party to dungeon, level, and complete quests; But on the other hand, the guild also required that he would have to help others dungeon, level, or complete quests. Ye Xiu didn’t want to have his hands and feet tied like this.

As for peak experts like him, not joining a guild also meant that he had the chance to cooperate with any guild. Today, he helped Blue Brook Guild set a new clear record. Next time, he could help Herb Garden.

People with some ability to judge would realize his value. Every guild that wanted to set a new record would all look for him to help.

In this way, staying as a good that could be bought was better than joining a guild and hanging himself on a tree. How could this not be more beautiful?

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