The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Both in the Qi-Controlling Realm and the Thunder-Shocking Realm

Suddenly, there was a strong wind blowing, and the clouds scudded across the sky.

Thunder boomed in the sky overhead!

No one could describe this sword strike. The extreme lightning seemed to turn into thunder, rising from the sword tip and soaring hundreds of meters into the sky. As a result, when the wind rose and clouds surged, the whole heaven and earth suddenly seemed to be connected in a line.

It was not a sword strike at all, but the momentum that wildly came out of Li Tianlan. This was a blow at the cost of his life that was the most extreme sublimation and release of his essence, qi, and spirit.

Li Tianlan’s face was expressionless. His eyes grew dull and cloudy, and the light in them became dim. In a split second, he seemed to have been through decades of time. His hair instantly turned all white, his expression unchanged, but he looked utterly aged, and was near nothingness.

Only the overwhelming Sword Energy was still raging and became endless.

The lightning in front of the black-robed man was like the light of a firefly before the full moon that was quite dim. He was still sprinting, but his pupils sharply contracted and he looked frightened.

It seemed to him that Li Tianlan had completely disappeared. All he felt was a sword, a sword that seemed to destroy everything easily.

The raging sword intent suddenly emerged like a storm, but appeared pretty nature.

With Li Tianlan as the center, the surrounding air started to twist and shake, which was an unprecedented scene!

Li Tianlan stood lifting his sword high, but he looked even more unreal.

The world was before him.

He was out of the world.

Twenty-first Blade, the Shattering of Land.

This was not a simple move, but a brave and fearless spirit and momentum that dared to ignore the defense and smash everything. This was Li Tianlan’s full burst after he focused everything on the sword. In this desperate moment when he still pressed forward courageously with indomitable will, Li Tianlan suddenly realized the meaning of this sword strike.

To kill the enemies and himself, to break mountains and rivers and the world, and to advance bravely!

Everything happened in an instant.

The lightning connecting heaven and earth fully formed.

Wang Yuetong suddenly took a step forward and put her arms around Li Tianlan from behind, gently but firmly. “I’m being silly again, but it’s my choice,” she chuckled.


Enchantress’ piercing screams rose in the distance.

The voice reached their ears through the air.

Sword light presented with the momentum of an avalanche!

The figures of Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong were completely transformed into lightning. The sword intent condensed between heaven and earth with the pride and majesty of the Li family of hundreds of years. The sword was about to launch.

The black-robed man’s figure had already appeared in front of Li Tianlan. He had no choice but to face the powerful sword light that almost reached the Invincible Realm, the look in his eyes growing crazier.



The sword light fell.


A deep voice broke forth in the distant air. It was not loud, but it seemed to reverberate in the depths of everyone’s heart and the hoarse voice sounded as if death was murmuring to them.

Everything around seemed to pause in an instant.

All of a sudden, the figures of Li Tianlan and Wang grew clear, and they seemed to have broken the connection with the Shattering of Land.

The lightning on the black-robed man also stopped for the time being.

Instead of being startled, the black-robed man was delighted, even ecstatic. He didn’t know the situation behind him, but Li Tianlan was only three meters away, and he sensed that Li Tianlan and the strike seemed to be out of touch for a while, which was the best chance for him.

He could kill Li Tianlan in a second and escape unscathed.

As the lightning around him suddenly surged, the black-robed man did not hesitate to make a full effort to attack Li Tianlan.


The deep husky voice in the distance murmured again.

As the black-robed man was within two meters of Li Tianlan, a dark shadow suddenly appeared between them.

It was a sheer shadow, as if made entirely of twisting air. The shadow was only the outline of a human figure. It was completely black, but its arms were almost transparent, leaving only the diffuse darkness.

The shadow looked lifeless, with a distinct smell of death.

A few hundred meters away, an equally dark figure appeared behind the black-robed man.

Lightning in the sky expanded to its limit in an instant.

After the short pause, Li Tianlan’s sword light resurged and became more vigorous.

However, the black-robed man totally ignored the sword light. He stared at the dark shadow in front of him with horror in his eyes, as if he was seeing a ghost.


He froze in place and shrieked abruptly.


The deep and hoarse voice continued, only to grow icier and more ghastly.

A hundred meters behind the black-robed man, the dark figure lifted his hand.

Meanwhile, the shadow in front of the black-robed man also raised his hand.

The figure then rushed at the black-robed man.

The black shadow also rushed at the black-robed man.

As the shadow rushed through the black-robed man’s body, the figure in the distance suddenly disappeared and directly appeared in front of Li Tianlan. The shadow that rushed into the black-robed man’s body, however, switched places with him and appeared where he had just been.

It was the real shape-shifting, which was dazzling and frightening.

A dark figure stood in front of Li Tianlan, facing him, with a severe look in his eyes.

Behind him, all the lightning disappeared, and the black-robed man stayed where he was. Blood spurted from his body and formed a blood mist. His eyes were still wide open, and he swayed and fell to the ground, dying dissatisfied.


The black-robed man planned to kill Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong within ten seconds.

However, this man in black who just popped up didn’t even take a second to kill him.

This was a quiet and mysterious man. With a silver mask covering his face, his appearance was unknown. He looked short, a little more than 1.7 meters at most. He was very thin and inconspicuous, but at this moment, wrapped in murderous intent, he appeared weird and extremely sharp.


Feeling the blow that was completely out of Li Tianlan’s control in front of him, the black-clothed man concentrated his attention and opened his mouth again.

Everyone knew what the sword strike would do, and it was definitely not what he wanted.

When the word was spoken, four shadows appeared around the black-clothed man.

The four shadows sprinted in four directions, and the surrounding air twisted violently.

There was no thunder, fire, or ice.

The cacophony of sound was followed by the roar of a wild surge of air billow.

The air was twisted in visible form and converging toward Li Tianlan. In another battlefield, the lightning around everyone, including Horsewoman, Enchantress, Rose and Moonlight, began to be on and off, getting weaker and weaker in the turbulence of the air.


Moonlight’s face changed. After a glance at the black-robed man’s body on the ground, she pulled Rose to break through without hesitation.

The black-clothed man standing in front of Li Tianlan didn’t stop them. He just stared at Li Tianlan, his eyes getting deeper and deeper.

Horsewoman and Enchantress hesitated for a moment, then gritted their teeth and rushed to Li Tianlan.


The deep and husky voice of the man in black sounded in a gloomy tone.

Horsewoman and Enchantress froze and stood still. This person was a famous crazy man throughout the whole Dark World, the only owner of double Wind Veins for hundreds of years in the Zhongzhou State, the most formidable assassin of the Zhongzhou State, as well as the deputy Governor of Sigh City, His code name was Tribulation!

In all people’s eyes, Tribulation was truly invincible. In the opinion of Wang Tianzong from the Wang family of Beihai, if Tribulation had not gone astray, he would have been in the Invincible Realm and even ranked among the Divine List.

Unexpectedly, Tribulation gave up his talent on the common road and took a path that many people thought was misguided.

His martial art did not enter the Ice-condensing Realm, nor the Fire-flaming Realm or the Thunder-shocking Realm. For many years, his realm remained in the Qi-controlling Realm, which he studied assiduously.

He had extended the boundaries of Qi-controlling Realm again and again. Few people now said that Tribulation was the most powerful Qi-controlling Realm expert, because he had already surpassed the limits of Qi-controlling Realm in terms of both combat capability and means.

No one, not even himself, knew how far he had traveled on the road from the Qi-controlling Realm to the Invincible Realm.

Such a man unexpectedly appeared here and saved Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong, which showed that he had no malice towards them.

Or would Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong still be alive?

Enchantress and Horsewoman exchanged a glance and kept standing where they were.

As the shadows moved, a large amount of air continuously converged on Tribulation, and was distorted and compressed into a visible form. The sword light of Li Tianlan’s sword was still shining, but Li Tianlan seemed to be frozen. His sword could not be lifted or cut down.

Countless air was compressed by Tribulation and piled up around him. As the air accumulated, the shape became more pronounced.

Tribulation’s movements were ceaseless.

An oval of compressed air was gradually coming into being around Li Tianlan, like a giant cocoon. As clouds of air, compressed and distorted by Tribulation, piled up around him, the figures of Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong gradually became indistinct, with only a dazzling flash of lightning still shining in the vast expanse of air.


Tribulation cried softly, his eyes narrowing slightly under the mask.


The air around Li Tianlan erupted into a roar and, the lightning flashed. With Li Tianlan as the center, a great deal of air billows instantly broke forth.

With a flash, Tribulation had exchanged places with a shadow in the distance, and watched the scene silently, frowning.

Air billows swept through the dust and the woods. The appalling sword intent directly leveled the forest within a radius of tens of meters, raising the dust.

There was still a lot of lightning in the air tangling with the air around Li Tianlan.

“This sword strike is no longer under Li Tianlan’s control, and if he performs it, he’ll be dead. Tribulation is trying to push the blow back. What a madman!”

Enchantress murmured to herself.

“What’s going to happen?”

Horsewoman asked subconsciously. She was in charge of protecting Li Tianlan, but now Li Tianlan was on the verge of death. Horsewoman turned pale with fear.

“Who knows? It has never happened before. Maybe Li Tianlan will survive, but become a semi-invalid, that’s for the best,” Enchantress said absently and shook her head.

She was clearly worried about Wang Yuetong.

Horsewoman gave a little shake. She was profoundly scared at the thought of her boss breaking into a furious rage.

The lightning and the air moved around Li Tianlan. In the distance, Tribulation suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood while his eyes becoming more and more cold. “Limit!” he said again.

The lightning stopped one more time.

Numerous air masses surged and quickly dissipated.

The flash of lightning also dimmed immediately.

While the air mass was disappearing, the figure of Li Tianlan with white hair gradually became clear, and Wang Yuetong stood beside him with tears streaming down her face.

The shining lightning finally blew away.

The air mass was gone as well.


The white haired Li Tianlan, was on one knee, and a mouthful of blood gushed from his mouth.

“Senior brother.”

Wang Yuetong cried, sounding frightened and desperate.

She didn’t know how horrifying that blow was, but Li Tianlan was only a Qi-controlling Realm expert. How could he not pay the price to launch such a terrifying blow?

Wang Yuetong did not even dare to think what it would cost.

The blood Li Tianlan spat was red weirdly, looking screaming and piercing.

Tribulation moved slightly, and then transposed with the shadow and appeared beside Li Tianlan.

“That was an appalling blow. I can barely push its 70 percent back. How are you doing?”

Tribulation asked, looking at Li Tianlan calmly.

Li Tianlan shook his head quietly, wiped the blood from his mouth and said, “Thank you.”

“I’m on your side, don’t mention it.”

“I’m Tribulation, deputy Governor of Sigh City, and deputy director of teaching of Sky Academy this term, teaching assassination course,” Tribulation introduced himself in a softer voice.

Not far away, Enchantress, who clearly heard all this and rushed to Li Tianlan, quivered slightly and paused.

“The deputy director of teaching of Sky Academy and the teacher of assassination?” she repeated Tribulation’s words in her heart.

“How did Zhuang Huayang get this giant who is more powerful than him?”

Li Tianlan was also startled. “The deputy Governor of Sigh City, on my side…” he wondered.

He gave a smile. Now he did not have to worry about Sigh City’s position anymore. It was good news, but he couldn’t be happy anyway.

“How are you feeling now?”

Tribulation inquired again, his eyes flashing as he looked at the white-haired Li Tianlan, with a look of concern he hadn’t even noticed.

In those few minutes he said more words than he usually said in a week.

Li Tianlan just held out his hand silently. The air in his palm was slightly twisted, and a dazzling lightning was blooming in his hand, gorgeous and dazzling.

He looked at the lightning in his hand and forced a vague and bitter smile.

No one could see the expression under Tribulation’s mask, but something in his eyes had changed completely.

Enchantress and Horsewoman also changed their countenances.

“Why are you still being in the Thunder-shocking Realm? Is not that blow pressed back?” Horsewoman asked subconsciously.

Her voice was shaking and her face darkened.

It was definitely not a good thing for Li Tianlan to be still in the Thunder-shocking Realm after that blow.

After all, he had not really reached this realm, and his physical strength was still in the Qi-controlling Realm.

What did that mean?

It meant that Li Tianlan’s body was likely to collapse under the force of the Thunder-shocking Realm at any time.

It might take place in the next second or the next minute.

Li Tianlan got up gently, and nodded to Tribulation. “Thank you,” he said again.

Tribulation remained silent without saying anything.

Li Tianlan turned around lightly and quietly looked at Sky Academy across the water.

Only he knew exactly what his condition was.

The Shattering of Land.

Tribulation did not completely suppress that blow. With the release of the Sword Energy, some of his vitality had drained.

It was a blow that was almost impossible to knock down and it was a miracle that Tribulation had suppressed most of it.

But how could he return to his original realm when it had not pressed back completely?

Now Li Tianlan had one foot in the Qi-controlling Realm, but the other foot was already in the Thunder-shocking Realm.

He was both in the Qi-controlling Realm and the Thunder-shocking Realm.

This had never happened to anyone in the Zhongzhou State for hundreds of years.

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