The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 79

Chapter 79 I Have One Sword Move—the Shattering of Land

Li Tianlan’s pace was not slow, but he did not flee in any path he could take without heeding which he chose. So when he was just less than two hundred meters away from the pavilion, Wang Yuetong had caught him up.

Li Tianlan turned around and looked at the particularly youthful Wang Yuetong who trotted over. Then he asked indifferently, “Is there anything else?”

This sentence was cold and impolite. It penetrated Wang Yuetong like a knife and her face suddenly turned pale. She bit her lip tightly and asked in a low voice, “Where are you going?”

“Go home.”

After finish speaking, Li Tianlan felt a slight pain in his heart. “Go home? If I go back to Yonghua Villa now, Qin Weibai probably has left for the airport by this time.”

“Can a villa without Qin Weibai be called home?”

He took out a cigarette and lit it. After that, he took a deep breath and said insipidly, “Go back to the Sky Academy.”

“I’ll go back with you,” said Wang Yuetong.

She unconsciously took two steps forward, trying to grab Li Tianlan’s arm.

Li Tianlan stepped back to get out of the way. Looking at the panic that suddenly crept over her small face, he gently sighed, “No, thanks.”

Wang Yuetong looked at Li Tianlan blankly. Beside them were a white bridge and clear water. The warm morning sunshine shed from the sky and cast a layer of golden edge for Wang Yuetong’s image. A young man and woman stood face to face silently, like a beautiful yet sad picture.

Li Tianlan turned around and left silently.

“Senior brother…”

Wang Yuetong opened her mouth and muttered to herself.

“Senior brother!”

Wang Yuetong rushed up to Li Tianlan again. Her red lips pressed tightly against each other and she had stubbornness written all over her face. Both her action and expression showed that she stubbornly insisted on doing so.

She grabbed Li Tianlan’s hand with both her hands and did not say anything, as if she wanted to act shamelessly.

“Does it make any sense?”

Li Tianlan finally turned and looked at Wang Yuetong, saying, “You’ve already known who I am. I think it should be clear to you that I was not playing cat and mouse with you before. It’s just because we share no common goal and have no common cause to cooperate.”

He looked at the sad look in Wang Yuetong’s beautiful eyes and continued after a short while, “In fact, there’s nothing between us if we think about our past carefully. You helped me in the entrance maneuver and I saved you outside the academy. There’s nothing unforgettable and sentimental between us. I know my attitude might make you feel wronged and uncomfortable, but it’s just emotional. After a long time, there’ll be nothing left.

“Actually I am very selfish. If I say I’m doing this for your own good, I myself feel hypocritical. The main thing is that I really don’t want to have anything to do with your family anymore. You should have heard that I said as long as I don’t die, I will get back what the Li family had lost sooner or later. Do you know what that means?”

Wang Yuetong did not speak or move. She just grabbed Li Tianlan’s hand and silently looked at him.

“Do you believe that one day I shall enter the Invincible Realm?”

Li Tianlan asked suddenly, his expression firm.

Wang Yuetong’s mind went blank, but soon she nodded without hesitation and there was a glint in her eyes, too. There was no doubt about Li Tianlan’s potential, and the Li family’s legacy was well-known as well. Mind state was the top priority when one was practicing “Invincible Manual of Map of God of War”. Li Tianlan may have failed, but after he began to practice again, his road was certainly more solid than before. As such, it was only a matter of time for such a man to enter the Invincible Realm. Moreover, he was going to be an Invincible Realm expert who was able to have himself appeared on the Divine List. Having seen Li Tianlan’s potential, no one would doubt it.

“I do believe that.”

Li Tianlan smiled and patted Wang Yuetong’s small hand, saying softly, “Therefore, if I’m lucky enough to live to see it, we’ll be enemies. Don’t you understand?”

Looking at Wang Yuetong’s pale face, Li Tianlan smiled and pulled his hand out of hers bit by bit. Then he said with a nod, “Goodbye.”

No sooner had he turned around than a delicate body rushed against his back with great force.

Li Tianlan’s body stiffened slightly. Wang Yuetong, who had hugged him from behind shook her head desperately and cried, “That’s not true. I don’t feel wronged. Li Tianlan, you bastard, why are you doing this to me? I find that I like you. Are you willing to let me down when I’m just in love? Asshole, I love you, I love you! Why can’t you be nicer to me? The matter between the Li family and the Wang family will work out. There must be a way to handle it.”

“I love you, I love you!”

Wang Yuetong’s words echoed in Li Tianlan’s ears. His body stiffened at where he was, and for a moment, he was at a loss.

Wang Yuetong became more and more excited. She tightened her grip on Li Tianlan’s hand and was sobbing undisguisedly behind him.

Falling in love with someone was complicated and may take a lifetime.

Falling in love with someone was also very simple and a moment was enough.

Wang Yuetong did not know when she started to love Li Tianlan. In just a few days, Li Tianlan had left her a deep impression. Countless images of Li Tianlan became more and more apparent in her heart; how he looked when he was calm, and how he looked when he pulled out his sword, his silence, his indifference, his arrogance. She could clearly recall every action and expression of Li Tianlan and even remember every word of his.

The man who had intruded into her world when she was unprepared had dwelt in her heart unconsciously.

Did she feel wronged? Perhaps. Was she unwilling to reconcile herself to the current situation? It didn’t matter.

Wang Yuetong did not want to know when all this started. She only knew that when Li Tianlan said they would become enemies, she got a heart cramp and was heartbroken.

That was what people called “love”.

Yes, love.

Li Tianlan quietly stood where he was. Feeling that Wang Yuetong was grabbing his hand more and more tightly, he frowned slightly and said, “Let go of me.”


Wang Yuetong hugged Li Tianlan tightly. Any woman from the Wang family of Beihai always dared to love and hate. They would not be coy and affectedly unconventional. They would cry when they felt wronged and sad, and they would laugh when they were happy. They wouldn’t let go when they met someone they liked.

Li Tianlan looked cold. He grabbed Wang Yuetong’s tender hands and separated them bit by bit. The little princess’s skin was so delicate that even a hard touch would leave a mark on it. However, he hardened his heart and broke out of her embrace.

Wang Yuetong did not speak during the whole process, but she kept putting forth her strength. Her little face grew red and her tender and white palms were red and purple due to Li Tianlan’s action. She bit her lip, and big, clear tears welled up in her eyes.

She was a weeping beauty and her eyes were misty with tears.

Nevertheless, she did not wipe them and just allowed Li Tianlan to become blurred in her line of sight.

Li Tianlan looked at Wang Yuetong’s red and purple hands and felt a pain in his heart groundlessly.

But when he thought of the conversation he had with Wang Tianzong, his expression became cold again.

Although he had never hoped for anything, it was only after he had met Wang Tianzong that he knew clearly that the friendship between the Wang family of Beihai and the Li family for hundreds of years was gone.

Their relationship could never be as good as before.

If he and Wang Yuetong were together 20 years ago, that would be the good news of the entire Southeast Group.

But if they were together now, that would be an ill-fated relationship.

Looking at Wang Yuetong’s mournful and pathetic face, Li Tianlan’s heart trembled gently. He lifted the corners of his mouth and suddenly wore a big smile.

Since he could not be even with her and they could not be strangers, she’d better hate him. It was better than getting tangled up now.

He took one step forward, reached out his hand, and wiped the tears for Wang Yuetong.

Wang Yuetong sobbed silently and looked at Li Tianlan stubbornly.

“Do you know what you look like now?”

Li Tianlan chuckled and asked softly. His heart seemed to become cold slowly until it no longer had any temperature.

He had thought that he could not care about any woman after having Qin Weibai. He had thought that he could ignore everything for the Li family’s sake. Looking at the sorrow in Wang Yuetong’s misty eyes, he suddenly discovered that he would feel guilty and heartbroken as well. Furthermore, he would struggle and be less decisive.

“Now you look like…” said Li Tianlan in a low voice.

He trembled unnaturally and continued, “A bitch.”

Wang Yuetong’s body shook violently and her tearful eyes seemed desperate.

Li Tianlan breathed deeply, and the smile seemed to be a mask etched on his face. “You love me? Inexplicable. We’ve only known each other for a few days, and you said you love me? Are you inviting humiliation?”

He put his hands away from Wang Yuetong’s pale face and said calmly, “I hate bitches the most. So…get away from me.”

Wang Yuetong stood where she was with a dull look in her eyes. It was as if she had become a flower without any life or moisture in an instant.

Li Tianlan directly turned around and walked away quickly.

Walking out of the Garden Party and along the road, the muscles of Li Tianlan’s mouth twitched continuously, making him look increasingly vicious.

A gray Audi approached Li Tianlan and was about to slow down.


The car horn beeped.

Behind the Audi, a blue Porsche 718 zoomed in.

Horsewoman, who was in the Audi, smiled and sped slightly forward. It was better to protect Li Tianlan in secret.

The Porsche pulled up beside Li Tianlan and the window rolled down.

There seemed to be a moment that a volcano erupted in Li Tianlan’s heart. He controlled his own mood hard and looked at Wang Yuetong in the car.

Wang Yuetong’s face was still pale, but she seemed to have calmed down. The little princess looked at Li Tianlan and said in a cold tone, “Get on.”

Li Tianlan opened the door and got on after pausing for a moment.

Wang Yuetong started the car and it moved at great speed. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to keep pestering you. As you said, from now on, we are even.”

The volcano inside Li Tianlan was quickly extinguished after violent emotional surges. He nodded silently and said without expression, “I can go back by myself.”

“This is not in line with the etiquette of the Wang family of Beihai. Whether you are an enemy or not, at least you are a guest of the Wang family of Beihai at present. I should send you back,” said Wang Yuetong insipidly.

Her tone was hollow and cold as if she had lost her soul.

Li Tianlan no longer said anything.

In silence, the Porsche went faster and faster. It rushed into the city, and out of the city, and gradually was close to the Sky Academy.

The last leg of the journey to the Sky Academy was a water route about two kilometers long and there was only a small footbridge over the water. As the Porsche sprinted, the bridge was visible.

“Senior brother.”

Wang Yuetong, who had been silent, suddenly spoke softly.

“Hmm,” replied Li Tianlan instinctively.

“I have imagined what my first love would be like so many times, and how romantic and unforgettable it would be.”

She smiled softly, but there were tears falling from the corners of her eyes. “Now I have seen and experienced it, and it turns out that all my fantasies are just too good.”

“Do you know what it’s like to be called a bitch by someone you love?”

Pointing at her heart with a little red, purple, and bruised finger, she spoke softly, “It’s all broken.”

Li Tianlan’s heart quivered and he said nothing.

“I don’t love you anymore.”

With tears and a smile, Wang Yuetong said softly, “I hate you. From today on, after you get off the car, we are enemies.”

The car slowed down through a wood.

Behind the Porsche, in the gray Audi, which had been following the Porsche in the distance, Horsewoman held the phone and said in a low voice as she looked at the Porsche slowing down in front of her, “Boss, he’s going to enter the Sky Academy right now.”

On the phone, Qin Weibai was silent for a moment and then said coldly, “You can come back now. Go with me to Bili State later.”

At the same time.

Inside the dense forest.

The black-robed man, who was already lurking here, had taken the Recovery Potion. He felt that his body was becoming more and more flexible and his power was becoming mightier. Moreover, his eyes became more ferocious and vicious.

Beside him, Rose turned on an instrument again. On the instrument screen, a few red dots were flickering subtly.

“Two people are secretly protecting him.”

Rose glanced at the screen and said calmly, “Inside the Audi is the Horsewoman who is 200 meters away from us. Behind her is an expert from the Wang family of Beihai and the person should be the Enchantress who was sent to protect Wang Yuetong. She is 320 meters away from us.”

There was a glint of surprise in her eyes. “The Military Counselor is not here.”

“Is this instrument effective?”

The black-robed man moved his body and said insipidly. He had regained the strength he had at the height of his powers with the support of the Recovery Potion, and the confidence in his words was also becoming more apparent.

“Who knows? It’s just an experimental article. However, an old man in the headquarters said that it works. It can be linked to a satellite and can accurately detect the life energy around the users. How terrible is the life energy of the experts in the Thunder-shocking Realm? Now it has only detected the Horsewoman and the Enchantress, and no third person has been detected. Furthermore, the nearest person is more than two hundred meters away from you.”

More than two hundred meters.

Looking at the Porsche which was less than 100 meters away from him, the black-robed man mumbled to himself, “Too far, it’s way too far. How can you guys save them this far? It’s too late!”

On the other side of the black-robed man, a slim woman wrapped in a black straitjacket put down the phone and walked over, saying in a clear voice, “Get to work. I and Rose will engage the Enchantress and Horsewoman, while you should kill Li Tianlan and injure Wang Yuetong severely. This is an order from Second Master.”

“Give me ten seconds, that’s enough.”

The black-robed man sneered.

In his line of sight, Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan pulled open the door to get off. The two came together and held out their hands in what appeared to be a very formal handshake.

Like a black eagle, the black-robed man dashed out of the woods in an instant without hesitation!

There were thunder and lightning in and out of the woods.

A great deal of dazzling lightning burst forth. The black-robed man’s figure seemed to have become indistinct amid the lightning all over the sky.

The Horsewoman’s expression changed drastically as she prepared to drive away. She broke through the car’s windshield and sprinted at full speed.

In the rear, the Enchantress, who was slightly slower, also found this unexpected situation. She charged at full speed, like a phantom.

Two figures of women, slim or plump, rushed out of the woods behind the black-robed man. They were wrapped up in black suits and were trying their best to block Horsewoman and the Enchantress’s rescue.

In an instant, blinding flashes of lightning shattered the nearby woods. Four experts at the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm fought with all their strength in order to kill each other!

And on the other side, the figure of the black-robed man had rushed to Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong.

The lightning was raging and spreading out with amazing speed. At this moment, the black-robed man had no defense and just attacked with full strength.

Twenty years ago, the sword move that that Heavenly Son of the Li family had performed at the border seemed to reappear in his mind.

The sword light soared in his heart and his eyes were filled with madness. As his whole body was enveloped in thunder and lightning, his momentum increased.

Both the heart of Horsewoman and the Enchantress sank to the bottom and they felt extremely cold.

Just looked at the momentum, they knew that the black-robed man was an expert at the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm who was not much weaker even compared to them. If such a person made a move personally, no matter how talented Li Tianlan was and how noble Wang Yuetong was, how could they survive?

Some people were angry, some were expecting, and some were crazy.

The lightning was approaching.

And it was getting closer and closer.

Everything happened in an instant.

Looking at the lightning that was powerful enough to tear herself up easily countless times, Wang Yuetong only had the time to turn around.

It seemed not bad to die with this man.

Li Tianlan’s expression still remained calm in Wang Yuetong’s line of sight. The electric glare made his face livid, but he did not flinch. Instead, he took one step forward, facing a great deal of lightning.

The man who had said that he was very selfish not long ago, stretched out a hand to grab Wang Yuetong and pulled her behind him.

Wang Yuetong burst into tears. Vaguely, she seemed to hear Li Tianlan mutter a sentence, “It turns out that this is my tribulation.”

With his whole body covered with lightning, the black-robed man rushed down toward them.

The lightning curled up like the grim smile of death.

The silver Human Emperor slipped off the cuff.

This was a crucial moment when their lives were hanging by a thread.

Li Tianlan grasped the weapon named Human Emperor tightly and pulled it lightly.

A long and thin double-edged sword was drawn out.

Li Tianlan held the sword with both hands and raised it above his head.

Above the Ninth Heaven, it seemed to thunder very soon. The thunder rumbled like the wrath of heaven!

I had one sword move.

Anyone below the Invincible Realm was a nonentity, including myself.

Li Tianlan was focused unprecedentedly.

He had once said to Dongcheng Wudi that he had a sword move that neither the Zhong family nor the Tan family could catch, but what he didn’t say was that he, either, couldn’t catch it.

It was nothing more than a life and death struggle.

Li Tianlan’s long sword trembled. In the twinkling of an eye, all his essence, qi, and spirit soared unprecedentedly. Furthermore, all his vitality and potential began to burn with the quiver of his long sword.

He entered the Thunder-shocking Realm from the Ice-condensing Realm and the Fire-flaming Realm.

At this moment, Li Tianlan was calm and dignified. Both demons and supernatural beings would withdraw and keep off him.

This was the most powerful sword move he had ever had and also a move that he was unable to perform even if he had just entered the Thunder-shocking Realm. It belonged to the Invincible Manual. How could a sword move at the cost of one’s life not be mighty?

The Twenty-first Blade.

The Shattering of Land!

Unconquerable lightning shot up from the tip of the sword.

Li Tianlan straightened, but he suddenly grew white hair.

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