The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Trapped Myself in Danger

Just like how Ning Qiancheng and Tan Xilai predicted, the battle ended in three minutes.

Both of them predicted the time correctly but Tan Xilai predicted the end result wrongly.

The entire battlefield was silent.

After the life-and-death battle, the result was clear as life and death separated victory and defeat. However, no one cheered and no one cried.

Gu Youlan, who once again wore a mask stood quietly on the mountaintop. The mask hid all her emotions and inner thoughts.

When Ning Qiancheng’s Heaven-shattering Rainbow Sword appeared, turbulent emotions emerged from her eyes. However, as the rainbow light that pierced through Tan Xilai’s body disappeared, emotions disappeared from her eyes once more.

“We lost.”

She whispered softly, with her voice dissipating in the wind. Even those next to her didn’t hear her clearly.

“He killed Tan Xilai!”

Xu Yunzong roared and charged forward.


Gu Youlan’s cold voice rang out. It was an order.

Xu Yunzong stopped. He turned back to look at Gu Youlan but didn’t speak.

“Don’t participate in things we shouldn’t participate in.”

Gu Youlan said calmly to Xu Yunzong. Before the unsatisfied Xu Yunzong could rebut her, she turned around and said softly to Liu Dongyu, “Can you understand?”

She forced herself to spoke more softly, but instead, she sounded affectedly sweet. That made the quiet Liu Dongyu uncomfortable, with her scalp numbing. She nodded mechanically and kept quiet.

Flames of War, an organization that was notorious before, had its boss Liu Dongchao killed during the entrance maneuver and had its third-in-command Tan Xilai killed in the hands of Ning Qiancheng. She was the only one left. The rest of the management were either heavily injured or had quit the group. It was a giant no more. “What will become of Flames of War?”

Liu Dongyu glanced at Gu Youlan’s expression and felt more depressed as her heart sank to the bottom of an endless pit.

“What next?”

Xu Yunzong stood at the side and stared ferociously at the direction of where Li Tianlan and Ning Qiancheng were. He spoke with a rough and hoarse voice.

In the pub, he was sent flying as Li Tianlan and he punched each other. Even though he was not heavily injured, it was a complete disgrace. Most importantly, he didn’t admit defeat.

He was a prodigy born with Thunder Vein, and naturally had immense strength greater than anybody else. The punch made by Li Tianlan seemed impressive in other’s eyes, especially considering he was someone who had Wind and Thunder Veins in the Qi-controlling Realm. However, in the eyes of Xu Yunzong, Li Tianlan had played some tricks. Even though the strength of the punch was immensely powerful, he had made use of the fact that he was faster, throwing a punch when Xu Yunzong was still preparing. Xu Yunzong agreed that the combination of strength and speed was impressive, however, he did not believe himself to be much worse. If he was fully prepared, perhaps Li Tianlan would be defeated instead.


Gu Youlan spoke simply. “Bring me Tan Xilai’s body. I know you are reluctant, but don’t worry, we still have opportunities in the future.”

She stared at the lights beneath the mountain. The battle was over and the temperature dropped. The soothing wind blew across, providing a relaxed atmosphere.

Sharp police sirens rang vaguely in the distance as police cars zoomed toward the scene from far away, making quite a scene.

“A good show tonight.”

Gu Youlan murmured to herself as she glanced at where Li Tianlan’s gang was at.

Ning Qiancheng had already hung up and was resting on the ground. Perhaps the fight with Tan Xilai wasn’t considered horrifying in other’s eyes, it was especially soul-stirring for him.

Ning Qiancheng paid a heavy price for his victory against Tan Xilai. He would be at least heavily injured. Fortunately, Wang Yuetong had brought a huge amount of medication that could prevent any permanent damage. However, for at least a while, the group of them needed to be careful to even move Ning Qiancheng, much less to run away.

The Wang family of Beihai had a groundbreaking lead ahead of the world in genetic medication. However, other than the treasured medicine named “Youth”, other medications needed at least half an hour to take effect. In this half an hour, merely moving Ning Qiancheng could result in more severe injuries incurring on him.

Li Tianlan sat next to Ning Qiancheng, smoking as he waited.

After Ning Qiancheng’s condition had stabilized, his unworried self made him extremely calm, so much that even he could not comprehend it.

The events tonight could barely change the general trend in Huating. Killing Tan Xilai and disabling Zhong Shaofeng were just the prequels to the storm that was about to come in Huating.

Another way to put it would be that he had voluntarily entered a game that could tear apart even the most powerful family.

Li Tianlan didn’t know what he would get out of this, or even how he would end up to be. However, he was sure that he could obtain nothing if he stood out of the game, not even enjoying the sceneries inside the storm.

He needed an opportunity.

And opportunities laid within this imminently exploding storm.

Li Tianlan didn’t want to wait. He had no time either. No one could understand the fear and suppressed emotions in his heart during midnight. He was afraid. Not of death, but of failure. He was afraid that he couldn’t do well enough, afraid of disappointing his grandfather, afraid of letting his father continue to bear the shame, and afraid of the continual suppression of the Li family.

It was merely a few thousand kilometers from the border to Huating. However, those were two different destinies for him.

Within a month, the Wang family of Beihai, Dongcheng Clan, Kunlun City, The Six, the Sigh City, Jade Pool, and Mount Shu appeared before his eyes. All these powerful organizations that could alter the fate of Zhongzhou State seemed so close yet so far, so clear yet so vague. Even though he stayed calm and collected, the pressure on him almost took his breath away.

That was the sensation of fate, one that he could not resist.

The hidden danger in Huating meant that he was safe, but also without any opportunities.

He knew that he had to join the game, even if he broke all his bones, even if he got destroyed beyond redemption.

Because in this game, there were opportunities he required.

If the Academics were willing to provide enough support to him which would result in his victory in this game, the entire Li family would start all over again.

It was the first step. Not secure, but he had no other choice.

“Did I trap myself in danger?”

“So be it.”

Li Tianlan suddenly laughed. All his decisions tonight were insane. However, he was unusually calm and composed.

“Barely survived…”

He whispered to himself with a swaying tone.


Ning Qiancheng, who laid beside him, opened his eyes and asked, staring at him.


Li Tianlan shook his head and stared at Ning Qiancheng. He suddenly squinted his eyes and smiled, asking, “Do I owe you a word of congratulation? The last sword move had immense sword intent, with its power pushing through into the Fire-flaming Realm already.”

“I still require one more mediation.”

Ning Qiancheng spoke. He had been stuck at the peak of Ice-condensing Realm for almost two years, almost completing his realm. The battle today released all his battle strength. Between life and death, he sought revenge. The satisfied sensation made him break through. Now, he was only a meditation away from the Fire-flaming Realm, and that wouldn’t take long.

“Not easy.”

“Congrats.” Li Tianlan spoke sincerely.

“Ya, congrats.”

Li Baitian’s sarcastic voice rang. “My ranking was ahead of yours. Didn’t expect you to have a breakthrough first. I don’t know when I can have mine as I still lack an opportunity.”

Entering the Fire-flaming Realm was a true threshold for any genius. The Qi-controlling Realm and Ice-condensing Realm of the Four Realms of Martial Arts focused mostly on speed, strength and explosive power. However, the ability to convert a matter like ice into energy like fire required huge mental energy and determination.

Only those who entered the Fire-flaming Realm could be considered true experts in the Dark World. It was normal for any genius to be stuck at the threshold for months or even years. However, once they crossed the threshold, their explosive power, strength, speed, willpower, and balance would move toward perfection as they charged toward Thunder-shocking Realm.

If entering the Fire-flaming Realm was a threshold, entering the Thunder-shocking Realm would be a chasm. For many years, countless geniuses were trapped at the other end of the chasm, spending the whole life trying to cross but to no avail. Only very few who crossed the chasm easily could be considered to be true geniuses. For these geniuses, the Thunder-shocking Realm was the peak of their Martial Arts journey.

Entering the Invincible Realm from the Thunder-shocking Realm was considered to be an endless valley for all. No one could decipher how one could train to obtain the Invincible Realm. Only those of that particular realm knew about what it comprised of. The mystical aura shrouding the realm prevented those masters from even guiding others to reach there.

Thus, even though Martial Arts were commonly classified into four states, it only truly began in the Fire-flaming Realm. After that realm, all other realms were dreams for martial artists around the world.

Li Baitian was also almost heading a breakthrough. Seeing that Ning Qiancheng had beaten him to it, it was only natural for him to be envious and jealous.

“Don’t be a sour grape.”

Ning Qiancheng wasn’t polite to Li Baitian. He continued weakly, “After this matter, you can be envious after I finish meditating.”

As the piercing sirens approached, they became clearer. Soon, they could saw a group of police cars rushing over.

All the people turned solemn.

“Cousin, I called my dad. He is having a meeting in Youzhou but he sent Secretary Sun over. He should be here anytime now.”

Zhang Houlong bore a solemn expression. Ever since the retirement of Grandpa Zhang, his father Zhang Xiaohua led the Zhang family. He was a member of the Municipal Standing Committee in Huating, and was the fourth-in-line in the power hierarchy, losing only to the mayor, the general secretary and a deputy secretary. Even in the entire Huating, Zhang Xiaohua held real power. What was more impressive was that his potential guaranteed that he would climb even higher in his career.

Ning Qiancheng looked at him and nodded.

“My dad asked me to go home. I think he will send someone here to pick me up, what a disappointment!”

Han Xinyan had a face full of displeasure. The matter tonight could blow out of proportion. If it didn’t, it was still a significant event but if it did, it would be much worse than any situation they could imagine. The Han family was a standard neutral party, and Han Donglou, in particular, preferred to sit on the fence all the time. Thus, it was understandable for him to want Han Xinyan home.

“Second Uncle said that it wasn’t convenient for him to resolve this. However, he will negotiate with Uncle Yue and ask them to act at their discretion.”

Wang Yuetong’s expression was complex. It was obvious that she also didn’t fully understand the meaning of Wang Xiaoyao’s statement. The Uncle Yue in her mouth worked in the same department as Zhang Houlong’s father Zhang Xiaohua, as capable members of the Southeast Group. However, he held a higher position than Zhang Xiaohua and was currently the mayor of Huating, Yue Chunguang.

Wang Yuetong understood much of the complex relationships her family had. Yue Chunguang was very close to her Second Uncle. Of the few years in Huating, he had always held a practical and low-profile attitude and had a positive impression in the eyes of Huating citizens. In Huating, it had always been her Second Uncle who behaved as a high-profile figure and led in the representation of Southeast Group. His outward personality complemented Yue Chunguang well, and many people considered them to be the dream ticket.

Now, her Second Uncle needed to remain low-profile and Yue Chunguang would no longer hide in the dark. This incident could be an opportunity for both the Southeast group and Yue Chunguang.

However, because it didn’t concern herself, and because Li Tianlan and her Second Uncle were rivals in love, Wang Yuetong was unsure about how her Second Uncle would communicate with Yue Chunguang.

“If someone arrests you later, grasp my hand and I’ll bring you out.”

Wang Yuetong whispered to Li Tianlan, her bright eyes full of worry.

It seemed like she could only resign herself to the situation now. But no matter what, she would bring Li Tianlan out first.

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