The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 58

Chapter 58 The Heaven-shattering Rainbow Sword

One blast of force, one fatal strike.

Li Tianlan had a look at Wang Yuetong and said automatically, “It looks like the unique technique of your Wang family of Beihai.”

“Just in appearance.”

Wang Yuetong shook her head and added, “The quintessence is totally different. It’s like a fight between ordinary warriors who are still outside the Four Realms of Martial Arts. They perform the same punch and kick, but use force differently.”

The fifth ice wall broke down.

Before Li Tianlan opened his mouth again, his pupils contracted all of a sudden.

Ning Qiancheng, who has been retreating all the time, suddenly marched one step forward.



The numerous ice swords flying and howling around him straightened immediately. All the ice swords were orderly arranged, and rolled toward Tan Xilai in a formidable array like a torrent!

This was one of the Three Sword Storms of the Jade Pool.

The Floating Life Sword Storm!

This was almost the most orderly sword storm Li Tianlan had ever seen. It was thick and close, like a highly disciplined army, or a delicate and grand sword formation.

The sound of the wind vanished in the dark night. Only the intense whistles of swords piercing through the air were ringing beside the ears. It was freezing cold and full of killing intent!

The first group of ice swords rushed up to Tan Xilai and exploded almost at the same time. The following ones advanced and filled the breach, lashing at the flames on Tan Xilai without a break.

Tan Xilai was still marching forward.

Large numbers of flames on his body were extinguished. The long saber made up of flames in his hand was getting blurry. But he was still moving forward without any pause.

Li Tianlan sighed. Putting aside Tan Xilai’s moral standing, at least his persistence to Martial Arts and fighting was impressive enough.

“So despicable!”

However, Wang Yuetong’s face suddenly changed and she shouted angrily.

In the middle of the battlefield, Tan Xilai, who was approaching Ning Qiancheng, marched forward abruptly.

“Bastard, go to hell!”

He shouted with a wild laugh and raised the blade in his hand.

As he raised his arm, the blurry flame saber suddenly became several times condensed than before. Meanwhile, the flames encircled them both and rolled up around them. Several huge flame sabers appeared out of nowhere in the air. Even though they were fewer than the swords in number, their strength and impetus were greater!

More than ten long sabers completely blocked Ning Qiancheng’s escape route.

The air twisted from the burning flames. More than ten long sabers dropped down at the same time and chopped at Ning Qiancheng!

This was a unique technique of the Asura Path.

Drifting with the Current!

This move sounded harmless, but it was the most effective unique technique of the Asura Path to block the enemy.

Most importantly, to perform this move was beyond the capability of an expert who just entered Fire-flaming Realm.

“Tan Xilai is not at the breakthrough phase of Fire-flaming Realm. He has broken through and is at the stabilization phase. Only at this phase could he barely perform the move, Drifting with the Current.”

Wang Yuetong commented with a hurried tone.

Li Tianlan moved forward subconsciously. But immediately after he took a step, a fire line appeared in front of him. The fire line soared up quickly and became a fire screen.

Gu Youlan stared at him from afar, but her voice rang clearly in his ears, “Do you want to die?”

Wang Yuetong dragged Li Tianlan’s hand and said softly, “Don’t worry. Qiancheng wouldn’t necessarily lose.”

Li Tianlan clenched his teeth, ready to attack at any time.

Within sight, long flame sabers attacked from all directions. But after a loud roar from Ning Qiancheng, all the swords in the sword storm howled and stirred, shooting toward different directions.

At this moment, he also gave up all the defense and sent all the swords against the long flame sabers.

No retreat!

Ning Qiancheng held the ground and moved forward.

A totally defenseless peak Ice-condensing Realm expert was attacking a Fire-flaming Realm expert by force!

Tan Xilai immediately got excited. He giggled and stretched his limbs. A series of cracking sounds rang inside his body. Within a second, he was completely enclosed by great numbers of flames.

“Asura in Blood!”

Wang Yuetong and Li Baitian shouted at the same time.

Li Tianlan didn’t know what was Asura in Blood, but he could tell how powerful Tan Xilai’s unique technique was. Properly speaking, this was not a unique technique that could improve one’s killing ability instantly, but one that could improve one’s combat state. At least within a short time, all the bones and muscles of Tan Xilai’s body would be fully activated. He would be more horrific in both strength and speed. This was also a way to burn up potential. How long he could last totally depended on his willpower and physical strength.

The Li family also had a similar unique technique. This Asura in Blood focused on combat capability and needed potential as the fuel.

However, the unique technique of the Li family focused on momentum, pure momentum, and consumed willpower.

The distance between the two sides was instantly shortened.

The entire battlefield was overwhelmed by Tan Xilai’s wild roar.

Asura in Blood could be regarded as the most essential legacy of the Asura Path. It could be performed from Fire-flaming Realm to Invincible Realm. Within a short time, his bones and muscles were used to the fullest and severe pain spread all over his body. Almost in a blink of an eye, the strong pain made Tan Xilai totally lose his mind. He was only thinking about fighting until all the enemies in front of him were completely torn up!

To tear them up!

This was the most deserved way of death for Ning Qiancheng. Only in this way could Tan Xilai wash off the disgrace he swallowed for so many years.

The long flame sabers in the air disappeared.

So did the sword storm.

The instant when they were about to collide, a thin layer of ice appeared on Ning Qiancheng’s body out of blue.

The ice melted and condensed again.

The flames extinguished and lighted again.

Their bodies collided with each other violently.

Ice and flames splashed instantly.

The sound of punches and kicks rang and disappeared.

With a ferocious howl from Tan Xilai, Ning Qiancheng flew out of the flames, his body facing inside. A large volume of blood gushed from his mouth.


Li Tianlan strode across the fire screen and was about to attack.

Almost at the same second.

Ning Qiancheng shook violently in the air and spit blood again, but with a glaring ray of ice appearing in his hands.

There was no sword storm.

Neither swords.

Only a streak of pale dazzling ice expanded as he extended his hands.

Crashed ice appeared and disappeared in his hands almost at the same second. At this moment, Ning Qiancheng seemed to be holding a streak of light!

A strand of domineering and slashing Sword Energy came into shape from the light in his hands.

Tan Xilai, who was already red-eyed, roared and rushed forward, intending to tear up his opponent.

Ning Qiancheng’s flying body was about to touch the ground.

He extended his two arms to the fullest and then suddenly withdrew both.

In a flash, between earth and sky, a streak of pale rainbow light seemed to shoot out from his hands.

The brilliant ray extended quickly.

Five meters.

Ten meters.

Fifteen meters.

Ning Qiancheng fell to the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He closed his eyes, not even looking at the result.

This was the most powerful move he could perform right now. After all, he finished the move, although imperfectly and with many omissions.

This was a unique technique in the Book of Sword from the Jade Pool. It was derived from the Three Sword Storms, but with a higher status.

Heaven-shattering Rainbow Sword!

Tan Xilai’s roar suddenly came to a halt.

The white rainbow light went through distance and flames. Its overbearing sword intent condensed to the extreme and pierced through his chest.

Right in the middle!

Blood splashed. His entire chest was stirred into a mess by this sword.

Li Tianlan paused for a second and then rushed to Ning Qiancheng.

In the middle of the battlefield, Tan Xilai tried to open his mouth, but couldn’t say anything. His body wobbled and fell directly to the ground, blowing up large areas of black dust from the extinguished flames.

Lying on the ground, Ning Qiancheng stretched his hand with great difficulty, crumbled one of his buttons and poured the powder in the button into his mouth.

“Qiancheng, are you alright?”

Li Tianlan looked at Ning Qiancheng, who was already soaked in blood, and then turned to Wang Yuetong. He asked without hesitation, “Do you still have any medicine to heal Qiancheng’s wounds? This time, I owe you!”


Wang Yuetong quickly glanced at Li Tianlan, as if wanting him to owe her more, and took out a delicate box from her pocket. She opened the box in front of Li Tianlan. There were more than ten hidden grids with powders of different colors.

“These are all helpful to him. Are you sure you want to owe me for all of them?”

Wang Yuetong asked calmly.

“Cut the crap. Feed him.”

Li Tianlan answered without any hesitation.

Wang Yuetong’s eyes flashed for a second. Then she handed the box straight to Li Tianlan.

Ning Qiancheng’s mouth twitched a little at the corner but he made no sound. Li Tianlan was already squatted down beside him and poured all the powders in the box into his mouth.

“You’re such a spender. I won’t die.”

Ning Qiancheng finally opened his mouth and squeezed out some words in a faint voice.

“Keep your mouth shut and have a good rest.”

These words were said without the slightest hesitation, almost like an order.

But Ning Qiancheng shook his head a little and said weakly, “I need to make a phone call to the general.”

At such time, instead of calling his father Ning Zhiyuan, the Commander of Eastern Theater of Operations in Zhongzhou State, he chose to call the general of the Border Praetorian Corps.

He fished out his cellphone, dialed a number, and waited patiently.

Li Tianlan squatted on the ground and raised his head aimlessly.

The moon was glittering in the firmament, bright and gentle.

The wind was fair and the sea was calm. Every dust seemed to have settled down. But Li Tianlan’s heart beat faster and faster.

He could feel clearly that, for him, the wind and rain were coming, and the general trend was approaching!

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