The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 563 - The Rudiments of Empire (III)

Chapter 563 The Rudiments of Empire (III)

There was a moment when Qin Dongchao even thought that Li Tianlan was cooperating with Han Donglou and set a trap for him in this situation.

Han Donglou wanted to pay the same amount as himself but only required 1% of the shares.

And it wasn’t the 1% of the whole Colin family, but just the 1% of what the Colin family had sold to Li Tianlan.

In the Lin Clan’s estimation, the Colin family could give Li Tianlan 30% of the shares—10% of 30%, which was 3%.

He wanted to buy this 3% with 20 billion.

When their assets were strong like this, it was nothing about its worth. Even if the 3% was really worthwhile, not many people would like to purchase it. After spending the huge sum, the profits would be scanty. Why would they want the 3% of shares when it could only bring them a minor position of a small shareholder without the daily decision-making power of the Colin family?

Putting this money anywhere else would generate more than that.

But when Han Xinyan really took out the contract from the briefcase and handed the pen and paper to Li Tianlan, Qin Dongchao realized how crazy it was.

The contract was printed with the seal of the Flourishing Age Fund, and the seal was also signed by Han Donglou. That was to say, as long as Li Tianlan signed his name, the contract would come into effect immediately, and the business would be completed.

“How could this happen? How could this happen?”

Qin Dongchao’s mouth kept trembling.

“Does the boss of the Flourishing Age Fund really have so much money that he doesn’t even know how to spend it?

“This is 20 f**king billion!

“Not 200 bucks.”

Li Tianlan was shocked as well.

He subconsciously took the pen and paper handed to him by Han Xinyan. For a while, he was a little hesitant. He didn’t know whether he should sign it or not.

He wanted to tell Qin Dongchao about the 10% of the shares before, which was aimed at the attitude of his improper request for the money. In fact, this 10% was as outrageous as the 70% that Qin Dongchao wanted. If he wanted to bargain again, there was a lot of space to do so. Yet, Han Donglou set the shares directly as 10%.

“Is he truly insane?”

“Is it fun to waste money like this? Han Donglou, we are talking business here. Why do you have to intervene?”

Qin Dongchao took several deep breaths and calmed down his tone.

“If I can spend some money to make you feel uneasy, I would love to do so,” Han Donglou said with a grin.

Qin Dongchao’s eyes became sharp. Just as he was about to say something, Han Donglou waved his hand and said, “Okay, I can’t spend my money so freely. Everyone is the same. But you are stingy, Mr. Qin. For the shares of the Colin family, I want 10% and I mean it, which is the sincerity of our Flourishing Age Fund. Eastern Europe is so big, we have a lot of things to cooperate with Tianlan. I hope that in the latter cooperation, Tianlan can give us a relatively fair price. ”

Li Tianlan took a look at Han Donglou, doubt flashing in his eyes. Then he smiled and said, “Of course, since that’s the case, Han, I hope we will have a good cooperation.”

Without hesitation, he took the pen and signed his name directly.

Qin Dongchao felt helpless. He was the first one who came to talk about cooperation with Li Tianlan because he wanted some profits here. Business is business. If he could get more from Li Tianlan, he wouldn’t refuse. But his worst prediction was that he could only get 3% of the shares. And Qin Dongchao was quite confident that, if there was no accident, he could get the 3% of the shares at the price that he offered.

Yet an accident happened.

The Flourishing Age Fund, which was so rich that it could not be described as rich, interrupted and chose the losing proposition to show its sincerity. In that case, if Qin Dongchao offered a higher price, Li Tianlan would be silly to cooperate with him.

“Mr. Qin, I don’t think the Colin family cares how many shareholders there are. With the Flourishing Age Fund, you can still be a part of it. The shares that the Colin family sells to me can be transferred. If you are interested, we can talk about it,” Li Tianlan said with a smile, but he was a little excited inside. Almost no one knew that his first step in taking root in Eastern Europe had already been completed, which started with the name he just signed on the contract.

He used 1% of the shares of the Colin family’s traded fund of 20 billion. With the support of the Flourishing Age Fund, Li Tianlan could use this money to buy the core businesses of other families.

Li Tianlan held the most essential core of Eastern Europe. If he would release a little, countless people would buy it at a high price. Then Li Tianlan would obtain more and more money, and his assets would increase. The East Emperor Palace was put on the right track on this completely normal morning.

Qin Dongchao kept silent for a while and nodded. “The Qin Clan will show enough sincerity. I want a 10% share of the Colin family in your hand. As for the price, it’s the same as Han Donglou paid.”


Li Tianlan nodded and asked Dongcheng Rushi to bring something over and put in front of Han Donglou and Qin Dongchao. “This is the letter of intent from every family, including their original shares and prices they offered to me. I believe that this was the first one. More families will join in afterward. You can select something you’re interested in. I will make the price fair for both of us.”

“There’s no need to look.”

Han Donglou pushed the item over to Qin Dongchao, looked at Li Tianlan, and said with a smile,” All these things, the Flourishing Age Fund will buy 1% of the shares. This time, I brought our professional team. Before tonight, you will have our offer.”

Qin Dongchao felt annoyed. He took a look at Han Donglou and sneered. “The Flourishing Age Fund is indeed the leading financial giant, but there are many industries in it. Han Donglou, are you not afraid to choke if you eat all of them?”


Han Donglou gave Qin Dongchao a look.

There was no reason that the patriarch of the Qin Clan suddenly felt that the eyes of the financial giant in front of him became extremely strange. Then Han Donglou shook his head with a smile and said softly, “Industry? This is the whole of Eastern Europe. The business of the Flourishing Age Fund will be expanded to Eastern Europe soon. Therefore, these things that Tianlan has in his hand, I can afford all of them. Money is not a problem.”

Li Tianlan laughed.

He shared the same attitude as Han Donglou. When he was in charge of Eastern Europe, having a partner like Han Donglou, who was so fair to cooperate, he could cooperate with them, no matter how many there were. Neither the project nor the shares were a problem.

In front of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, his ambition had been burning uncontrollably.

He wanted to build a true empire based on Eastern Europe.

The more people joined in the feast, the more partners he would have, and the more stable the Empire would become.

Today was the first day.

The Flourishing Age Fund and the Qin Clan had already joined him, becoming the giant pillar that could support his whole empire, as stable as a rock.

After the chaos of Eastern Europe, the new time hadn’t come yet.

But the empire belonging to Li Tianlan had its embryonic form.

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