The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 562 - The Rudiments of Empire (II)

Chapter 562 The Rudiments of Empire (II)

Money is not everything.

But without money one can go hardly anywhere.

Strictly speaking, Li Tianlan and the East Emperor Palace were not poor at present. Their main economic source came from the investment of the Flourishing Age Fund.

This sounded a little small-minded, but no one who really knew the fund dared to say so. How strong the economic power that had been invested by them depended on their support, not their finance.

What was called “rich as a country”?

The Flourishing Age Fund’s boss, Han Donglou, could be called this. Money for him was just a series of numbers. When one was so rich like this, how long the number would be would not make any sense.

Li Tianlan had obtained two investments from the Flourishing Age Fund when he founded the East Emperor Palace. If the first investment was a “small amount”, then the second investment of tens of billions was enough to be a real big one. Moreover, before Li Tianlan came to Eastern Europe, the money had already arrived in his account, which Ning Qiancheng was in charge of and was taken to Tiannan by him.

It was not a small amount of money. It was just that Li Tianlan wanted too much. The core business of any big business in Eastern Europe, even if it was only a few shares, could not be taken down by tens of billions of funds under normal circumstances.

Now, although they intended to sell at a low price, they had no choice but to rely on and cooperate tentatively. This low price would not really be appalling. With Li Tianlan’s current funds, he could barely take over the core businesses of the two small families, which was still under the condition of giving up Tiannan’s investment.

Li Tianlan did not have enough money for real.

But he had a lot of options.

The Dongcheng Clan and the entire Giant Group, Academics, and the Flourishing Age Fund.

With chips in his hand, he had countless choices.

For now, what he was going to take over was part of the core business of almost all the families in Eastern Europe. Energy, military industry, aviation, real estate, media, construction, oil and minerals, automobile; up to the national lifeline and down to food, clothing, housing, and transportation—all the core industries in Eastern Europe were in front of him.

If he paid, he could take them.

If he had enough money, he could hold the heart of Eastern Europe once he moved after.

In such a situation and in such a general trend, was he afraid that no one would invest?

So Li Tianlan was not in a hurry. He was not in a hurry to call Han Donglou to ask for an additional investment. Instead, he was waiting for the Flourishing Age Fund and many other people’s calls.

Now it had been only a day since the news came out, and the Qin Clan had arrived.

Three days later.

Five days later.

More and more people would come to Li Tianlan asking for cooperation.

This was a real big business. In front of Li Tianlan was a big cake, mature and delicious, with the benefits that could be expected to make people crazy.

This was Li Tianlan’s best chance ever since he entered the secular world.

He would like to use this opportunity to build his own complete team.

Li Tianlan was silent for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, “Mr. Qin, this matter is not urgent for me at present. You should understand it.”

“But I am in a hurry.”

Qin Dongchao wore an undisguised wry smile. “I wish I could talk about it with Your Highness in the next second. As for the price, anything is fine.”

Li Tianlan drank his tea and said quietly, “Don’t be so anxious.”

“It’s not a matter of urgency, it’s a matter of order. In today’s Dark World, no one can question your future. Now, with such a good opportunity, everyone knows that at this time, it’s friends who are the first to approach you and who will share the benefits in the future. A dog is the one who comes last. It might not be able to have a fresh bone.”

Qin Dongchao was a little sentimental. Compared with other people, he knew more for sure. After all, the Qin Clan was the first to contact Qin Weibai. So this time, Qin Dongchao didn’t even hesitate. He could see the ending of this mess. Naturally, he could also see Li Tianlan’s position in the new era.

Li Tianlan’s foundation in Wulan State could not be shaken now. After fully digesting Wulan State, Zhongzhou would certainly plunder all the resources of the whole of Eastern Europe first. His position in Eastern Europe was totally unimaginable in the future, so countless small families had no hesitation to put forward part of their core interests and look forward to tying themselves to Li Tianlan.

Once he took this interest, he would be the core of the future of Eastern Europe. Those families that cooperated with Li Tianlan could also take advantage of the situation to get more benefits from Zhongzhou State. This would be a real win-win situation. As long as they counted on Li Tianlan and had no other thoughts, they would not take any risks.

This was what Li Tianlan would be in the future.

To Eastern Europe, if Li Tianlan won, it would win.

To Zhongzhou State, if Eastern Europe won, Li Tianlan would win.

Qin Dongchao thought of Samsara Palace and the Li family at this moment.

He didn’t know much about the Li family. The break-up of the Li family was vigorous, but when the aftermath swept through Eastern Europe, the most gratifying thing in Eastern Europe was just a blessing for the rest of his life. In those days, the shadow brought by the two royal Highnesses was like the storm crossing all of Eastern Europe, and it had not been eliminated. Otherwise, today, the performance of Wulan State wouldn’t be so cowardly.

So the Samsara Palace would set arrangements here.

That old man in the Li family, although he was not in the Invincible Realm, he was still formidable, set his arrangement in Tiannan.

That was a gift to Li Tianlan from the Li family.

Yet Samsara Palace set its arrangement in Eastern Europe.

That was a gift to Li Tianlan from Qin Weibai.

Eastern Europe and Tiannan. If only Li Tianlan could have them, he could build a new dynasty with this foundation.

He could even build an empire.

“Mr. Qin, you overstated it.”

Li Tianlan shook his head and said, “Only friends can support me at this time.”

Qin Dongchao smiled and said quietly, “Your Highness, let’s say it directly. Since you entered Eastern Europe, the Qin Clan has supported you with all the power. No.2 is still lying in the hospital, and the Qin Clan is still trying to kill Violet and Morton. I’m not asking for credit from you. I just want to say that the Qin Clan has never let you down, so today I’m here sitting in front of you. I have no shame or regret. I think the Qin Clan is qualified to be in the same boat as you.”

“Of course.”

Li Tianlan smiled right away. He poured a cup of tea for Qin Dongchao himself, and said seriously, “I remember everything about the Qin Clan.”

Qin Dongchao nodded and whispered, “In that case, Your Highness, I think we can talk about it. Since we all understand this, it’s more convenient to talk about it. You have a lot of chips in your hand. These chips are enough to let you set up a real power in Eastern Europe. The Qin Clan can’t obtain all of them, but we want to have some. Is that fair? At this time, I think I should talk to you.”

Li Tianlan smiled and handed Qin Dongchao a cigarette. He narrowed his eyes and said, “What’s your intention?”

“We don’t want much. At present, we want about four families, such as the Colin family. No matter how much they offer you, the Qin Clan will pay this number to you and is willing to give you 30% more. As for the shares the Colin family gives you, the Qin Clan wants 70%.”

He looked at Li Tianlan candidly.

Li Tianlan looked at Qin Dongchao, with a cup in his hand and a faint smile on his face.

All these conditions sounded good.

The Colin family was one of the most powerful families in Wulan State. In other words, it was in that position apart from Rekvia. In the agreement for Li Tianlan, the Colin family intended to sell 30% of its shares to him, and their offered price was 15 billion Zhongzhou coins. And the details could be discussed later. The price was really low. If it were during normal times, even if 15 billion could be paid for so many shares of the Colin family, the Colin family wouldn’t sell at all. Obviously, the Colin family had great expectations for Li Tianlan’s future and cooperation with Zhongzhou State.

But now, if Li Tianlan didn’t have to pay any money according to the Qin’s conditions, the Qin Clan would pay him 30% more. What they wanted was only 70% of the 30% shares. If Li Tianlan did it well, he would get 10% of the Colin family for free.

It sounded beautiful.

But in fact, the Qin Clan asked way too much for that.

Even if Li Tianlan didn’t pay, his status was here. If he wanted to find someone to pay for him, a lot of people were willing to do that. After all, this was the core interest of countless core areas in Eastern Europe. Without Li Tianlan, the Colin family would not sell these things.

The Qin Clan wished to obtain 70% interest from Li Tianlan when they paid. It was a beautiful dream. But how could it be possible?

Yet Li Tianlan was not angry about Qin Dongchao’s behavior.

This was the right attitude of a Patriarch of a giant family. Friendship and business were independent.

Li Tianlan suddenly had some mischievous thoughts.

Qin Dongchao wanted 70% of the shares, and Li Tianlan simply went a little crazier. He wanted to say that only 10% of the shares would be given to him. Just as he was about to say that, the door of the reception hall was pushed open from the outside.

A familiar voice sounded outside. “Ah, he lives here? I don’t miss him. We should consider investing in a hotel in Recchi City.”

Qin Dongchao and Li Tianlan looked back at the same time after they looked at each other.

In their sight, Dongcheng Rushi came in with a man and a woman, looking like a father and a daughter.

Walking in the front was a thin middle-aged man. He looked around with his hands behind his back. His eyes were calm and deep.

Qin Dongchao looked annoyed, and he felt annoyed in his heart.

That man nodded at him as a greeting, and then he looked at Li Tianlan with a smile and said, “What are you talking about?”

“What are you doing here?!” Qin Dongchao asked coldly before Li Tianlan had said anything.

That man was stunned for a second, and then he broke into laughter and said, “How could you say this? You know that business exists here. Then why shouldn’t I know? I am no fool.”

Li Tianlan looked at that middle-aged man who walked into the room with his eyes lightened, while Qin Dongchao had a look of helplessness and embarrassment.

“Here comes Master Han. Sit down. Ah, Xinyan, also sit. Rushi, go make the tea, please.”

Li Tianlan stood up with great passion.

This father and daughter pair would not lose their aura of wealth in front of every economic giant, let alone Qin Dongchao.

The Flourishing Age Fund boss, Han Donglou, in Zhongzhou State.

And his daughter, Han Xinyan.

Li Tianlan was not familiar with Han Donglou, but the way he addressed him was quite natural, showing great kindness. Han Xinyan quivered. She felt that she saw Li Tianlan raise a butcher knife and slaughter the Qin Clan.

Han Donglou sat down on the sofa and looked at Qin Dongchao, who had a gloomy face. Then he said with a smile, “It seems that I did not come at the right time.”

Qin Dongchao snorted coldly, with a long face and in silence.

It was no wonder that he didn’t have the courage. The Flourishing Age Fund swept through Eastern Europe more than a month ago. That was the time when the chaos of the Dark World was sweeping toward Eastern Europe. Some oligarch family in Snow Country was destroyed. In a moment, all financial funds were like sharks smelling blood.

The Flourishing Age Fund cooperated with the Wang family of Beihai right away, and a large amount of money went into Eastern Europe. On the same day, financial giants around the world heard the news, and the strong and unimaginable funds broke the financial order of Eastern Europe in an instant, and the currencies rose and fell. However, in a few days, the Flourishing Age Fund had taken a lot of wealth from Eastern Europe, and part of that wealth had to belong to the Qin Clan.

The Flourishing Age Fund had grown to such a level that everyone hated it, but they had some fears in them. Many people wanted to cooperate with it to plunder the wealth of other countries, but they prevented it from attacking themselves just like preventing their enemies.

The boss of such a notorious financial fund would likely be boycotted by all the giant families’ leaders in the country once he showed up somewhere, unless they had a cooperation.

“You came at the perfect time.” Li Tianlan suddenly smiled. “Han, I have recently obtained some core shares of Eastern European families, such as the Colin family. I just talked about this issue with Mr. Qin. He plans to give me 30% more money and take 70% of the shares of the Colin family that belong to me, which is still under discussion.”

Qin Dongchao looked at Li Tianlan without any expression.

Li Tianlan smiled like sunshine.

Qin Dongchao smiled bitterly in his mind and said nothing.

“You will pay for 30% more… but you want 70% of the shares?”

Han Donglou glimpsed at Qin Dongchao and said with a smile, “The surname of the Qin Clan shouldn’t be Qin. It should be Treachery.”

Qin Dongchao became furious and asked with a dark face, “What do you mean? I brought the most professional analysis team of the Qin Clan, we…”

“Come on, it sounds like other families don’t have any analysis team. As for this kind of team, we have the best one.”

“The Colin Family?” Han Donglou grinned.

“Ah, the one that engages in the military project in Recchi City?

“Fine, I have some interest in this family. How about considering my price, Tianlan?” Han Donglou said with a smile.

Li Tianlan nodded. He didn’t refuse.

“Well. I will pay as much as the Qins. As for the shares…” Han Donglou looked at Li Tianlan. A canny thought flashed through his head. He said, “I’ll take 1%.”


The tea Li Tianlan just drank, which he hadn’t yet swallowed, directly sprayed on Qin Dongchao.

Qin Dongchao looked stunned. He froze for a little while, stood up suddenly, and shouted, “Are you insane?”

“That’s it.” Han Donglou waved his hand lightly. “I’m ready to sign the contract at any time.”

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