The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 555 - Name

Chapter 555 Name

Out of Wang Tianzong’s residence, accompanied by Li Tianlan, Li Huacheng visited the Snowdance Corps stationed in the military parade square. President Li Huacheng listened to the reports of the two vice commanders of Cool Breeze and Drifting Cloud and received a group of Snowdance Corps leaders including Li Zonghu and Sun Mengran.

Li Huacheng talked about the future garrison plans with the Snowdance Corps leaders. He confirmed the achievements of the Snowdance Corps in Eastern Europe this time, recorded some requirements of the Snowdance Corps on armaments, and said that they would implement them as soon as possible after returning to his country.

Later, accompanied by a group of high-class officials, President Li Huacheng visited the wounded and soldiers of the Snowdance Corps again and talked warmly with the soldiers’ representatives. When Reeker came for a pick up at dusk, Li Huacheng returned to the Manlisi Hotel where he stayed.

Li Tianlan stayed to have dinner in the camp. Tribulation, who was injured but had a more peaceful breath, made a cup of tea. After the dinner, he looked at Li Tianlan, and said with a smile, “What’s the matter? Tell me about it.”

Li Tianlan was collecting his words.

Tribulation was not in a hurry. He waited quietly. He had known that Li Tianlan had something to say since he didn’t go back with Li Huacheng. He asked, “Is it hard to get a position in the Snowdance Corps?”

“No.” Li Tianlan shook his head. Few people could beat Tribulation from qualification to strength. None of them, you could say. Besides, with Giant Group’s full support, he could be the new and irreplaceable commander once he agreed.

“Wang Tianzong will make a breakthrough.” He thought about it and decided to tell the truth. His tone was simple and peaceful, just like he was talking about an unimportant thing.

With a cup, Tribulation’s hand trembled suddenly. Hot water spilled out on his hand, but he seemed to be feeling nothing. He looked at Li Tianlan surprisingly.

Wang Tianzong. Breakthrough. Putting these two words together would cause a fierce and frightening storm and make people not be able to breathe. He didn’t know what to say all of a sudden.

The whole Dark World knew that Wang Tianzong’s power had completely surpassed the peak of Invincible Realm. Yet he had entered the Invincible Realm for many years.

Accumulation for so many years helped him have a step forward. Most people thought Wang Tianzong was purely lucky. How long had it been? Would he make a breakthrough again? Could it really be broken through over the Invincible Realm peak?

“He is going to break through?”

Tribulation asked again as if he didn’t hear it clearly.

Li Tianlan nodded. Thinking about Wang Tianzong’s words, he said, “Three days at most and three days at least.”

His expression went down immediately. If the time could be so precise, it was not only possible for him to break through but absolutely certain he would break through.

He moved the corner of his mouth, trying to say something, but he felt confused, The fate of Recchi City was settled, as well as the fate of Eastern Europe. If Wang Tianzong made his breakthrough now, what of the things they had done before? Once he did it again, he, alone, would hold the fate of the Dark World.

The whole room contained a strength that was hard to repress. Tribulation took a hard deep breath and said drily, “What level could it be after transcending Half-step Invincible Realm to break through?”

Li Tianlan laughed sadly, not saying anything.

It was not important to know what level it was over Invincible Realm. The important thing was that at this time when Invincible Realm Peak was at the maximum, if Wang Tianzong broke through again, he would be the real Chosen One. The Chosen One was the supreme.

“Is it called supreme?” Li Tianlan said with ridicule.

Tribulation glanced at him and suddenly said, “What plan does Wang Tianzong have?”

“He wouldn’t and is not able to march to Recchi City. But for the strength of the Wang family of Beihai how could they stand getting nothing from Eastern Europe? If they let go of Recchi City, other places in Eastern Europe, at least Snow Country, would be controlled by them.”

Li Tianlan said quietly, “Beihai Corps has begun lurking in Snow Country.”

Tribulation took a deep breath and asked, “What about the president?”

Li Tianlan’s eyes were cold. He said peacefully, “When we were discussing it, President wanted Beihai Corps and Snowdance Corps to help and support each other in Eastern Europe from now on.”

Tribulation stood up with a sneer. He held the cup tea and said coldly, “What does he mean?”

Li Tianlan thought for a while, “Literal meaning, I guess.”

Walking back and forth, Tribulation looked at the storm outside and said slowly, “Is this neutral? Yes, it must be neutral.”

Li Tianlan said nothing.

It was quite normal.

Fools knew that once Beihai Corps was in Snow Country, it was impossible to let Beihai Corps live with Snowdance Corps in peace. Snowdance Corps now was a sharp sword of Li Tianlan. The East Emperor Palace had just gotten started. Sigh City was with Situ Cangyue. Giant Group was with Dongcheng Wudi. Samsara Palace was with Master of Samsara Palace. Not to mention how Purgatory of Heaven Capital was, at least the Li family was, with Li Honghe.

Only the Snowdance Corps would not truly be vacillated under the influence of Li Tianlan.

Once Wang Tianzong broke through, even if he didn’t act in person, he could weaken Li Tianlan’s power by letting Beihai Corps annex Snowdance Corps with his influence as the current Chosen One. Nevertheless, Li Huacheng didn’t apparently give Li Tianlan the support he wanted.

Due to Wang Tianzong’s breakthrough, Academics’ attitudes were quite unsure now.

Tribulation stopped. He looked at Li Tianlan and said, “Tell me about your plan.”

“I want to go north from Sigh City,” Li Tianlan said without hesitation. His words were short, but they showed an absolute sharpness, like an unsheathed sword with blood.

“Go north?” Tribulation raised his eyebrow.

Sigh City was the most northern area in Zhongzhou State.

To its north was Eastern Europe.

“Go north.”

Li Tianlan nodded. It was the first time he had given advice about Sigh City’s future since he became the Young Governor of Sigh City. Perhaps this is the moment that he fully ingrained as one of the core characters of the Special Warfare System in Zhongzhou State.

Tribulation looked at Li Tianlan gravely. It was the first time that he had given advice like this. It needed to be regarded seriously, or what kind of Young Governor would Li Tianlan be.

He sat across Li Tianlan and said with all seriousness, “Tell me how you think.”

“The only force I can recall is Sigh City. Only Sigh City can completely stabilize five countries in Eastern Europe.”

Li Tianlan said slowly, “Nothing could happen to the five countries. They are our last foundation and bargaining chips. To tell the truth, I am scared.”

He was really scared. He was scared of losing everything, of being shameful to the Li family, and of failing to carry the responsibility he had now. He was scared of Wang Tianzong.

Being the Chosen One, Wang Tianzong brought him tremendous stress. With the Wang family of Beihai, that stress didn’t allow him to breathe.

Under these circumstances, there was a surreptitious Jiang Shangyu in Snowdance Corps.

According to the current information that had been sent from Zhongzhou State and Samsara Palace, Jiang Shangyu had quite possibly built a connection with the Wang family of Beihai. That was normal. Otherwise, he shouldn’t turn on Kunlun City in any case.

Only in this way, the Wang family of Beihai could put down a powerful figure in the Snowdance Corps, and he was more powerful than Chen Qingluan.

So Li Tianlan would felt that it was not enough to have Jie here.

He wanted to integrate Sigh City into the five countries in Eastern Europe.

Several famous assassins in Dark World were in Sigh City. Their nearly supreme killing ability frightened everyone.

Situ Cangyue, Tribulation and Qin Xilai were three elites in Invincible Realm.

When Wulan State’s situation was completely stable, they three would cooperate to open the connection from Wulan State to Western Europe, and Dark Knights would begin their work. They would be showing the dark force of northern Europe and work with the Snowdance Corps. Until then, Rafael, another elite of Invincible Realm, would join in too.

Qin Clan and Rekvia had a strong relationship.

Li Tianlan had Reeker.

So Li Tianlan could be assured. This power could be useful to help Sigh City cope with the Wang family of Beihai, if Wang Tianzong would do it himself.

“It’s useless to only talk to me,” Tribulation said slowly after thinking for a while.

“I will talk to Aunt tonight.”

Li Tianlan nodded, “Besides, I will talk to Minister Dongcheng and Secretary Bai myself.”

If Sigh City was going to move north, there were a lot of things that needed to be set. The profit in the northeast could not be given up. Now Sigh City seemed like giving up everything in Guandong and Longjiang Province. Yet they were in Liaodong, having an unreachable influence in the northeast. Once Sigh City moved away, everything needed to be handed over with a cumbersome process. Some profit can’t simply be given away.

To Dongcheng Clan, Li Tianlan was one of them. To Sigh City, Li Tianlan was one of them too. Nonetheless, to both Dongcheng Clan and Sigh City, there was an alliance. Li Tianlan had to coordinate both of them, giving them a satisfying answer, so that Sigh City could move to the north.

Tribulation nodded and said, “I’m okay with it.”

“Then I will implement it as soon as possible.” Li Tianlan stood up.

Tribulation nodded, “I’ll arrange a car to get you.”

“Thank you, but no.” Li Tianlan shook his head and said, “The strong wind and heavy rain can help me clear my mind…”

He went outside, turned around, and looked at Tribulation who stood exactly where he was with a gentle and calm eye. Suddenly, Li Tianlan could hardly remember how he looked when he first saw him that year. Yet he knew Tribulation was not like this. He should not only be the best assassin in the Dark World but the Commander in Eastern Europe.

Li Tianlan moved his mouth, saying with a small voice, “Thank you, my martial uncle.”

Tribulation shook his head with a peaceful smile, no sharpness or coldness in it.

Li Tianlan turned around and walked into the stormy weather with a complex feeling.

In the bigger picture, everyone’s fate could be changed somehow. The old ways remained yet new ones were about to change. What kind of situation could it be after Wang Tianzong’s breakthrough? No one could tell. What Li Tianlan could do was to use his current resource to create a relatively good situation for himself.

He walked silently in the rain. The rain fell and vanished secretly when it was about to fall on him.

Various thoughts began to pop up in his head flourishingly. Some were unrealistic while some seemed possible; some were pessimistic and some were oppressive. Li Tianlan let his mind fly. He walked in the rain, and his figure seemed free and natural.

Night fell on the whole world. A beam of light appeared in front, and some noise was uncertain.

A familiar and unforgettable fragrance faintly drifted down. Li Tianlan sniffled subconsciously and looked up with surprise. Qin Weibai was standing in front of him with a smile on her face. Beside her, Flaming Fire was holding an umbrella, without any expression or emotion.

Li Tianlan was a little surprised. Before he could say anything, a very happy and sincere mood also came to him. Colorful light formed in front of him and surrounded him.

Li Tianlan felt some weight on his back. Somehow a heavy sword fell on it. That weight was quite broad so he didn’t feel it hard to carry. That was a sense of blood and kin. The sword and he were one. In another word, the sword was a part of him. They were so harmonious and fit together.

The colorful light that covered him was generally absorbed by him, becoming a faint light circle. Li Tianlan stood in it, calm and peaceful, with a kind of transcendence.

Li Tianlan reached out his hand unconsciously.

He touched a part of the hilt. There was a black hilt, deep and profound.

He finally saw what the sword looked like, though it was a part of the hilt.

“This is…” He said softly with confusion.

“It likes you a lot.” Qin Weibai smiled warmly and said, “This is the sword I told you about. You deserve it for your future. It’s a sword that belongs to the Chosen One.”

Li Tianlan kept silent for a long while.

He could feel the vastness and purity in the sword. The magnificent sword which could tear the sky apart could not be seen but was very powerful. If Li Tianlan held this sword, even he didn’t enter Invincible Realm, he could be invincible. If this sword had a heart, with his sword’s intent and the plentiful Sword Energy, he could recreate the glory in the Trial Day’s night, and he could be even stronger.

In other words, with this sword, he could fight with Wang Tianzong only if Wang Tianzong didn’t break through. If a fight could even happen.

Feeling the gentleness and joy on his back, he thought in his mind, “Is this an opportunity?”

“That hit on the square was a little too much.” Li Tianlan drowned in his mind, speaking out unconsciously.

“No,” Qin Weibai winked and said softly, “You deserve everything it gives you. Its master must be the true elite in the world and should be a god in others’ minds.”

The wind blew and the rain fell heavily. She seemed a little cold, wrapping in her grey wind coat gently.

Li Tianlan glanced at her. She was in a grey wind coat, a white scarf, a white shirt, a pair of black, straight-legged trousers, and high heels. Simple and decent, but it looked too cold for the weather in Eastern Europe.

Li Tianlan took off his commander suit coat and put it on her shoulder. He took her in his arm, bit her tender ear, and whispered, “Thank you. I like it a lot.”

The giant invisible sword behind him made him more delighted.

Qin Weibai’s body was quivering. She whispered, “It tickles.”

Li Tianlan kissed her ear.

Qin Weibai answered, but she felt her body was increasingly soft. She wanted to hurl herself into his arms.

Li Tianlan grinned, depressing his rude thoughts, and asked gently, “You won’t leave this time?”

Qin Weibai was silent for a while in his arms and said, “I’ll leave tomorrow. Go to Mormans.” Li Tianlan frowned.

Afraid that he would get angry Qin Weibai reached out, circled his neck, and whispered, “I’ll accompany you tonight. You can do whatever you want.”

She paused, and her perfect and flawless face was flushed, but it was still cold and greasy, “As much as you want.”

Li Tianlan’s breath hurried, and his arms around Qin Weibai tightened.

“Boss, it’s time to go. Palace Master is waiting for you,” Flaming Fire said suddenly.

Her voice was as cold as the frozen ice in the polar region.

Li Tianlan glanced at Flaming Fire. Flaming Fire looked back at him. There was a weird light flaming in her eyes.

“Right, let’s go and find sister.” Qin Weibai pushed Li Tianlan gently and spoke to him in a soft voice.

“Palace Master is here? Li Tianlan was stunned for a bit.

Since he had entered the secular world, he had a close connection with Samsara Palace. He had met many Super Masters there and the one who kept in touch with him was Qin Weibai. As for the Master of Samsara Palace, he just met her once in through a video chat. If she was in Eastern Europe now, it would be the first time that they meet in person.

Li Tianlan was a little uneasy.

“She is in a nearby hotel. Let’s go.” Qin Weibai took his hand and got in a black car parked on the road.

Li Tianlan looked at Manlisi Hotel which was just in front of them, and said nothing.

Qin Weibai sat by him, holding his hand with endless gentleness.

“The clothes don’t suit you,” Li Tianlan said suddenly, “They make you look older than you are now.” He shocked himself with the words he said.

In his mind, Qin Weibai was perfect. There was no such thing as whether clothes suited her or not. Any clothes would be quite delightful when she wore them. To be honest, Qin Weibai was still a knockout with the grey wind coat. Nevertheless, this color looked so mature, which made Li Tianlan feel odd without a reason. He didn’t know why he could be so strict on this.

“Is it?” Qin Weibai looked down at her clothes and said in a low voice, “Then I won’t wear them anymore.” She took off her coat and put it on the seat. Then she leaned into Li Tianlan’s arms.

“It looks better,” Li Tianlan praised her with his head down.

Qin Weibai followed his eyes and saw what he was looking at. She rolled her eyes, smiling with her mouth shut, and said, “You little bastard.”

Li Tianlan circled her waist with his arm and said softly, “What things do Mormans have?”

“Insignificant things. They could be solved quite soon.” Qin Weibai lay in his arms, feeling his heartbeat.

Her eyes were a little distant, “When you’ve solved Mormans’ problems, I will go to Tiannan with you, okay? I’ll leave Samsara Palace so I can be with you all day long. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do. I can also give you a baby. Ah, with Rushi and Yuetong…” Her beautiful eyes were blurred and full of longing.

Li Tianlan’s face went soft too. He said, “Fine. When everything’s over, I’ll take you all to Tiannan.” He paused, “It’ll be over very soon.”

Glimmering behind him, the colorful light flew on his arms, went down, and covered his hand. The light froze and changed into a pair of black gloves on his hands. Li Tianlan stretched the corners of his mouth helplessly. His hands were moving upward and almost reaching the soft and perky breasts. Yet the glove showed just in time.

“They are so thick,” Li Tianlan wondered, looking at the gloves.

As if they had felt Li Tianlan’s thought, the gloves glittered grievously and it changed into a black ring.

Li Tianlan shook his hand with satisfaction. He asked with joy, “What’s the sword’s name?”

Qin Weibai paused. She glanced at Flaming Fire reflexively.

Flaming Fire was driving the car with full attention, her hands holding the steering wheel tight.

Qin Weibai moved a little and said, “It doesn’t matter what its name was. It’s your sword now. You’d better give it a name.”

“A name?” Flaming Fire said suddenly, “Does it matter?”

Li Tianlan looked at her with some consternation and said, “What do you mean?”

Flaming Fire was silent for a while, and then she said indifferently, “Nothing.”

She kept driving and didn’t mean to say anything anymore.

A long time ago, when she just followed Qin Weibai, she realized something. Until today, she understood it thoroughly. The so-called name and the so-called identity, yours, mine, hers and his, whatever it was, it was nothing.

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