The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 554 - Three Days

Chapter 554 Three Days

Li Huacheng did have a very short time.

So as soon as the memorial meeting was over, Zhongzhou State had checked the time of the welcome dinner with Wulan State. This dinner, which was destined to divide most of the property of Wulan State and even the five Eastern European countries, would be held tomorrow evening. The time was enough for many important figures in Eastern Europe to come to Recchi City and also enough for Zhongzhou State and Wulan State to sign a series of agreements. This was the main purpose of Li Huacheng’s visit this time.

The dinner party would be held after the agreements were signed. This way, Zhongzhou State could be sure about what they would have got and then negotiated with the influential families all over Eastern Europe. So both Li Huacheng and Wulan State lacked time. They had to make a final decision of all the agreements on the last day. The several agreements that would be signed very soon mostly represented the future of Wulan State.

Reeker seemed like he had made preparations in advance. When the Snowdance Corps retreated, he began to arrange people to take representatives from Zhongzhou State to the hotel. As for Li Tianlan, Li Huacheng, and Wang Tianzong, they went to the Office of the President, to put it frankly, the place where Wang Tianzong had been imprisoned.

“From now on, this place will be the base of the Snowdance Corps. The Office of the President’s new location is about nine miles away. The old site of the Caesar Hotel will be the new Office of the President. So this square will be expanded. I’ve talked to Commander Cheng Huining of Arctic Ocean Command, and I’ve also reported all this to Minister Dongcheng. Within three months, the Snowdance Corps will receive a batch of armaments from Arctic Ocean Command. When they are around, Wulan State’s future will be stable.”

A black Hongqi was driving on the highway. Looking at the parade square, Li Tianlan reported in a calm tone.

Now Reeker was not in the car. Li Zonghu was driving himself and they could talk freely, so Li Tianlan had nothing to worry about. He said directly, “Zhongzhou State could have adopted tougher measures. when it comes to that, Reeker has enough psychological preparation. After the agreements are signed, there will be some details. Then I will talk to him.”

Li Huacheng tapped his shoulder and said gently, “You’ve been working so hard.” Li Tianlan shook his head and said calmly, “Soldiers from the Snowdance Corps are truly working very hard.”

“Of course.” Li Huacheng nodded and said, “They will be cited in groups in Zhongzhou State and their treatment will be improved. As for those who are sacrificed, I will inform the Army Headquarters to increase their pension. They must rest in peace after death.”

Listening to Li Huacheng’s bureaucratic tone out of habituation, Li Tianlan was silent for a while, without saying a word.

“What about the rotation of the Snowdance Corps?” the silent Wang Tianzong asked calmly. Li Huacheng’s eyes flickered a few times. He said nothing.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Tianzong. He said lightly, “The current plan is that the rotation period will be three years. Everyone in the Snowdance Corps is a true man. Three years later, they will return home.”

Li Zonghu said all of a sudden, “We have asked for their consent at first. They are willing to stay here for three years.”

“What about three years later?” Wang Tianzong kept asking. Li Tianlan glanced at him and grinned without saying anything.

His meaning was quite clear. Li Tianlan built Recchi City, so the Li family would hold onto it. They didn’t care if others wanted to share some benefits, but they must obey the Li family’s order. Only the army force could keep the order.

More than ten thousand elites of the Snowdance Corps were here, with fine equipment. They could be equal to thousands of troops. They would stay here for three years. As for what troops would come over in three years, that was what Li Tianlan should consider. It was none of Wang Tianzong’s business.

Only for three years. With Li Tianlan’s current situation, he was holding Recchi City. But after three years, could he really come up with an army that could replace the Snowdance Corps?

“It’s good that young people have courage,” Wang Tianzong said slowly. Li Tianlan was waiting for the “but” from Wang Tianzong’s mouth. Yet Wang Tianzong didn’t continue, so he nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Recently, there will be a group of soldiers from the Beihai Corps garrisoning Eastern Europe. The army will gather in Snow Country. If the Snowdance Corps feel stressed, Marshal Li can adjust the Beihai Corps to garrison Recchi City temporarily,” Wang Tianzong said suddenly.

Li Tianlan twitched the corner of his mouth.

Li Huacheng frowned without uttering a word.

Let the Beihai Corps garrison Snow Country?

Snow Country was the world’s power. Although its experience was outdated, it still held the world’s top military strength. In the chaos in Eastern Europe, all the super forces once had stayed in Snow Country, but no one was willing to fight there. Now the chaos in Eastern Europe was about to end. Did Wang Tianzong want to fight against Snow Country?

Perhaps Snow Country didn’t know that the Beihai Corps would garrison there.

“Do you have confidence?” Li Huacheng asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” Wang Tianzong just said a simple word calmly and confidently.

“If you need backup, just say it. Although the Snowdance Corps doesn’t have many soldiers, we won’t refuse to help.”

Wang Tianzong agreed lightly and said, “Marshal Li should take care of yourself first. Although wars won’t fall on Wulan State, a lot of things will happen there. If you need backup, just tell me.”

Li Tianlan laughed coldly and said nothing.

“You both are pillars of Zhongzhou State. You don’t need to make things difficult for each other. Zhongzhou State is a big state. It is able to allow the Wang family of Beihai to live there, and it also has a place for the Li family’s development. Particularly now, both of you are outside Zhongzhou State. You can’t make yourself a laughing stock in front of others. So I hope you can focus on the overall situation.”

Li Huacheng felt a little headache.

If everything had been vague before the Eastern European chaos, now conflicts between the Li family and the Wang family of Beihai were very sharp. This time, Li Huacheng came to Recchi City mainly for the five countries in Eastern Europe. But privately, he also needed to coordinate the relationship between Li Tianlan and Wang Tianzong.

Wang Tianzong, Li Tianlan.

The current Sword Emperor and future East Emperor represented Zhongzhou State’s present and future. If their conflicts were increasing, it would be a good thing for everyone outside Zhongzhou State. But to Zhongzhou State, no one wanted to see that happen. Before Li Huacheng left, he received many significant calls, including the ones from the leaders of the Southeast Group, the Giant Group, and even officials from the Prince Group and the Special Warfare Group.

It was hard to solve the resentment between the Wang family of Beihai and the Li family, but countless people hoped that Li Huacheng could control their conflicts in a range somehow.

But now? Wang Tianzong would fight against Snow Country. And he was not simply aiming for Snow Country.

Once he took down Snow Country and set troops there, conflicts would be endless between the Snowdance Corps and the Beihai Corps. Both of them would try to annex each other. Just like the backup they said. It sounded generous, but be it the Snowdance Corps or the Beihai Corps, if they met tricky issues in Eastern Europe, they would rather die than ask for help. As an ancient saying went, “It’s easy to ask for help but it’s hard to pay the debt.” Their power was not equal, but in Eastern Europe, they had an equal position. Once their troops got into each other’s territory, then one side could do nothing if the other side wouldn’t retreat.

Li Huacheng had no solution either.

The Wang family of Beihai had its own way of development. He could not and hated to persuade Wang Tianzong to give up Snow Country. He hated to make Li Tianlan give up Wulan State as well. In the end, the only result could only be the fight between the Beihai Corps and the Snowdance Corps with open and secret means in Eastern Europe. The only thing that Li Huacheng could do now was to persuade the two Chosen Ones to see the overall situation.

The car turned slowly and stopped on the square in front of the Office of the President.

Li Huacheng got out of the car and asked suddenly, “What’s the truth about Tribulation’s injury?”

It was essential too. To any country, an Invincible Realm expert’s health condition was essential. And his words acted as a warning to Wang Tianzong.

The Snowdance Corps’s new Commander was Tribulation, recommended by Li Tianlan.

Tribulation could not win Wang Tianzong.

But Wang Tianzong and Li Tianlan were the same. They could not stay long in Eastern Europe. If Wang Tianzong left, no one could win Tribulation.

Dijiang might stop him, but the Border Control Corps seemed more important. Wang Tianzong wouldn’t leave him in Eastern Europe. Once he left, the Snowdance Corps apparently had more confidence than the Beihai Corps did.

Besides, Tribulation had enough quality and power. If he was the one who replaced Li Tianlan, even the Southeast Group couldn’t find a reason to oppose him.

“What about martial uncle’s injury?”

Li Tianlan didn’t say clearly that in fact, Tribulation’s injury was very serious, but it wasn’t really fatal. Most of his injuries were caused by his entanglement with Paul. As for other injuries, although they were serious as well, the recovery speed was very fast after he regained his action capability. Even if Li Tianlan was going to leave in a short period of time, he could rest assured. “In his current state, he can be competent for the post of Head of the Snowdance Corps.”

“Of course it would be reassuring if Tribulation could be the Commander. It is possible that Recchi City may not be calm in the future. The missing Jiang Shangyu is still unfound. It could be inappropriate for Marshal Li to leave now,” Wang Tianzong said lightly. It was a warning too.

Even if the Commander who was set here by the Wang family of Beihai was not able to beat Tribulation, Jiang Shangyu was still in the Snowdance Corps.

And compared with Gu Xingyun, who was afraid that Li Tianlan had a large force and became powerful in Eastern Europe, Wang Tianzong was less hoping Li Tianlan went to Tiannan. Or he would not hesitate to make a breakthrough until now.

“I won’t leave unless I find Jiang Shangyu,” Li Tianlan said lightly.

Several people went into the messy Office of the President and entered Wang Tianzong’s temporary bedroom.

“It’s a good place to talk but the hotel will be better. Tianzong, Tianlan, it was just a misunderstanding earlier. Now it is passed. It’s fine to understand the whole thing. Wulan State is totally capable of arranging Tianzong a new living place that will be more suitable for his position,” Li Huacheng said with a slight smile. His eyes were on Li Tianlan.

On Trial Day, the thing that he imprisoned Wang Tianzong was known all over Zhongzhou State, which made his reputation rise a great deal. Now it was over. It was meaningless to detain Wang Tianzong anymore.

Unsurprisingly, Li Tianlan nodded and said, “I’m fine with it.”

“You don’t have to.”

Wang Tianzong laughed. He poured a cup of tea for Li Huacheng and Li Tianlan respectively. He said slowly, “It’s a good place. Very quiet. No one will disturb me when I am doing my daily writing practice. I’m quite satisfied with this place.”

He paused and said with a smile, “It won’t be long for me to live here anyway. It’s fine to be here.”

“Won’t be long? How long will it be?” Li Tianlan asked suddenly. His eyes looked serious.

When Wang Tianzong was going to speak, his phone rang. He took out his phone and had a look. That was a short message from Summer Solstice.

Wang Tianzong looked down and read it. Silently, Li Tianlan felt that every inch of the space around him was terrifying all of a sudden. Wang Tianzong seemed to grow tougher. He shot Li Tianlan a glance and said calmly, “Three days. That will be enough.”

Li Tianlan’s pupils contracted in an instant.

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