The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 250 - Day Seven · Peerless

Chapter 250 Day Seven · Peerless

There was no word to describe Li Tianlan’s anger.

The white robe was fluttering in the night sky under the restraint of the chain.

Moonlight stood on the other side, being hundreds of meters away. Between them were the remaining elites of the Jiang family of South America.

The numb body gradually gained consciousness. The muddle-headed man summoned up the willpower.

Silver Human Sovereign changed into Sky Halberd once again. Meanwhile, the scarlet crescent-shaped spear blade stretched out.

Dashing forward.

He didn’t care about anything else!

Li Tianlan’s eyes turned from blood red to dark red.

He already lost all reasons and judgment.

Battlefield, night, starry sky, crowd…

Glory, responsibility, grievance, hope…

What he saw were falling apart.

What he undertook was disappearing.

In the whole world, there was only a helpless figure hanging in the air.

She was still perfect and dreamy, but somewhat sad and beautiful.


Li Tianlan’s roar almost became wail. His huge pain inside changed into extremely distorted hatred and anger. He got quite a few attacks as he advanced.

Ice frost, raging fire, and rampant thunder.

The white robe made of cloud streaks absorbed most of the power, but the remaining power kept hitting Li Tianlan’s body.

Blood ran out of the figure in white, all over the body.

Li Tianlan only had an almost instinctive thought.

Even if he died, he would let her live.

Therefore, he dashed forward, being fearless and determined.

The white figure rushed through ice frost, raging fire, and rampant thunder. He could feel the glint and flash of cold steel.

He just advanced madly.

His woman was there. He did not care about the most severe trials.

The skull-crushing wailing had not dissipated, but Li Tianlan had dashed forward about 30 meters.

Dense shadows had broken into pieces.

Blood spurted in the light and shadows.

The person in white was getting farther away.

From a slightly southward position, the black and white radiance of Yin-Yang sword shot toward the sky. The remaining camp of Mount Shu and Sigh City began to dash to the Jiang family of South America.

Daybreak also in white bypassed Liusheng Cangquan and looked at Li Tianlan’s back, shouting, “Come back!”

As he just moved, Liusheng Cangquan appeared in front of him again.

“Lord Senluo?”

Liusheng Cangquan sneered and looked at Daybreak with solemnness and ridicule. “You can’t go anywhere!”

“Get out!”

Daybreak’s handsome and almost fascinating face distorted because of anger and eagerness. Meanwhile, his hair stood on end.


Endless light suddenly erupted from Daybreak’s side, as if the rays of heaven and earth gathered or it gave out beyond the limits.

Milky Way Handprint!

The light spread out instantly as a raging tide.

Daybreak rushed to Liusheng Cangquan with great light.

It was a pseudo domain!

As he instantly shrank the pupils, Liusheng Cangquan withdrew the sword without hesitation. In the twinkling of an eye, a massive wave of power came over, so that sword radiance and the light of Milky Way Handprint went up to the sky.

Daybreak’s second print had been completed.

Divine Punishment Handprint!

It suddenly thundered in the clear starry sky. The light of Milky Way Handprint began to radiate in all directions. The starlight was fading out. A bolt of thunder spread for hundreds of meters that broke through the battlefield.

Rolling thunder.

Dense lightning surged without warning.

The sky was ablaze with lightning. As lights got together, a big funnel of lightning seemed to appear in the clear night sky. All the light shone on Liusheng Cangquan with crazy killing intent.

Daybreak’s third handprint, which was more complicated, had already come to an end.

It was not a single one.

It was an integrated one.

All-embracing Collection!

The noisy and fierce battlefield suddenly quieted.

All the sounds were gone.

Liusheng Cangquan broke through lightning with a ray of sword radiance.

All attacks and shadows nearby broke up at the same time.

There was no lightning around Daybreak, so all the air around was rotating wildly in front of him. Due to Liusheng Cangquan’s sword radiance, all attacks and shadows around turned into an indescribable power. Daybreak integrated the power with the rotating air.

To turn the power of Heaven and Earth into strength for one’s own use.

It was the real All-embracing Collection.

It was available for heaven and earth, not to mention other people’s attacks.

Daybreak’s corners of the mouth began to bleed. The air rotating in front of him had become an enormous vortex. As the sword intent as vast as the ocean came in and went out of the vortex, the forces from outside gathered wildly.

The vortex had swollen up to a hundred meters.

Liusheng Cangquan’s sword was broken, and he had not drawn the other sword.

Daybreak, bleeding at the corner of his mouth, had suddenly raised his hand.

With the assault of All-embracing Collection, the power of Heaven and Earth, Liusheng Cangquan’s sword radiance, and the outbreak of all the surrounding people’s force.

The ferocious air vortex directly acted on Liusheng Cangquan.


A loud roar sounded in the battlefield.

The air vortex wholly shattered. Thunder, flame, ice wall, and twisted air crowded and exploded wildly. All enemies within a hundred meters and Liusheng Cangquan were simultaneously swallowed up.

A hundred-meter deep huge dent appeared on the battlefield, with countless lights and shadows.

Daybreak did not look at the result but immediately turned to Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan was still moving.

However, Moonlight, who hanged Qin Weibai in the void, began to retreat.

It was disappointing that their distance became farther and farther.

In front of him were lights and shadows. Dense lightning erupted in front of him and struck him.

The cloud-streak clothes began to lose its activity.

His injury was getting worse.

Li Tianlan was utterly insane.

In the lights and shadows all over the sky, he lifted Sky Halberd over his head and chopped up the lightning.

At the moment when the light faded, a lackluster long sword abruptly passed through the night sky.

The sword edge went straight!


The cloud-streak clothes, which had lost most of its activity, swayed a little, but the sword edge had pierced through it and stabbed Li Tianlan’s belly.

The sword edge went through the front and the backside of the body.

The lackluster silver edge dropped from the sky. Before the expert of Thunder-shocking Realm who succeeded in the sneak attack could retreat, Li Tianlan chopped up him into pieces with Human Sovereign.

The attacks in all direction acted on him.

Li Tianlan was expressionless. He withdrew the long sword from his abdomen, while he swept all before him with Sky Halberd. The raging fire was burning in the crowd, and the silver sword could destroy everything. Several heads with blood flew straight out.

The elites of the Jiang family of South America remained silence throughout.

They attacked silently.

Indifferent and gloomy.

Li Tianlan looked into the distance.

Moonlight stopped.

She pulled up Qin Weibai again and let her stand by her side.

The black chain was still around Qin Weibai’s neck.

Black chain, white dress, dark red blood, and eyes with black and white sharply contrasted.

Qin Weibai also looked at her. The light in her eyes flowed with weakness as if she had thousands of words.

The low-lying Sky Halberd suddenly rose.

The heavy weapon moved with the roar of wind and thunder.


The blood ran down Li Tianlan’s body. He gasped deeply, gnashed and growled.

The elites of the Jiang family of South America wanted to go on.

“Let me do it.”

A voice rang out.

All the elites took a few steps back and saluted in one direction.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes.

He saw a middle-aged man in his late forties approaching with a long sword around his waist.

He looked at Li Tianlan with excitement and pity.

“My name is Reining Sword.”

The middle-aged man said, “Do you want to save Second Madam?” His voice was worth pondering.

“Second Madam?”

Li Tianlan asked and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Qin Weibai. From today, she’s Second Madam of our Jiang family of South America.”

Reining Sword seriously said.

“She’s my woman!”

Li Tianlan slowly wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and he sounded cold.

“Oh, she belongs to someone else now.”

Reining Sword laughed and looked at Li Tianlan. “You’re so stupid that you fight so hard, but I like it. Without you, we can’t fulfill our tasks. Now, it’s alright. Do you still want to save her? Look, do you deserve such a woman? Only the Second Master of the Jiang family of South America deserves her. You…”

“Go to hell!”

Li Tianlan, who had not cared about psychological tactics, suddenly straightened his body. He drew an arc in the sky with the Sky Halberd, and formidable sword intent suddenly formed.

There was one more gorgeous yellow in the night sky.

Ninth Blade · Dusk!

As he chopped up with Sky Halberd, sword intent was pouring out without stopping.

Reining Sword looked unfriendly. He raised his head and looked at the Sky Halberd quietly. When the Sword Qi was about to fall on his head, he suddenly reached out.


A splendid sword radiance broke out.

The faint moonlight in the air was exhausted, but only the brilliant light shone.

There was no raging fire and shocking thunder but only sword radiance.

Such an expert almost went beyond the Half-step Invincible Realm. He came this close to Invincible Realm.

He was the top powerhouse!

The brilliant sword light swept through sword intent and Sky Halberd.

A silver edge flew straight out.

Human Sovereign was chopped up with one strike. It accompanied Li Tianlan for many years, but now it only had a section left.

Li Tianlan was stern-faced.

Looking at the remaining half of Human Sovereign, he was a bit stunned.

Reining Sword, who cut up Human Sovereign with one strike, took a step forward and kicked Li Tianlan’s chest with a bang.

With a rush, Li Tianlan flew backward for more than 10 meters. His dauntless power was stopped.

“It’s almost done.”

Reining Sword flashed and directly caught Li Tianlan. In a flash, he was next to Moonlight.

Moonlight lowered her head with respect.

Qin Weibai narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Li Tianlan caught by Reining Sword.

“Let’s go back. The mission is accomplished.”

Reining Sword said softly.

“Let her… go.”

A weak voice sounded. Li Tianlan struggled to get rid of Reining Sword and staggered in the air.

His voice was so feeble, so he seemed to fall at any time. However, his eyes were full of a touch of ease or glory of success.

He finally got close to Qin Weibai.

He finally approached her.

Reining Sword exchanged glances with Moonlight and broke into laughter. “Let her go? Why? Since you’re in our hands, who can save her now?”

“I can.”

Li Tianlan whispered.

He looked at Qin Weibai with soft eyes.

“Can you?”

Moonlight said with indifference and sarcasm, “Young Talent? Just so so. Even you owned Wind and Thunder Veins and high intellect, you still become a prisoner of the Jiang family of South America. You’re good at Martial Arts, but you can’t protect your woman. What’s the point of learning martial arts?”

As if she wanted to disintegrate Li Tianlan’s willpower, she paused and said indifferently, “You’d better give it up!”

Li Tianlan smiled gently.

His body gradually stopped shaking, and his dark red eyes became clear with reason.

He shifted his eyes from Qin Weibai to Moonlight.

“What’s the point of learning martial arts? I even can’t protect my woman.”

As a talent, he pursued perfection, flawless foundation, and invincibility. But now, he could not protect his woman. What was the point of pursuing them?

From the moment he saw Qin Weibai, he knew everything about him was illusory.

Only she was the most real.

It was a long way to go to achieve invincibility.

In the face of a formidable enemy, he might as well give up.

Li Tianlan closed his eyes and whispered, “Might as well give up.”

In an instant, Li Tianlan’s voice sounded throughout the battlefield.

His whisper resounded clearly and astoundingly between heaven and earth.

“Might as well give up.”

Simple words were unprecedentedly clear and majestic.

In the center of the battlefield, Tribulation was attacked wildly by Shinichi Miyamoto and Tian Yue. He suddenly looked back and rushed to Li Tianlan at all hazards.

Shinichi Miyamoto looked dignified and fierce. The void took shape once again before him.

Static Void · Destroy!

The dark void immediately blasted and became countless destructive light spots.

Tribulation suddenly turned around.

In an instant, he released the vital force that he deliberately suppressed without reservation.

Tribulation’s figure started to fade.

Countless shadows took shape around him.

Three, five, eight, and nine…

Shadows appeared around Tribulation one after another.

The air around Tribulation blasted entirely, and it became a void at once.

The shadow shone in the void, sparkling.

Tribulation raised his hand.

In front of him, nine shadows raised hands at the same time.


Tribulation’s deep hoarse voice reached the sky.

Nine shadows, along with himself, rushed to Shinichi Miyamoto.

The void around them broke up at once. Nine shining shadows spun wildly around Tribulation.

His figure faded but the shadows around emitted unparalleled light.

Shinichi Miyamoto began to retreat. At this moment, he felt nothing but frightened.

A large quantity of air along with heaven and earth fell with the nine spinning shadows.

Tribulation seemed to have broken through the constraint. His vital force instantly skyrocketed.

He reached the Invincibility Realm!

He made a breakthrough!

All shadows were more dazzling. Tribulation’s figure dashed to Shinichi Miyamoto like a burning star that fell from the sky. He ran into Shinichi Miyamoto at all costs.

The extreme powerful vital force instantly reached its peak, and then it fell rapidly in the violent fluctuations of power.

In the air, the light dissipated.

Tribulation was missing after his figure falling from the sky.

Shinichi Miyamoto…

There was no Shinichi Miyamoto.

Countless white bones also fell from the sky, but they became a pile of dust in the night wind before falling to the ground.

After all, Tribulation could not stop what he wanted to.

When the powerful vital force in their violent fighting suddenly fell, the other vital force appeared in the north.

Li Tianlan got rid of all constraints.

Meanwhile, he used the unique technique of Wang family of Beihai.

Against the Way of Heaven!

He was not afraid of death, so how could he be fearful of being against the way of heaven?

Everybody saw a vast sword intent suddenly rose up at the junction of mountains and seas in the north.

Sword radiance went straight up to the upper air over one thousand meters high. It covered the night sky, the barren hills, the sea, almost the entire battlefield.

“Might as well give up.”

The young voice once again spread throughout the battlefield and echoed between heaven and earth.

The sword intent that lingered on the entire battlefield kept roaring.

In the north, at high altitude.

The figure stood there quietly with half a section of the silver sword. The person exuded a desperate and frightening aura.

The clothes were snow white.

Peerless invincible might!

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