The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 249 - Day Seven · Fury

Chapter 249 Day Seven · Fury

Zhongzhou State was always in good order, but now it fell into disorder.

Even if they were elites and experts, they could not be so strong-willed in such a situation.

In the more than 10 hours of fighting, only less than 300 persons left among 2,000 elites.

Enemies were crowded in all directions.

The East Island elites cheered and charged forward. The long cry with strong sword intent swept through from the northern sea.

The remaining troops of Zhongzhou State were forced into the mountains.

The mountains were only a kilometer away from the coast.

The weaker one’s own side was, the stronger the enemy was.

It was closer to destruction in defeat.

It was a desperate and hopeless situation.

The morale of the troops began to slump and gradually collapsed. The enemy outnumbered the team of less than 300 considerably, so its casualty rate increased linearly.

The real masters were still fighting.

But before the general trend, a state was like a weed, and an expert was like an ant. Nobody could change it.

Tribulation was still fighting with Shinichi Miyamoto, but they were not fighting one on one. Tian Yue, the High Priest of Ise Grand Shrine, appeared in the battle groups. His figure was partly hidden and partly visible. Shinichi Miyamoto vaguely suppressed Tribulation and attacked more fiercely. Every time Tian Yue showed, Tribulation would have one deeper wound.

Blood spattered in the air.

Holy Light, the head of Eight Knights of the Templars, fought with Gu Zhendong, the expert of Half-step Invincible Realm in Kunlun City. Ten Skills of True Martial Arts violently collided with Vatican Secret Skill. Light and thunder flashed simultaneously. For a moment, night over a large area shone like the day.

Wang Shengxiao met King Bear of the Polar Ground Alliance. Wind and Thunder Veins after advanced evolution was better in speed and power. King Bear was infinitely close to the Invincible Realm. In the face of his formidable force, even if Wang Shengxiao could barely resist, he began to suffer one defeat after another after a short battle.

It was the gap of an era. It was only about time but not talent and aptitude.

Glacier and Tide, the two guards of the imperial family, were goal-oriented and found the Ice Crystal Frost Sword/Ice Crystal, Ice Frost of Kunlun City. Two experts of Half Step Invincible Realm suppressed two experts at the peak of Thunder-shocking Realm. They repressed Ice Crystal Sword and Ice Frost Sword at the moment when the coldness struck. The bright sword radiance brightened the night and swept through the night sky. Ice Crystal’s arm dropped with blood.

Firmament and Ben saw red the moment they met. Wang family of Beihai and the Heroes’ Club were sworn enemy. On the battlefield with a clear distinction between the enemy and ourselves, they would go all out when the fighting broke out.

Their battlefield moved backward from the front of Zhongzhou State. Ben launched attacks with recklessness. He prevented Firmament from Wang Shengxiao under control of King Bear.

The Enchantress and Black Pupil were also moving. Although no expert of Half-step Invincible Realm was around them, there were more than five experts of Thunder-shocking Realm.

Bai Youming had temporarily retired from the battlefield because of serious injuries.

Thunder God was struggling, with Deep Dream and Xu Chu around him. Sigh City and Dongcheng Clan had joined for a long time. On the vast battlefield, the once-powerful force was like a lonely boat in the tsunami and could be overturned at any time.

Eastern Theater of Operations had completely been annihilated.

At the end of the war, Ning Qiancheng discovered that only less than ten persons were left among hundreds of experts of Fire-flaming Realm of Eastern Theater of Operations in Changdao.

There was a throng of people.

The killing was going on.

The remnants of Eastern Theater of Operations, Dongcheng Clan, and Sigh City began to get together.

And in front of them was Mount Shu.

Mount Shu Swordsmen were severely injured. Yin-Yang Sword Master Han Chongyang and Li Baitian stood together. The wide-bladed black and white Yin-Yang sword was unsheathed, and sword radiance flashed like thunderbolts. Hardness and softness, attack and defense, as well as life and death. Bright sword radiance flew around Han Chongyang. Sword intent was exquisite and almost perfect.

Endless lightning flashed like a roaring river.

The Dongcheng Clan, Eastern Theater of Operations, and Sigh City followed the Mount Shu.

When Yin-Yang Sword vibrated slightly, amazing brilliance flew and spread. It suddenly covered the people of three forces.

Han Chongyang was moving forward.

Crow and the Fantasy World elites behind him were withdrawing.

Han Chongyang looked calm and solemn. He gently raised Yin and Yang Swords.

The sword intent gathered from sword edge without reservation.

Han Chongyang held the long swords with both hands.

Blue light emitted when he raised the long sword.

Two distinct sword intents blended in the light, but Han Chongyang’s hands separated.

The wide-bladed Yin and Yang Sword disappeared. Two rapiers, one black and one white, appeared in Han Chongyang’s hands.

Yin-Yang Sword.

Yin and Yang Swords.

Han Chongyang had been the Chief Commander of Yin-Yang Sword of Mount Shu for 16 years. This was the first time he successfully separated the Yin-Yang Sword.

The sword intent was infinite.

Han Chongyang’s vital force skyrocketed.

If he did not die after the war, there would be three reached Half-step Invincible Realm, among Four Sword Masters of Mount Shu.

On the present battlefield, an expert at the peak of Thunder-shocking Realm surpassed the limits and reached Half-step Invincible Realm, which would be a powerful aid for Zhongzhou State.

Even a powerful aid could not change the situation.

There were Only less than 200 persons left in the Zhongzhou group.

There were more than 100 people who were the most powerful, influential, and valuable ones.

The general trend had formed.

Zhongzhou State.

A state with the greatest national power in the Dark World would suffer the biggest losses in decades.


In the night and before the daybreak, the result was the biggest failure.


It was irretrievable.

Countless enemies gathered together, driving and attacking the declining Zhongzhou elites, all the way to the north.

All hopes became dim and illusory in the dark night.

Only desperation left in Zhongzhou State.

More than 100 of the most potent fighters were forced to retreat to the North.

On the northern hillsides, Saint turned and changed his location.

The waves gradually sounded.

The long cry swept through the sea finally became clear.

With fierce winds, the sword intent went through the waves. Like flowing light, a figure rushed to the battlefield.

With the surging waves, a low and cold voice resounded between heaven and earth.

“Reining Sword by Wind!”

“Reining Sword by Wind!”

The roar of hordes of troops and horses broke out at the same. Numerous cheers rang out.

Sword radiance in the sky skimmed over the sea and hillside and went straight into the battlefield without slowing down.

Sword radiance suddenly became so bright in the night. With a gust of wind, it ran into the crowd. In a flash of lightning, blood was splattering.

Infinite lightning faded away.

The blazing light also began to dissipate.

Sword radiance gathered.

Liusheng Cangquan, the Grand-master of the sword from East Island in kimono appeared in the night sky.

And by his side, Gu Zhendong, an expert of Half-step Invincible Realm of Kunlun City was utterly stiff.

He struggled to move. Before he could say a word, he burst into a cloud of blood fog.

It was sprinkled on Holy Light, the Great Knight of Knights Templars.

Holy Light covered in blood bowed to Liusheng Cangquan and said calmly, “Welcome back, Your Highness.”

Liusheng Cangquan narrowed his eyes and looked at Holy Light. He seemed to launch an attack but finally gave a flick of his sleeve, saying calmly, “Kill them all.”


A sharp call suddenly sounded on the ground.

King Bear’s irritable roar responded the scream. In front of him, Wang Shengxiao, the heir of Wang family of Beihai flew backward while Black Pupil flew up into the sky.

The Enchantress’ cry was sad and hopeless. She leaped into the air, but the bulky King Bear came in front of Black Pupil in advance.

Black Pupil raised her head with bleeding corners of the mouth.

Without the white of the eye, her pupils were pitch-dark. She scanned the battlefield and saw blood and chaos. However, she did not see the man, for whom she was willing to give everything without complaint or regret.

Wang Xiaoyao was not on the battlefield or by his side. He was never by his side.

Black Pupil moved the corners of the mouth. Before she could read the name, King Bear slammed on her with his massive fist.


The blow broke her heart, with blood gushing from her mouth. She was an expert at the peak of Thunder-shocking Realm of Wang family of Beihai.

Her body fell from the air and looked straight at the night sky with her no-white pupils.

After the heavy rain, it was a clear night.

The stars were shining.

More shining than her pupils.

Liusheng Cangquan, who saw all this, curled his lips and whispered to himself, “When all this was over, it’s time for our six forces to conquer Zhongzhou State.”

He took a step forward in the air and subconsciously rushed at Wang Shengxiao, who was seriously injured.

An extreme abundant vital force abruptly broke out in the night.

Liusheng Cangquan suddenly turned back and looked at the northernmost reaches of the battlefield.

He frowned.

There… seemed to be in the direction of the Jiang family of South America.

Two white figures advanced in the camp of the Jiang family of South America.

One of them was so young that Liusheng Cangquan felt weird. He had reached the depth of the camp of the Jiang family of South America, but he was a spent bullet. He staggered and might fall down at any time.

The white figure that entered into the camp of the Jiang family of South America was so strong that Liusheng Cangquan felt shocked.

The white figure skimmed over.

In the camp, everyone almost fell down without any resistance, whether of Fire-flaming Realm or Thunder-shocking Realm.

The white figure exuded an increasingly powerful vital force.

Liusheng Cangquan stared at the stranger’s handsome and grim face.

He found that he did not know such a master, and he never saw such a vital force.

It was an utterly unfamiliar Martial Art.

It was a complete strange expert.

Liusheng Cangquan was somehow anxious.

He went past and then blocked in front of the white figure.

“Get out!”

The white figure seemed not to see Liusheng Cangquan. He gave him a punch with mighty power.

Without emotion, Liusheng Cangquan faced up fighting.

As raging forces collided, lightning and twisted air abruptly made the surrounding space explode. The huge power suddenly swallowed up all the Jiang family of South America experts around.

Liusheng Cangquan looked increasingly solemn.

The white figure took several steps backward.

“Who are you?”

Liusheng Cangquan asked with a grim face.

He believed that he never met it from the weird way of exerting force just at the very moment.

“Who am I?”

The white figure adjusted pupils and looked at Liusheng Cangquan, saying with a sneer, “Lord Senluo, Daybreak!”

Liusheng Cangquan knitted his eyebrows.

Before that, he never heard of any force called Senluo Hall. When he just wanted to speak, a cold and arrogant female voice suddenly sounded, covering the whole crowd of the Jiang family of South America.

“Li Tianlan!”

This voice abruptly came with cruelty and pleasure.

There seemed to be clanking of chains in the night sky.

Daybreak and Liusheng Cangquan suddenly looked up.

In the crowd, Li Tianlan, who was muddleheaded and almost lost his head, also raised his head.

Two figures appeared in the night sky.

There seemed to be a fragrance in the air that haunted him.

A beautiful woman that Li Tianlan had never seen before appeared in the air. She watched him strangely with grimness.

She held a chain. The other end of the chain was firmly around the other figure’s neck.

The figure could eclipse the starry sky and silence the battlefield.

The figure in white was perfect and dreamy.

Qin Weibai!

It was Qin Weibai!

The black chain entangled Qin Weibai’s snow-white neck.

Behind her, Moonlight, who held the chain, restrained the force.

Qin Weibai failed to float in the air and suddenly fell from the side of Moonlight.

The black chain stretched straight at the moment when Qin Weibai fell.

The chain strangled her neck so that she was swaying in the air, with a forlorn look.

In the air, Moonlight grinned cruelly and consistently pulled the chain.

Qin Weibai swayed in the air, with a large bloodstain in the neck.

“Look at this woman.”

Moonlight looked at Li Tianlan with a sneer. “Your woman looks like a dog in my hand. I can hang her at any time. Come on. Come and save her. Ha-ha, come and save the beautiful b*tch in my hand, as long as you have the ability.”

Li Tianlan’s blurred eyes turned red in a flash.

A scream as wild as that of a dying beast sounded on the entire battlefield.

It was like a kind of fury without a little emotion and reason.


He raised the Human Sovereign in his hands and dashed to Moonlight without hesitation.

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